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Pasion de Cielo coffe shop in Coral Gables

As I of the mysteries of the modern world. We moved from a significantly smaller area (Kansas City) but with much more of a coffee "scene." Living without it sucks.

Pasion de Cielo coffe shop in Coral Gables

Hi Marley! I asked a similar question when I arrived in South Florida a few years ago here:

Most of the places mentioned in that thread have closed or are likely not what you are looking for. I went to the Roasted Bean once and while they roast their own beans, they also sell a lot of flavored coffee (think Gloria Jean's circa 1993) and I don't recall that they do a lot in the single origin arena.

Senior Coffee is fine but not worth the trip if it's not nearby.

Brew in FTL is inconsistent but carries Intelligentsia. I like their downtown location for the fact that it's part bar with a good selection of interesting beer. I'm not much of a drinker, so it's a nice middle ground for my husband (who is) and me. Similarly, Coffee District in Delray is in the same part-bar, part-coffee shop vein. They don't roast, though, and if you're in Miami, it's not so close.

I don't know how or why, but this area (save Key West...would you drive three hours for coffee?) doesn't seem to want to support independent coffee shops.

The Whole Foods closest to me (Boca Raton) roasts on-site, so I alternate between that and picking up Counter Culture at Fresh Market. I go in and out of phases where I order online, but right now I'm into instant gratification.

Fresh Market
2640 S Bayshore Dr, Miami, FL 33133

Butcher shops in Delray Beach?

Unless something has changed radically with the Meating Place, I'd avoid. When I went there to buy bones to make stock, they pointed me towards some sort of fancified bouillon cube. I was not impressed.

I know it's a drive, but well worth it, IMHO, is Smitty's in Fort Lauderdale. The meat is amazing, the butchers know their stuff, and...they carry bones. As they should!

Macarons in Palm Beach County?

There's a French bakery in Boca, Cote de France, that makes good ones (well, I haven't eaten them in Paris...)

In West Palm, the Sugar Monkey-- them. She is appointment only after the greenmarket closes.

Bon appetit!

Mark Bittman talking s**t...about whom?

Mark Bittman wrote a fairly scathing post today about an unnamed restaurant somewhere in south Florida. Any thoughts on what the restaurant/who the chef is?

Jun 10, 2010
rbeats in Food Media & News

REAL bbq in Palm Beach or Broward?

Preach it. I moved from Kansas City two years ago and have had some pretty abysmal BBQ experiences here. I agree that Troy's is decent but to paraphrase something Calvin Trillin used to say about BBQ in NYC, "You want good BBQ? Get on a plane and fly to Kansas City."

If Rib Bizz izzn't (sorry) bad, I would happily check it out.

Cupcakes in Fort Lauderdale - Boca Raton?

I just went by today and the storefront was empty. The web site is still up without any closing info...anyone know anything else?

Food-Lovin' Dad Coming--Cafe Boulud, Cielo, or...?

I live in Boca, Dad lives in Kansas.

We like to eat and have had special dad-daughter meals everywhere from Le Bernadin to Second Avenue Deli. He's in town next week for a few days and I'd love to take him somewhere special.

I thought Cafe Boulud or Cielo but haven't read much on the latter here.

FTL to Palm Beach OK. I'll probably go to Michy's at some point with him too.

Any other suggestions? I would *die* to go to Morimoto but I understand that is off-limits to non-members.

Why is this Dansk dinnerware so cheap?

My parents have had the same Dansk dinnerware and flatware since the early '80s and they're holding up fine. I am especially in love with their more Scandinavian vibe from the '60s and '70s--check those out on ebay if you're so inclined.

(I don't know if Dansk was made in Europe at that point, or what...)

Sep 09, 2008
rbeats in Cookware

Is there such a thing as a bad Oxo product?

One thing worth noting, those who have Oxo products gone bad, is that their customer service is really great: I called them when the knob for our salt shaker twisted off, more to say "hey, this happened" as opposed to "fix it, you jerks" and they immediately offered to ship out a new one free of charge. Companies that are willing to keep my business and fix problems get my money time and again!

Sep 09, 2008
rbeats in Cookware

Korean BBQ in Miami

My husband and I ate at Gabose yesterday. It was fantastic! We have been longing for Korean food since we moved from Kansas a few months ago, and liked Sakura in Doral, but it's kind of a schlep from Boca.

Anyway, we got our usuals--dolsot bi bim bap for me, jaeyuk kim chi bogum for him, and the waiter brought out an array of panchan (9!), a few that we hadn't seen before, like a really great seaweed salad, and something I can only describe as a non-fermented kimchi with bean thread noodles (I picked up some radish in this as well but I'm not sure).

When our entrees were served, there was a real sense of care to the plating. My bi bim bap was arranged with each ingredient in its own little spot, then topped with a sprinkle of nori (or the Korean equivalent) on the egg.

Also, it's been a while since I've been in a place that uses metal chopsticks.

We were really pleased with our meals and totally stuffed, but we overheard a woman telling customers about their dessert, a homemade tofu ice cream. We figured we'd give it a try. The dessert on its plate could have gone head to head with almost any dessert I've been served in a fancy restaurant, it was GORGEOUS.

The woman who served it (I'm guessing she is the owner or part of the owner's family, I didn't get a chance to ask) gave us a little tour of the plate: a flan in a teeny tumbler made with sweet tofu and some milk, then alongside in an even tinier bowl was a sugarcane syrup that she explained we should pour over the flan. The ice cream (made with tofu and milk again) came in a little waffle bowl and had mochi balls the size of M&M's on it. I am not even a huge mochi fan and thought these were great. Last but not least, she had made her own jello out of fresh grapes and these were served in two little triangles.

Anyway, highly rec'd--don't forget dessert, we overheard her talking about how she sometimes makes donuts, which I am already plotting going back for!

PS--sorry about the blue tone of the cameraphone pic.

Korean BBQ in Miami

My husband and I just tried Sakura a few weeks ago and loved it. We are both big Korean food fans and have been sad in Boca without it.

Is there independent coffee in S Florida?

Hi! I just moved to Boca and it seems to be a Starbucks sort of place. That's fine, but I miss local coffee shops and places that roast their own blends. Any ideas or is this a lost cause? Thanks!

Apr 02, 2008
rbeats in Florida