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Boulangerie in 16th?

I know the 16th is huge but I will be staying in and am looking for suggestions near the victor hugo metro stop. Any suggestions for a nearby boulangerie (particularly looking for good croissants)?

May 19, 2014
barkley in France

Cinque Terre Finalists (does Il Pirata really serve frozen pasta?!!)

Sarabeths, -

Just curious to see where you went in CT and what you thought of the restaurants? Heading there in a couple of weeks and trying to draw up the food itinerary.

Aug 21, 2010
barkley in Italy

Best Foods at Reading Terminal Market

My husband and I are planning on a 2 hour extended lunch food tour at Reading Terminal next Friday, meaning that we get one dish from one vendor to share, go to the next vendor for one shared dish, and so on. So far I have on our list:

Roast pork sandwich at Dinics
Pancakes and apple dumplings (and maybe scrapple) at Dutch Eating Place (I know this is more than one dish but I can't decide which is best)
Pretzel from ??

We will also want to buy some food/snacks to take home to NYC and/or to eat while we explore philly.

Any suggestions on the best foods at Reading Terminal Market? I know that when we get there we will be overwhelmed with all the selection, so appreciate your help in narrowing it down.

Jun 25, 2009
barkley in Pennsylvania

Sunday dinner and music in/near Warehouse District

Looking for recommendations for low-key not-too-expensive dinner today in or near the Warehouse District which is not packed with tourists. I have been in NO for a couple of days already and thanks to Chowhound recs, I have been to the following restaurants which I loved (in order of love): Elizabeths, Casamentos, Yo Mama's crawfish boil, Cochon, Dragos for charbroiled oysters. Looking for a place where locals would go.

Also any places to see live music in this area would be appreciated. Went to Preservation Hall last night which was a lot of fun but short.


Mar 08, 2009
barkley in New Orleans

Saturday Lunch or Sunday Restaurants

I am a New Yorker looking for cajun/creole/southern/new orleans-style restaurants in New Orleans that are open for saturday lunch or anytime on Sunday. I would ideally like to try the following restaurants in my 3 day trip to NO but I don't think I can fit them all in and none of them are open Saturday lunch or Sunday:

Deanie's Seafood
Cafe Adelaide (what are people's thoughts on this place?)

Suggestions?? Does anyone think the above restaurants are too touristy? I would prefer more "local" joints - particularly with a good crawfish boil. Location is not a problem as long as we can take a cab or street car from the convention center area + we are used to walking a lot.

Thanks in advance.

Feb 27, 2009
barkley in New Orleans

Mochi Cake recipe? (Fatty Crab dessert)

I ate at Fatty Crab last night and immediately after started searching for the recipe for their coconut mochi dessert. I was excited to see this thread and made the cake today. Although the recipe is good, it is definitely not the same as the Fatty Crab dessert and I will continue my search. This differences were that this recipe is more airy, less coconut-y and not as grey (it is a more appetizing light yellow color0 than the Fatty Crab dessert.

I only used 2 cups of sugar and found that to be a little too sweet. I couldn't really taste the coconut either, but I am not sure if that was because of the type of coconut milk I used.

Sep 13, 2008
barkley in Home Cooking

Corn on a stick?

Does anyone know where to get corn on a stick smothered with cheese (queso blanco) and chili powder as Jack Black was eating in Oaxaca in Nacho Libre?

Jul 11, 2006
barkley in Manhattan