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Recs for visitor from San Diego

My brother is visiting from San Diego for a few days and I'd like to take him to restaurants that are quintessential Boston, or at least different or better than what they have in San Diego. I'm not too knowledgeable about the Boston scene myself being on a student budget, but willing to spend when he is visiting (Pigalle $$ - probably okay; O Ya$$$ - not ok). We are in Somerville, we have a car and are willing to drive. Recs for any meal appreciated. Thanks!

Take out/Delivery Davis area

I have to agree that I have never been impressed with East Asia. It seems the tofu is homemade, so if you like that, go for it; otherwise, the food is nothing special (and not especially cheap as Americanized Chinese food goes). I am also wary of ordering Thai food from a Chinese place. If you are looking for Thai, I wholeheartedly recommend Lemon Thai on Highland Ave (they deliver to powderhouse). I have never once been disappointed in the food or service from this friendly family establishment. My favorites are crazy noodles, drunken udon, basil fried rice, country pad thai, and spicy hot basil. Always fresh and tasty. Once (out of many many correct orders) they delivered the wrong food. I only realized it after the delivery guy was gone -- they called me right afterward, apologized, offered to bring new food (I declined), and said they would credit my account. The next time I called, they reminded me I had a free entree! Give it a try, you won't be disappointed.

Lemon Thai Cuisine
215 Highland Ave, Somerville, MA 02143

H-Mart Burlington!!!

I stopped by H-mart last week and was awed (and a little intimidated) at the selection. As someone who loves going out for Korean food but has no idea how to cook it, I found this website helpful albeit a little silly: Anyway, I found the Korean marinated chicken we bought was really tasty, and can't wait to try some other things. The food court was also closed before 8pm, so hopefully next time I can try it as well. I agree with another poster that a milk tea stand would be fabulous!

Good Fare Near Hanscom AFB

Sichuan Gourmet -- couldn't recommend it more. My colleagues and I will not go anywhere else for lunch when we leave the cafeteria.
I also enjoy New Jang Su and Toraya as mentioned above. Another option in Lexington is Denian's, a new place serving homemade steamed buns and bubble teas. They are still getting the kinks out of some of the items but my Taiwanese friends said it reminds them of home! Lastly I want to mention Neillio's in Lexington. I think they do catering but they are good for lunch, especially the turkey sandwiches.


In this other H-mart thread, someone who contacted customer service was told they would open sometime in September:

Notable names in cooking show history?

I know this thread is a little old, but I'm thinking of a '70s cooking show and it's driving me crazy.

The guy was heavy-set - - perhaps Greek or Italian - - wore gold chains with his open shirt. Show was filmed on his boat/yacht and had a side-kick named “Giovanni” who helped him in his kitchenette (usually watched, sipping an expensive red wine…) At the end of the show, he always entertained some “swinging blonde” It was called something-like… “Cooking with Elegance” or “A Touch of Elegance” or “A Taste of Elegance” Probably a ½ hour show on PBS or similar. Definitely not fine dining but always funny to watch. Anyone else remember this show?!

Food Spots Broadcasting the Tour de France

Redbones website says:
Tour de France
Breakfast and a Broadcast
Stage 16 - Tuesday, July 21 @ 9:00 am

Save the date - there's only one Tour Breakfast
this year.

Ride in solo or with a group. Watch a live broadcast of the Mountain Stage Martigny - Bourg-Saint-Maurice while enjoying a buffet breakfast. $8.00 per person.

55 Chester St, Somerville, MA 02144

looking for non sweet Thai food

I have found Lemon Thai to be a very reliable restaurant, and I really like their "country pad thai" -- I don't find it sweet at all. There is a small space to eat-in but most people seem to take out. I have done both and found the service to be friendly as well.

Lemon Thai Cuisine
215 Highland Ave, Somerville, MA 02143

Where to buy Shaoxing rice wine?

I'm looking to try my hand at some Sichuan recipes, but I'm not sure where I can buy Shaoxing rice wine as called for in the recipe. I tried my best to look around in Chinatown, but didn't find it in the area immediately near the gate. Does anyone know where I can get some in/near Boston, and if so, any brands you would recommend or avoid?

Cheap Grapeseed or Peanut Oil for frying

I have seen peanut oil by the gallon at the grocery store in Chinatown that is close to the gate (sorry, the name escapes me at the moment). Prices for other things I have bought there have been very reasonable.

Source for Bomba (Paella) Rice?

Hi all,
I'm looking for a place to buy Bomba (preferred) or other Calasparra rice for making paella. I know I can get it online but I'm hoping to buy it soon and would rather not pay or wait for shipping. I called Formaggio Kitchen in Cambridge but no luck there. Anyone found it in Boston? Thanks!

Candy pizza

They have a link on their website detailing who sells their products. Two places in Boston proper are listed, one of which google tells me is closed. Worth a call to find out if they can/do carry the pizza... Au Chocolat 617-737-1197 and Dairy Fresh 617-742-2639 (may be closed).


There's a new pho place in somerville (pho n' rice) that I haven't been able to get to yet, but it seems to have some good reviews:

Where can I bbq in public in Cambridge/Boston?

Possibly because he said "Where would you go for bbq grill? Any help is appreciated"

Best Cheesecake?

I guess it also depends what you're looking for in a cheesecake. I'm sure Cheesecake Factory will be decent and make it look nice and fancy for you, but I've always found it too sweet, almost like a whipped version of "real" cheesecake (like you find at Carnegie Deli).

Seems like there are enough Cheesecake Factories scattered around that you could find one pretty much anywhere.