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New Haven Restaurants

if looking for breakfast try Me N U on state street , jerry is the owner very funny man enjoy

Aug 07, 2009
preacher in Southern New England

Good bars with live music or drink specials in Las Vegas

ill be there in may best place for good local bands is the double down saloon, try
a bacon martini or a glass of the house speacial ass juice . this place is great
also at harrahs ,carnival court
double enjoy

Mar 26, 2009
preacher in Southwest

recently discovered port

thank you all for your imput can't wait to try some of your suggestions
thany you again

Aug 10, 2008
preacher in Wine

recently discovered port

im not a wine drink but , just had a taylor tawny port 20 year and a 30 year,loved it
any suggestions on others i should try think, i found a new love

Aug 09, 2008
preacher in Wine

looking for a peach, jalapeno barbeque sauce recipe

many years ago, at a party had some ribs with a peach jalapeno bbq sauce.
ofcourse no one can remember who made it looking for a recipe

Aug 03, 2008
preacher in Home Cooking

My Vegas itinerary thus far....could use expert help completing it.

in may i was in las vegas,i highly reccomend delmonicosthe experiance was great,
mon ami gami another great choice
carnegie deli was a waste of time dont bother you get a huge portion of dryed out lunch meat ,found better little dives with better food , also the range is very good
enjoy , have fun

Aug 01, 2008
preacher in Southwest

Best ice cream in CT

peaches and cream in torrington on rt. 202 the best in ct

Jul 03, 2008
preacher in Southern New England

Need recs near Hampton Beach

ron's is a good choice, also la bec larouge, just before the casino very casual
have fun

A Week in Vegas

i also got married in vegas, year and a half ago bye elvis. toby kiefs at harrahs for burgers and pulled pork. country music fun casual not expensive
fat burger on the strip
i enjoyed the range also at harrahs for steaks.
ill be in vegas on friday for a week ill up date list for you enjoy

Apr 29, 2008
preacher in Southwest

Litchfield County foodie and fun trip?

how about bantam lake area , you have white memorial foundation for hiking bantam lake and river for kyaking.woods pit has excellent bbq, litchfield center many good reastraunts and so much more in a few miles ,have fun

anyone been to the red rooster in winsted ct.

i made the ride yesterday to the red rooster,well i guess brookerme never went there. its a cool lil biker bar, just starting out, menu was small nothing fancey biker food,

Who makes the best pizza in New England?

ive had the three big names in new haven, but the best is in torrington ct.
berkshire cafe the everything pizza is the best

anyone been to the red rooster in winsted ct.

i heard of a place in winsted ct. called the red rooster, dont no any thing about it . if its a bar or restraunt.any information will be great, thanx

Sycamore Review - Bethel, CT

the only reason any one goes to the Sycamore is the burgers ,rootbeer and cruise nights
see you on cruise night

looking for great bar food in vegas

thanx for the suggestion, wolf gangs sound good , we try to hit as many diffrent places as we can.
even a few pub style bars would be fun

Apr 14, 2008
preacher in Southwest

looking for great bar food in vegas

going to vegas in May, looking for a few suggestions on very casual fun places. with great bar food like burgers, wing, tex mex etc.going to be there for 8 days going 2 need a lil break from the high end reastraunt.a lil casual fun. thanx

Apr 11, 2008
preacher in Southwest

Connecticut Hard Rolls

try the harvest bakery in bristol on rt.6 also get the rye bread while ur there they are well known for it
another is in waterbury brooklyn bakery on john st. havent been ther in years but they used to make the best , lupi-marchigiano makes great italian bread

Best Breakfast Buffet (Las Vegas)

ive only eaten at 2 breakfast buffets , at harrahs and at the mirrage, both were excellent many choices,harrahs build ur own omlet staition was great, enjoy ur trip ill be there on may 2nd

Apr 09, 2008
preacher in Southwest

Best LOBSTER in Las Vegas..

i just cant understand why any 1 would go to las vegas and expect to find good lobster.i was born and raised on the east coast . lobster only can be enjoyed propperly here good luck finding it in vegas

Apr 08, 2008
preacher in Las Vegas

Best Hotdogs in Conn.

i have 2 say the best dog now in ct. is al's in naughatuck but my favorite was coreys in woodbury . on rt.6 they knocked it down a couple months ago
also den mos in southbury pretty good
happy hot dogging

Apr 02, 2008
preacher in Southern New England

sugestions for may las vegas trip

price is not a concern long as food is good,dont matter.type of food very open steak mexican or eaven japanees never had good japanees any suggestions will be great thanx

Apr 02, 2008
preacher in Southwest

Las Vegas surprise birthday trip for my daughter

harrahs is across the street from the mirage, so is the venitian. at the venitian there ia a few excellent italian restraurants and a great mexican restraunant called taqueria canonita enjoy

Apr 01, 2008
preacher in Southwest

Las Vegas surprise birthday trip for my daughter

send them over to harrahs to toby keefes (i love this bar) its a burger joint but lots of fun
also while at harrahs go to carnival court they have flare bartenders,live entertainment day and nite just 2 much fun

Mar 31, 2008
preacher in Southwest

sugestions for may las vegas trip

going to vegas in may, was last there in september looking for a restraunt that will knock my socks off not, interrested in seafood , i live in connecticut so seafood in vegas is not as fresh or good as im used to. im staying at the mirage thanx, hope to here from every one

Mar 31, 2008
preacher in Southwest

Casual in Las Vegas

i found the taqueria canonita at the venitian was very good and in ur price range,with drinks it was $75 great view of the indoor canal my wife and i will be out in vegas in the first week of may, also i heard of a new place just opened last month, at the . monte carlo called diablos have fun in vegas

Mar 31, 2008
preacher in Southwest

Where to have dinner on Las Vegas strip this Fri?

i have 2 places you may want 2 try the range at harrahs an excellent steak house and at paris mon ami gabi excellent french food the cafe is over looking the ballagio fountains great view

Mar 31, 2008
preacher in Southwest