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restaurants in niagra on the lake area

Was there two weeks ago for an anniversary getaway. Took the Bike Train from Toronto to the Falls, then biked along the gorge to NOTL

+1 on the Stone Road Grill.

I had read in other reviews to avoid most of the places on the main drag, but we had a great meal at Epicurean (84 Queen St...right across the street from the Shaw King George Theatre) I had a pan-seared Ontario Trout, and my wife had a braised lamb shank on a bed of Israeli cous-cous...both delicious


veg poutine in toronto

I was at Betty's on King E with a couple of vegetarians; they split a poutine (mushroom gravy I think)....verdict was 'very good' from both of them.

Anything open for Canada Day???

The IGA on the Danforth just west of Pape has been open for every summer statutory holiday I can remember....

Cherry Street Restaurant

Hi all.

So, Cherry Restaraunt opened around three weeks ago, but today was my first opportunity to go in. Easy to see the owners put a wad of dough on the renos...anybody who remembers the old Cherry St Diner will be amazed! Bright and airy; bunch of flatscreen TV's with news and sports feeds, and a huge patio that will be really nice in the summer....depending on the prevailing wind direction ;) Open from 6am to 6pm Mon-Fri, 6am-2pm Sat, closed Sun

Typical diner fare...all day breakfast, omlettes, burgers, fish and chips, souvlaki, etc. Average diner prices....Had a Monte Cristo sandwich (special of the day) with Cesaer Salad and a large diet soda for about $10

Nice to have a reasonably priced diner within walking distance of the Distillery (and my work) again.


Salad King

Ahhh, the old Rieley's space.....I killed a lot of brain cells with bad draught pints in that room during my Ryerson days (daze?)

Cheap Pints around Yonge & Wellesley

The Artful Dodger (10 Isabella St, about 3 streets N of Wellsley, behind the Panasonic Theatre)

Great patios, good taps, and above-average pub grub.

Artful Dodger
10 Isabella St, Toronto, ON M4Y1N1, CA

Cherry Street Restaurant

...I work in the Distillery and walked past it on my way to T&T (for cheap asian take-away)....still wasn't open as of last Wednesday....

Allen's on Danforth - will never go back

Had the exact thing happen several years ago; the patio wasn't even running at capacity at the time. That earned them a permanent place on my personal 'banned' list.

Allens owners: kindly go 'eff yourselves.

Woodbine Jazz festival

I was really disappointed with this event...not that many vendors, tough meat meat from everyone; glacially slow lines.

New Espresso Bar by Only Cafe

Hi again/

Open from 6am to 8pm....not late enough for me ;(

New burrito place at Queen and Greenwood

Tried it them tonight. Had the 'Off 'da Hook' beef. Had to try the chow mein noodles just to see how it worked....
Very tasty, but a bit chintzy with the fillings...definitely not the 'struggle to finish it' size of some of the other burrito places.
The pork and the fish both looked great; I'll be back to try them!!

New Espresso Bar by Only Cafe

Finally got a chance to pop in....I'm a frequent flier at the Only, but late at night when I get off work.

Got a latte to go; it was very good. They use beans by Intellingentsia, which I think is the supplier that Dark Horse uses.

They put a doorway through into the bar when they renovated the place; hopefully they can get licensed to use the coffee bar as overflow seating for the pub now that the cold weather is upon us.

Great addition to the neighbourhood...

Ghali Kitchen Closed??

Hi Y'all

Wandered past Greenwood and Queen last night on the way to a friend's house...front window was covered with a piece of bristol board with something about "rest...recharge" on it.

I did a search here but came up blank...Is Ghali gone??

Ontario Ribfests 2008

London's ribfest rawks!!!

Up to this year, it was held the same weekend as the Hot Air Balloon Festival...two great events in two downtown parks within easy walking distance....lots of eating, lots of drinking, lots of music and other fun stuff. Alas, the Hot Air Balloon Festival is no more...

One Table!

Hi 'Yall!

Sure hope this becomes a yearly event, and not just because I work for the theatre which bordered the south side of the event ;)

Really liked the Chicken Tamale from Dos Amigos; might have to make the trip and give them a try sometime soon.
Liked the Vennison Sausage from Amuse Bouche.
Pulled Pork Sandwich from Local 4 was rather dissapointing.

Source for unroasted/green coffee beans downtown?

Popcorn poppers do not get hot enough to roast coffee properly. I bought my sister one of the roasters from Merchants of Green Coffee for Christmas, and it works great.

I do mine in my regular oven in a Pyrex baking dish. Works good, but you have to watch constantly...the difference between a great roast and a burnt mess can be a matter of a few seconds.

I usually buy from Merchants or the coffee place in the basement of the St Lawrence Market.

Has anyone been to Hollingers since the RM?

The front section was about half full when we got there. Several larger parties showed up after we were seated; by the time we were ready to leave the front section was pretty full, and there were people in the back where the pool table is.

Has anyone been to Hollingers since the RM?

Hi all...long time listener, first time caller.

My wife and I went this past Sunday (Mar 31) at about 6:00 The jazz quartet were there, and were pretty good. The room is visually very nice and casual.
We both had the prime rib special. It was well-prepared, and a very generous portion (my wife only made it through half of hers, and had a very nice sandwich for lunch Monday.) I would have liked mine a little rarer, but the server said they had already gone through the rare.
I think in general the servers were a little overwhelmed by the traffic, and were a little unorganized (glasses of water requested never showed up, etc)
Apple crumble for desert...yum!
All told...good prime rib for two, a glass of wine and a pint of Murphy's and a dessert for about $60 including tax and tip, so decent value.
Will I go back? Heck, Yeah, but I might wait a few weeks to let the staff get into a better rhythm. Best part for me is it is within walking distance from my house on a nice day...the wings on the table next to us looked great, and I have to try the Philly!