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Funky wine, innovative food, intimate setting recommendations?

Great point! Maybe $150 PP max?

Nov 04, 2013
sturm in Manhattan

Funky wine, innovative food, intimate setting recommendations?


I'm planning a birthday dinner. Looking for a place with an interesting and perhaps weird wine list, natural wines, unusual origins, maybe some orange wine, innovative food, and a place that's intimate and not stuffy. Places I've loved include Degustation and WD-50. If you know DC food, what I crave is something like Komi. Tasting menu would be great, with wine pairings even better, but neither is required. Not EMP expensive, but otherwise spendy is ok.


Nov 04, 2013
sturm in Manhattan

Where to buy Mamajuana in NYC?

I'm looking to purchase a dry bottle (i.e. bottle + roots/herbs) of Mamajuana in NYC. I can travel to any part of the city for it, including Queens, but am hoping for some direction. If you know where I can purchase this, I'd be very appreciative!

Dec 14, 2012
sturm in Manhattan

Avant-garde-ish and not stuffy

I'm from Queens & Brooklyn, but live in DC right now. I'll be in NYC for my birthday in December. I need help finding a great place to go for dinner. The places I'd go if I hadn't been to each already are Degustation, Ssam Bar, and WD-50.

My priorities are

- Interesting/avant-garde-ish food,
- Possibly a tasting menu,
- Interesting/weird wine list, and
- An environment that leans more to edgy than stuffy

Are there any restaurants I should be considering? Ko is on my list, and a return to Degustation is as well.


Nov 30, 2011
sturm in Manhattan

red rocks pizza= good eats

It's on Park Road NW at the intersection of Park & 11th.

I went with a group of five people. We had an amazing burrata appetizer. I can't recommend this highly enough. The burrata was extremely fresh and sweet. We each got a pizza. Mine was fairly undercooked and so not so great. Others were more cooked and subsequently had decent crispiness for the crust. I felt like the quality was about halfway between Radius and Two Amy's, Radius being a 4 on my great pizza scale and Two Amy's being a 9. Red Rocks was maybe a 6.

Special birthday in Rome

Giuda Ballerino's menu @ looks fantastic. Any sense of if we'd we likely need a reservation for a Tuesday night?

Also, to be more clear, trendy isn't a requirement. Not stodgy might be more like it. We're going to feel old enough that night as is...

Apr 28, 2007
sturm in Italy

Special birthday in Rome

My sweetie and I are going to Rome for a special birthday in mid-May. I'd like to pick out someplace special to go beforehand. The big night is on a Tuesday. I'd ideally like something that is more intimate, authentic, chowhound-ish than fancy. Moderately priced ($150, wine included, is my upper limit), seriously delicious would be great. Hip or trendy is nice, if the food and even romance is there.

We'll be staying in Trastevere, but can go wherever.

Apr 24, 2007
sturm in Italy

Best Burger in DC area

I also LOVE Five Guys. Always hits the spot.

I like Matchbox's minis, but feel that they rely heavily on excessive salt to bring out more flavor than the meat really has.


Seconding, thirding or fourthing that handroll bento box. It's the perfect combination of textures and tastes, and is beautifully light. I often find myself craving it.

most outstanding ethnic eatery

I'm looking to head to any place in the 'burbs that will be divine. A year or so ago (can't remember timing) that would have been China Star. It can be any ethnicity at all. Only caveat is that it's not expensive. This is for a very special occasion, for two people who love new food experiences more than anything else.

What is your absolute favorite gem? Any ethnicity at all, any strip mall or neighborhood outside/around DC.

Is Trader Joe's going downhill?

I love TJs but have recently pulled back on shopping there. Never had a problem with expiration or stuff going bad, but I do have two other problems. One is that more and more of their stuff seems filled with additives. The other is that their meats, poultry and fish often seems totally overprocessed and gross. I've tried tons of it, but finally decided I needed to shop elsewhere to get stuff that hasn't been frozen to within an inch of its life. Their shrimp is an abomination. Totally smelly.

Jul 13, 2006
sturm in Chains

Italics, Underline and Bold

IMO it's easy to implement, but I also prefer plain text.

Jul 13, 2006
sturm in Site Talk

Where's the best D.C. coffee?

Murky Coffee on 7th SE, right off of Penn. They care deeply about their coffee. Modern Times Coffeehouse, which is located in on the ground floor of Politics & Prose (Connecticut Ave NW, I forget the address) also has good coffee. They also have the best cafe food around.