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NY Times: Food Stamp Fraud, Rare but Troubling

Yes, perhaps that was her justification. Which I don't buy. The purpose of the food stamp (EBT) program is to provide a variety of fresh, wholesome, healthy foods to those individuals and families who need the government's assistance in order to properly nourish themselves. With sushi and the finest cuts of steak, apparently.

Dec 24, 2013
Big Fat Moe in Food Media & News

NY Times: Food Stamp Fraud, Rare but Troubling

So, at my local food co-op yesterday. The woman in front of me unloads her cart: a large selection of freshly prepared sushi, a half dozen ribeye steaks, and a number of packages of Applewood smoked deli meats. All paid for with a food stamp card. Small potatoes, indeed, but it burned me up that she should feel so entitled to indulge herself with expensive gourmet items at taxpayer expense.

Review: Arise Farm to Table Pizzeria and Pub in Amherst, MA (Formerly known as Tabella's)

So, I order a caesar salad for $11. There is an up charge of $5 for white anchovies and croutons. What?? OK, so I ordered it. They must have been minced and mixed in cause the anchovies were hardly detectable. Hey, but wait..I thought caesar salad is made with anchovies and croutons? So, it's $16 for a caesar salad at a self-styled upscale pizza joint where they chintz on the pizza ingredients as well? Another visit.? Er, no thanks!

Mission Cantina South Amherst anyone been?

I love this place. Fabulous fish tacos. Go! But get there early for a table or wait wait wait

Jordan's Red Hot dogs and Humpty Dumpty clam chips going away

Safe to eat

any late night eats near 90 in mass?

What's all this Denny's chatter?

Springfield, Ma.- Will be going to the museum quadrangle but will be taking 90W home to Lenox

Big Mamou is erratic and usually disappointing. I don't see what the attraction is. The best place to eat in Springfield is by far The Student Prince on Fort St downtown. Really interesting and consistent . It's German food but well prepared with a large and varied menu. Very cool. Been there for generations. Sit in the bar area in one of the wooden booths. No matter what you get, ask for the salad with roquefort dressing prepared at the table.

Spoleto's in Northampton

Flatbread Pizza would do very well in Northampton. They have a great product and are already situated in other New England BoBo (Bourgeois Bohemian) communities including Burlington, Portsmouth, Martha's Vineyard, Portland, and The Mt Washington Valley of NH. I don't think the Spoleto location is too large for Flatbread.
But I'm afraid that some local restauranteur will grab the folks from Delaney House/Log Cabin and put some tired overdone mediocre concept restaurant in the location. Or some overpriced overwrought restaurant like Arise "Farm to Table" Pizzeria from Amherst might try to get in on the Northampton action.

dinner in Northampton Sat night for 2 adventurous diners?

Mosaic is owned by the same people as Ammounez. It is a pleasant restaurant, airy and fresh. You can sit inside, in the back patio on or the front porch overlooking the street. The food is Moroccan/Mediteranean. Wonderfully prepared salads, soups, and tangines with special sandwiches and stews. Just a pleasant, low-cost delicious place to eat. You order at the counter but the food is brought to your table.
Jakes has very well made breakfasts and lunches. Jakes has been there for 30 years and the new owners, two local guys in their 20's are doing an excellent job. Basic chow, creatively conceived and well prepared. You can't lose with either spot.

dinner in Northampton Sat night for 2 adventurous diners?

Ibiza? Please! I have been three times and the food was pitifully bad. I will never step foot in there again.
I'd suggest Mosaic, a short walk from the Calvin on Masonic St. Or give Jakes a try. They are
right next door to the Calvin. They are starting up pre-concert dinners and the food should be really good. I looked at the menu and am excited. It's a fine little breakfast/lunch spot. too

Cape Cod FINALLY gets a good supermarket...better wake up Stop & Shop

I was there Saturday and it was utterly mobbed. Yet it was so well staffed that I was checked out and rung up and on my way in a jiffy. The vibe there was totally winning.

New Vietnamese in Hadley, MA -- Saigon Banh Mi

Yes, Moe was there the other day. Enjoyed the banh mi very much. A little chintzy on the pork but then again I was comparing it against the Gold Standard of banh mi, Saigon Sandwich Shop in SF. Also tried a sumer roll and found it impressive as well.

Pho Vietnam opening tonight in Northampton!

I though the pho was just fine. Tasty and fresh. The price was $9.25 a bowl which is high for pho but I'm not complaining. It's not the X in Springfield or some run down section of Hartford or Worcester where rents are cheap. It's still a meal for under $10 which in this town is all I can ask for. I'll be back.

Any lunch recommendations in Amherst?

In about one week, Amherst welcomes the opening of the WORLD FAMOUS White Hut! Fantabulous cheeseburgs with fried onions. I can hardly contain my excitement. Beyond that, Amherst Chinese, Moti, and the Vietnamese place are my top choices for lunch.

White Hut
280 Memorial Ave, West Springfield, MA 01089

24 N Pleasant St, Amherst, MA 01002

Moti in Amherst

I went the other day for lunch with some pals and we all agreed that it was very good. I enjoyed a delicious saffron chicken served with salad and rice for $8.95. We shared grape leaves..some of the best I've had. The other fellows all opted for pocket sandwiches (gyro, shwarma, kebab) and all gave thumbs up. The waiter gave us samples of rosewater iced tea and was gracious and friendly. We will definitely be back soon.


And I'm going to Capt Jacks RIGHT NOW for clams!


Yeah, the W'burg Snack Bar lobster roll is a good value but it is frozen meat instead of fresh which can make the meat too watery and not as tasty. Where to get a roll around here with fresh lobster?


You have to ask for "clams only" or "scallops only". $13.


so maybe it was 11:30-11:45. they arrived in time for maggiesmom but not Moe


Actually I went on Friday at noon and the scallops hadn't yet been delivered. That's when i went over to Captain Jacks's and got my clams. I'll try again. Incidentally, I went back to Captain Jack's this evening to try the scallops and they were really good. Big fresh sea scallops lightly fried so they were still juicy inside.

Anniversary dinner in the Pioneer Valley

The penuriously runty portions. "Small plates" (true tapas restaurants aside) drive men nuts when combined with not small prices.

Anniversary dinner in the Pioneer Valley

Tabellas for an anniversary dinner? Forget it. The woman will probably adore it and the man will detest it. It's that kinda place.


Looking forward to the scallops at the W'burg Snackbar but every time I go they don't have 'em.


Finally made it here today. Got the fried clams. Just clams, no slaw or fries. They came out hot and plentiful for $13. Perfect size, plump bellies, firm, no gaggers. Very fresh. The clams were slightly crunchy on the outside, which I really found appealing. Not greasy. All in all, by far the best clams I have had in western Mass. These are the kind of fried clams I find at my favorite spots on the North Shore or The Cape. Very very impressed. Much better than the Williamsburg SB on Rt 9 (though I think Williamsburg does a pretty good job generally, particularly their fish sandwich)

Next visit I'll try the fried scallops. And I'll bring a beer as its BYOB

Ketchup on Hot Dogs

Ketchup on a hot dog is nauseating and low life. If my children got into a relationship with someone who put ketchup on her/his hot dog, I would do anything to sabotage the relationship. Some things in life are just unacceptable and unforgivable.

May 29, 2011
Big Fat Moe in General Topics

Lake Tahoe Restaurant Recommendation Needed!!

Head over the state line to Gardnerville, NV and have a fabulous meal and experience at JT's Basque. It's about a 35 minute drive from South Lake Tahoe. Worth it!

May 21, 2011
Big Fat Moe in California

Portuguese restaurant

I've always liked Estrela do Mar but haven't been for awhile. Memorable grilled quail marinated in garlic!

LOBSTER TRAP. . North Conway NH

Bleech. Just had the absolutely worst lobster roll ever at this place. The watery lobster was either not entirely fresh or perhaps frozen and thawed (stingy portion of all clawmeat with a too many of those rubbery claw thingys). Roll was cold and old with blotches of old butter on the side of the roll. The whole thing was utterly tasteless. Greasy onion rings.
Any other experiences here?
Whew it was bad.

Dinner at the Hall of Fame, Springfield MA

Pazzo bad. Max's good. Stay away from Onyx too.

Gill, MA: Gill Tavern?

Went last night. Verdict: excellent! Beautiful little restaurant in a lovely location. Country bourgeois bohemian vibe.The people who worked there were smiling and low key. Most entrees around $20/under. Also wood fired pizza and sandwiches in addition to entrees. Corn shrimp bacon chowder that was out of this world. My wife had the trout with the tastiest risotto we've ever had. My friends and I had NY strip steak. Good quality meat, perfectly done and lightly spiced with herb sauce. Nice little wine list reasonably priced. In all, a gem of a place! Make reservations and report back.