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Dumplings in Bethesda?

Thanks all - I think I will try China Bistro - looks like EXACTLY what I was looking for even though its in Rockville! I'll let you know what I think! :)

Dumplings in Bethesda?

Looking for some really good delightful dumplings in Bethesda at lunch would be great but NOVA/Alexandria would be fine too...ideas? Who has the best? Are there any really good dumpling shops around?

Georgetown Bagelry on M Street Closed!!! Where do I get Great NY-style Bagels, now?

The same people who owned the bagel store in Georgetown also owned one in Bethesda by the same name (the Georgetown Bagelry). Not exactly metro accessible but the bagels are wonderful. Its on River Road as you are coming out of DC on the right - after Little Falls Parkway in the shopping center with the Whole Foods. Yummy everything bagels. And I can also testify that the Bagel Shop in Alexandria is fantastic. Similar atmosphere. The Bagelry is more authentic though - if I ate lox I'd be happier eating them at the Bagelry.