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Dodgiest looking restaurant you've been to but turned out to be a winner (or least better than expected)

Thai Shan Inn on Eglinton West near Keele had one of the best Pad Thai I remember, and there is also a West Indian take out at York Mills and Fenside. Can't remember the name right now, but their jerk and curries are quite good in a hole in the wall joint.

Best Jerk Chicken?

There is a couple of places I have seen but haven't tried. Caribbean Delight in Parkway Mall, Alwyn's in Parkway Plaza and Nicey's. All around the Victoria Park and Ellesmere area.

dinner burilington/oakville

Paradiso on Lakeshore near the creek is really good. Had dinner there last summer and the service and food was great! It is one of a couple of Mediterranean places on Lakeshore between Trafalgar and the creek. Dinner for two was around $100. I had their lamb and would definately go back, especially in the summer when you can get a window seat and watch the world walk by.

Nice places around Vic Park and the 401

If you are driving, there are some good quick places:

West Indian - Caribbean Delight at Ellesmere & Vic Park inside Parkway Mall

Chinese - Golden Formosa at Victoria Terrace at Vic Park & Lawrence

Pub - Queen's Head at Vic Park just north of 401 in the Hong Tai supermarket plaza

Burgers - Johnny's - Vic Park just south of Sheppard - just an average burger but the place is an icon

Greek - Try Esquire - not as good as when the original owners had it, but still a decent souvlaki

Memphis BBQ in Woodbridge. Terrible.

Hmmm...I hope you are not confusing the recommendations for the place called Memphis Style BBQ on Yonge St. just north of Sheppard? Can't say I've been to this place in Woodbridge, but Memphis Style is pretty good. I had mentioned in another blog that everything was good at Memphis Style, but their "Halleujah Hot" was pretty flaccid. Hot is hot. This was not. Also, their BBQ Brisket tastes like good ol' British cooking...boiled and no flavour. Make your way to Yonge and Sheppard and you won't be dissappointed.

best burgers in T.O.

Always passed by the Golden Star but never dropped in. I will drop in next time I'm by to try it out.

Largest selection of Hot Sauces

Other than my best friend's Scotch Bonnet sauce, I have found the selection of hot sauces pretty poor in Toronto. I use to do a lot of travelling, and there is a place in Ottawa about 500 square feet that only sold hot sauces and thing related to spicy. It is called Chilly Chiles . It is great. Anyone know of something similar in The Big Smoke? Anywhere where there is a real, and I mean real good selection of hot sauces?

Don Mills and Lawrence - Any Ideas?

Try Mongolian Grill on Don Mills btw Lawrence and Eglinton. It is a AYCE make it yourself stir fry with some buffet items. If you know how to cook, pick the items a la buffet style and give it to a guy to stir fry it on a big ass flat top right in front of you.

Congee Queen already mentioned is good, same with High Street fish and chips. Got to have the mushy peas at High Street if you are really British.

Couple of Japanese places just north of Lawrence on Don Mills on the west side. Can't remember the names...

There is also the venerable David Duncan House, one stoplight north of York Mills, on the west side of Don Mills. Expensive but good.

best burgers in T.O.

How about Steer Inn burger on Yonge just south of Major Mac. Another one of those places like Apache. Great onion rings

The Best Ribs in Toronto

Geezzzz...Having travelled a lot in the U.S., there really isn't anything like their 'Q. Phil's was great a millenia ago, but I wouldn't touch it with a bbq scraper now. Ever since that Restaraunt Makeover thing it tastes like crap. Memphis Style is not bad, probably the best T.O. has to offer. Ribs were good, but the "Spicy" is pretty lame. Stay away from their brisket. Tastes like boiled meat my British "mom" use to make. If you are going to Memphis Style, MAKE A RESERVATION! Ever since the article in the Star the place is going nuts.

Local 'hound favorites in downtown Ottawa?

Although not really downtown, BenBen in Chinatown has always been a great stop for me when I travelled to Bytown. The place looks like heck, but the food is great. Try out the lunch specials!

Not too sophisticated but good under $10

Hey! That is right, the $2 lunch. Don't know why one of the major local rags don't make a column like that again. The falafel at Nasib's on Lawrence was great when Nasib owned the place. But since he sold it it has been not the cleanest and best. The original location was at the south west corner of Lawrence and Kennedy. He sold that one, and a couple of years later opened one in a strip mall a little east on Lawrence. Had it for a little while and then sold it again. Too bad. Is he anywhere to be found?

Not too sophisticated but good under $10

Years ago, the Toronto Sun use to run a column on the $3 lunch, then $5, then $7. It quit running the column after $7. Being a true and blue Toronto type, I find it hard to believe you can't get a decent lunch or dinner for under $10. Now, I'm not talking meeting all food groups, and having all the essentials such as fries with that etc. I'm talking honest to goodness food. Some of the one's I would classify would be California's on Clinton St. for their Veal sandwiches, Pho Saigon at Eglinton and Warden for any of their pho, and a little Chinese place at Victoria Park and Lawrence called Golden Formosa for anything freshly made in front of you.

Do you know anywhere else?

Fresh Edamame in GTA?

I guess it depends on where you live. I bought my frozen bag from a Chinese supermarket called Hong Tai on Victoria Park just jorth of the 401. It was only $1.99 for the bag.