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Where can I buy good Turkish Pistachios

Don't know where you're located, but a SoCal grocery chain called Jon's Market (NOT Von's) usually carries two types of what they label as 'Turkish pistachios' at their nuts/dried fruit bar; both appear smaller and slimmer than CA pistachios, and are infinitely tastier. As for 'usually', though, unfortunately, when I stopped in two days ago I was told that the Turkish nuts have been unavailable to them for about two months, though they will keep placing their orders and hoping for the best.
Their stores also carry a wide range of Russian, Armenian, Eastern European and Middle Eastern products and are definitely worth a cruise-through if you come across one.

Nov 28, 2014
moejuste in General Topics

Where would YOU pull off I-90 to eat or drink between Utica and Niagra Falls?

I'm driving from Cooperstown to Niagra Falls and back next week and my personal knowledge of swell eats in that direction ends at Utica, so I'd love to get suggestions for any memorable pit stops worth making. I favor casual/local/ethnic foods, with extra points for attached or affiliated small groceries. (As an example, Amsterdam's 'Go Where I've Bean' sounded great, but I'm told it is no more...) Doesn't have to be a whole meal either -even one dish or a choice cup of non-chain coffee within striking distance will be enough to pull me over.

(Also, I'm told the Canadian side of the Falls is, ah, 'prettier'? I'll check about that on the Canada board, but am welcoming suggestions for dining or a night's lodging there as well.)

Thanks in advance - I'll report back on my return.

"Better Because Of the Butter In The Batter"

Wow - thanks so much for posting such an excellently-detailed answer! I'd actually given up on tracking this information down years ago - but at least now the question is settled. ('Ou sont les rugelach d'antan?', indeed.) I've certainly heard tell of Porto's and will definitely check them out. Hmmm...any idea if they've got rugelach, by the way?

Mar 19, 2013
moejuste in Los Angeles Area

Top Client Luncheon - Downtown - 2/2

Mmmm, nosh - just came across this post today and I'm suddenly swooning and starving in equal parts. I realize that after nearly 4 years the chances are slim, but any possibility this menu still exists and you'd still recommend it?

Jan 01, 2013
moejuste in Los Angeles Area

Herring Hunting In SD or Riverside Counties

I've just moved to Borrego Springs from Los Angeles, and need to locate a source for whole pickled (sometimes called 'schmaltz') herring somewhere closer than L.A. for our traditional Polish Christmas Eve dinner - any ideas? We do two different dishes and I need to start with the whole, brined fish...thanks so much for any leads!

Dec 16, 2010
moejuste in San Diego

Best S.D. Meat Market for Steaks

Hmm - I'm just now moving to Borrego Springs (from L.A.) and must say your reference to a steak showdown (now THAT"s a meal to give thanks for) snapped my head around, until I realized that of course you were referring to a private venue, not a local restaurant...oh well. Guess I'll just have to pay attention to who in town is trailing the telltale delicious smell of woodsmoke and meat in their slipstream.

Feb 09, 2010
moejuste in San Diego

where do you buy duck fat?

Farmers Market Poultry at the 3rd Street Farmers Market (323-936-8158) has 2 lb. containers of duck fat for $14; they're on the 3rd St. side of the market area, near gate 9.

Dec 18, 2008
moejuste in Los Angeles Area

"Better Because Of the Butter In The Batter"

You're right: I've just been reading what people have posted about Bea's and I love the combination of passion and glee the place inspires. So this way, if the legendary House of Butter eludes me, I'ma go check out Bea's this week...thanks!

Jun 04, 2008
moejuste in Los Angeles Area

"Better Because Of the Butter In The Batter"

Does anyone know which (Burbank, I'm thinking) bakery's slogan this is - or was? Back in the late '80's/early '90's, I was a record company marketing weasel, and the only thing that made that weekly morning marketing meeting bearable were the stupefyingly good rugelach one of the product managers would pick up from this place on his way in; that slogan was printed on the boxes, as I recall, or maybe on their sign. Fingers crossed it's still around, because suddenly, about twenty years later, I'm jonesing bad...

Jun 03, 2008
moejuste in Los Angeles Area

Best Marrakech Booty?

Thanks so much for the details! I've forwarded the gist as my 'wish list', and he's due back this weekend - we'll see what I get...(fingers crossed!)

Jun 03, 2008
moejuste in Middle East & Africa

Best Marrakech Booty?

A friend is going to be working in Marrakech the last two weeks of this month, and wonders what I'd like him to bring back for me - hooray! We both like to cook, so I'd love any suggestions for favorite culinary (or other) souvenirs -- preferably stable, reasonably non-perishable, not-looking-for-any-trouble-at-Customs-on-returning items: local ingredients, spices, small household goods or kitchen tools, maybe a local writer's cookbook? Harissa in tubes? Olives, or olive oil? I've also heard that Argan oil is a very good thing...
And (Imshallah) if you have particular preferred brands or sources for any of these, I know he'll enjoy poking around for the perfect 'find'.
Merci bien!

May 09, 2008
moejuste in Middle East & Africa

SushiMaster Chef 2008/L.A. Regional Event

I was out of town this weekend and thus missed yesterday's (April 20th) regional competition in Little Tokyo - so I'm curious if any of youse Chowhounds went, who was competing, who was judging, and any other comments & impressions (That is to say, should I make it a point not to miss it next time around, maybe check out the Finals if I'm in Sacramento then...or could/should I just shine it on and continue triangulating between CH rec's and my own old-school tastes?). Signed, Wondering

Apr 21, 2008
moejuste in Los Angeles Area

Warsaw in October - suggestions

In case you're staying at the Novotel Airport (or even just passing by), their in-house restaurant is very good, with seasonal Polish specialties as well as an impressive breakfast buffet (simply seething with business types from all over). The manager, Gregory, was a doll and very helpful.
Unfortunately, even though I found lots of interesting restaurant reviews at, I didn't really get to many because we were mostly eating at relatives' homes. The site is definitely worth checking out for reference, but since Poles are extremely hospitable and rather good cooks, if you're invited to someone's home, I'd say 'go' ( if they don't alarm you); you'll be very well fed - and if you bring your host(ess) a little bunch of flowers or the like, they'll be delightedly appreciative of how well-brought-up you are! October is a great time for soup too, which the Polish kitchen excels at.
There's a big 24-hour Tesco market in Warsaw which should yield a wide variety of transportable and 'legal' local food items, or stop in at an 'Albert' supermarket - I found boxes of sugar cubes in the shape of card suits (hearts, clubs etc.) there, which were a big hit with all my poker and bridge-playing friends. Local herb teas, preserves, and candy tend to be good picks too. If you know any gardening cooks, stop in at a nursery or garden center for exotic-to-us vegetable seeds (purple kohlrabi, oval beets, excellent arugula and favas, herbs); there's an 150-year-old (!) one right behind that Novotel, actually, and I didn't have any trouble bringing the seed in.
Cab drivers are, as always, good sources for dining suggestions, but you'll have to stipulate that you DON'T necessarily want the glossy tourist joints, but the traditional places they might eat at themselves.
You'll find several more detailed postings if you search this board for 'Warsaw' - and I agree, dried 'prawdziwki' (local name for porcini, or boletus edulis) and 'zubrowka' (buffalo-grass-infused vodka) are definitely winners. If you're in a bar, you might try the very tasty local cocktail of zubrowka and apple cider or juice called a 'sharLOTka' - apple cobbler. I'm toasting your trip with one right now - bon voyage!

Pls recommend lunch/brunch for Silverlake/Pasadena/H.Wood

Fantastic lunch/brunch at Square One: on Fountain a couple blocks west of Vermont, behind the big Scientology Center, and don't recall a bar, but Oh My Lord those grits w/cheese & bacon - lots of other delicious options. Bright, cheery, a bit plain, but they do have a little outdoor patio. Other delicious mid-day choice is Dusty's on Sunset (a few block west of Silver Lake Blvd.), which does have beer & wine and a swell bistro-and-breakfast menu - I'm kvelling about their poached-eggs-with-lardons-on-frisee entree salad RIGHT NOW. (Hmm, I seem to be working a bacon subtext here...)

Sep 21, 2007
moejuste in Los Angeles Area

Driving/Eating from L.A. to Nashville, via I-40

Thanks to sparkplug & you - can either of you suggest a good bar-with-food and/or a breakfast place in the general vicinity of Old Hickory (our new actual Nashville-area neighborhood)? I'm not sure which end of the day we'll be pulling into town during, but I know we won't feel much like cooking for the first day or so...

Driving/Eating from L.A. to Nashville, via I-40

We're giving up on L.A. and moving to Nashville next week - so we're looking for any/all non-glamorous suggestions on or near I-40. Since we're allowing 4-5 days for the trip, we're not in a tearing hurry, but I suspect we won't be looking too fabulously presentable overall, and anyway will be way more interested in eating, looking around and chatting with people than in getting dressed up. Any suggestions for lodging, friendly dives, oddities, food festivals or local specialties to keep an eye out for along the way also gratefully received! Thanks, will report back.

I-40 (from L.A.) to Nashville

We're doing a road trip next week - a friend's moving from L.A. to Nashville - and we're looking for non-glamorous/low-end suggestions on or near I-40. We're allowing 4 or 5 days for the trip so we're not in a tearing hurry, but I imagine we won't be looking too fabulously presentable and will be way more interested in eating, looking around and chatting with people than in getting dressed up. Any suggestions for lodging, friendly dives, oddities, food festivals or local specialties to keep an eye out for along the way also gratefully recieved! Thanks, will report back...

Jun 13, 2007
moejuste in Southwest

New Q in North Hollywood

Wow - I've been out of town for the last three years, and was stupefied with shock and dismay this past Saturday when I pulled up to Atlas Sausage Kitchen and found 'Big Papi' there instead - I've been jonesing for Atlas' incomparable chicken brats for months; they were the perfect summer-barbecue-party-mainstay when I didn't know who-all would be showing up, and what animals they would or wouldn't eat...I myself am all about The Pig, but those chicken bratwurst were not only suitable for mollifying the poultry-only crowd, they were just delicious, period. I was so goofy with regret (and the heat!), I didn't really stop to research B.P. -- but I did note that big handsome smoker out front. Anyway, your review really makes me want to go back and investigate, just not when I've got a bug up my butt about bratworst...!
So, can anyone tell me what became of Atlas? Maybe (please, please) they just moved? Or sold their recipes to someone else? They had all sorts of wonderful deli and meat products, not to mention a kick-ass frozen strudel...Anyone? Thanks!

Jul 24, 2006
moejuste in Los Angeles Area

Sausage Kitchen Weisswurst-- Great Rec

Oh, NOOOOO - swung by Atlas Sausage Kitchen in N. Hollywood this past weekend (7/22) to pick up a mess of their incomparably fine chicken bratwurst for a bbq I was hosting...and they're GONE. Though the jaunty red sausage sign is still on the roof, the site is now occupied by 'Big Papi's BBQ'/'grand opening', which makes me think I must have JUST missed them...anyone know anything? Maybe they've just moved? Arrgh.

Jul 24, 2006
moejuste in Los Angeles Area