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Fall 2009 Openings and Closings

Paddy Burke's has been closed for years and it's a real shame!!! Like the Irish Embassy, I have and will miss this place!

Oct 01, 2009
Sterndogg in Greater Boston Area

chinese supermarkets

Isn't the Super-88 on Herald Street closed...C-mart moving in??

Sep 29, 2008
Sterndogg in Greater Boston Area

Great Italian for Friday pm

Rocca on Harrison Ave (south end) has free parking in their lot, and Stella on Washington Street (south end) has valet and are pretty easy on/off of 93 south. Check the board for specific reviews but certainly great Italian eats.

Jul 30, 2008
Sterndogg in Greater Boston Area

Hooters to open in Saugus, MA

Went to the Hooters in Clearwater, FL a couple of weeks ago - wings were ok but compared to Buff's Pub...absolutely no contest!!!!! Totally spoiled by Buff's!!!

Jul 03, 2008
Sterndogg in Chains

Unlimited Mimosas and Bloody Mary?

There are quite a few places that have "create your own" bloody mary bar - two that come to mind are Dante (Cambridge) and East Coast Grill (Inman Square).

Jul 02, 2008
Sterndogg in Greater Boston Area

Outdoor Beer Garden at Charlies Kitchen

Can't wait for this welcome outdoor addition to the square. I'm assuming the pressure-treated wood is for "plant growth." Does anyone know if it be standing room only or if tables/chairs will be positioned below as well? What's up with the Red House - new paint job?

Jun 11, 2008
Sterndogg in Greater Boston Area

Beer low in Gluten/Gluten light?

The only cider that isn't gluten-free is Hornby's. All other ciders are gluten free including Strongbow, Ciderjack, Harpoon, Woodchuck, Magner's, Woodpecker...yeast is used for the fermentation process. No wheat, barley, rye or oats.

Jun 10, 2008
Sterndogg in Beer

Beer low in Gluten/Gluten light?

Ha well I wouldn't advise pounding a 12-pack in one sitting but when I can't find GF brew or ciders and don't feel like wine or hard booze, I will drink a Heineken or an Amstel Light in moderation.

Jun 09, 2008
Sterndogg in Beer

Beer low in Gluten/Gluten light?

If you are gluten-intolerant or allergic to wheat there are no SAFE alternatives. Aside from New Grist, Redbridge, Dragon's Gold, Ramapo Valley Honey Lager, and hard ciders, all mainstream beers contain wheat, barley, or rye. I used to love micro brews so finding out that I was gluten intolerant was a big shock. In the past I have drank Heineken without any problems along with Amstel Light although they are not technically gluten free as they do contain some malted barley. All other mainstream or micro brews made me ill.

Jun 07, 2008
Sterndogg in Beer

Best Outdoor Eating Downtown

Here are a couple places that might fit as well...
*Rattlesnake on Bolyston Street - roofdeck with a bar and serves standard pub grub.
*Cactus Club on Bolyston Street - outdoor seating - typical Tex-Mex food with solid adult bevs.
*The Landing - located across from the Aquarium - great place to imbibe on novelty fish bowls and cocktails - I believe Legal's serves some of their grub at The Landing.
*Stephanie's - Newbury Street - people watching location - more pricey and crowded.
*The Times on Broad Street - Irish bar - outdoor patio but never have eaten there.

*Sister Sorel, Stella, Rocca, Sibling Rivalry (I think has outdoor seating), Tremont 647 - all in the South End and more expensive and refined - menu's are upscale but great places!

Jun 04, 2008
Sterndogg in Greater Boston Area

Great food in Harvard Square?

Moderately priced are Grafton Street and Daedalus - both have outdoor dining too!

May 28, 2008
Sterndogg in Greater Boston Area

Raw Bars on the North Shore???

Michael's Harborside and the Plum Island Grille also have the standard east coast oysters, clams, and shrimp. Lewis Restaurant and Oyster Bar (Essex) is a hidden gem with their clams and oysters.

May 27, 2008
Sterndogg in Greater Boston Area

Spring 2008 openings and closings

Maybe old news but I heard that Strega is opening up a gourmet pizza joint on Hanover Street in the space that housed Grill 417 aka Emedio's aka Emelio's.

May 22, 2008
Sterndogg in Greater Boston Area

Spring 2008 openings and closings

The neighborhood has changed significantly in the past 5 years - some good some bad. I was upset to see Graffitti close it's doors and Frank close up shop (Abruzzese Meat Market). I was glad to see Hanover Wine and Spirits clean up their store and facade and welcomed the addition of Marco and Mare to the neighborhood. While I loved the old world feel of Modern, their remodeling does remind me of actually being in a legit Italian pastry shop. I'm looking forward to seeing the old Martignetti's building undergo a facelift - I hope Graffitti reopens and can add some outdoor seating. However, it will be interesting to see how Finale fits in with the rest of the North End. Unfortunately, I think it was the clueless tourists and too many obnoxious college students that ignited my move after 5 years.

May 22, 2008
Sterndogg in Greater Boston Area

Gluten free restaurant options?

Rialto in the Charles Hotel (Harvard Square) has a gluten-free menu. The Oxford Spa is incredible for lunch sandwiches (also Harvard Square) and has a couple of GF rolls. Wagamama (Quincy Market and Harvard square - but beware of cross-contamination), Blue Ginger in Wellesley might be another option, The Washington Square Tavern is well aware of celiac concerns and has Redbridge beer on their menu, along with GF options. Douzo in the Back Bay/South end uses GF tamari sauce. East Coast Grill in Inman Square Cambridge asks you about any food allergies and offers to help with selections. Uno's might have a new GF menu too. Check out - lots of info on Boston and some places pulled from there :) Also Johnnies on the Side (West End) has Bard's Tale Ale - I specifically asked them to carry it on their beer list.

May 20, 2008
Sterndogg in Greater Boston Area

North End Restaurant Recs for Parents

If you enjoy organic seafood, Mare is another solid spot. I also love Piccolo Nido. It's located on the corner of North Street and Lewis Street - away from the tourists. Haven't been in awhile, but the grilled calamari is incredible along with the seafood risotto and grilled veal chop.

May 15, 2008
Sterndogg in Greater Boston Area

Weylu's on Rt 1

I recall eating there years ago - over the top opulence and grandeur. Didn't the original restaurant close due to tax evasion?? Never went to the steak house. It was West End for some time too...

Apr 03, 2008
Sterndogg in Greater Boston Area


Walked by it the other day...the menu has zero identity. However, I bet they are hoping to attract the masses of clueless tourists that flock to the NE because there are plenty of those!!! That red sign is horrible.

Apr 01, 2008
Sterndogg in Greater Boston Area