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The Better Cupcake?

I tried using a cake flour tonight on a beet chocolate lemon cupcake.
It was an experimental recipe, so I was so-so about the taste (too much beet), but the cake flour definitely lent to a nicer cupcake itself.

Thank you!

Apr 12, 2008
lembeck08 in Home Cooking

The Better Cupcake?

I just can't bring myself to use a boxed mix. It seems like cheating to me...

Anyone can throw a box mix together, but developing true technique is what makes cooking an art form.

Apr 11, 2008
lembeck08 in Home Cooking

The Better Cupcake?

If I use a combination (which sounds ideal to me) how would I take a recipe with butter measurements and make it butter and oil?

Would I just half the call for butter and use the other half for oil? Like, 8TBS butter = 4TBS butter and 4TBS oil???

Apr 05, 2008
lembeck08 in Home Cooking

The Better Cupcake?

I am a young baker and have been in a cupcake phase lately.

I've noticed that all of my cupcakes are turning out with a really dense cake. I went to a bakery here in KC called "Babycakes" and their cupcakes were very light and had tight little holes in them rather than the bigger holes that my heavy cupcakes have. Much different from the cupcakes that are made at the bakery where I work.

It's sort of like the difference between a cake mix and a cake from scratch. Cake mixes are always very soft and tend to melt away in your mouth, while most of the cakes I have made tend to sit heavy and too rich.

I know that in a cake mix, there is no butter, just oil...and I wonder if that is the secret to a light cupcake.

Maybe someone could help? Veg Oil vs Butter?????????


Mar 31, 2008
lembeck08 in Home Cooking