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Aguas Calientes Near Machu Pichu

Hey hounds. What is the best restaurant here? There is nothing on the board about it except to "be careful" about where you eat. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

Lima on Sunday

Anyone have suggestions for Sunday lunch and dinner? It seems like most restaurants are closed on Sundays. So far I have only found AmorAmar open for lunch. Thanks.

Driving from Turin to Genoa on Sunday Evening

Thanks for the replies. Specifically, my flight gets into Torino around 17:30 and I am actually driving to Santa Margherita outside of Genova. I can always wait to eat in SM when I arrive but I was just asking in case there were any worthwhile recs along the way that might be open on Sunday. I would prefer not to do AutoGrill though it doesn't need to be fancy -- just good. Thanks again.

May 22, 2012
mpierce64 in Italy

Driving from Turin to Genoa on Sunday Evening

Any thoughts on good places to stop for dinner, either in Turin or in towns that may be on the way?

May 22, 2012
mpierce64 in Italy

Buzios + Ihla Grande-Recs??

Buzios: Bar do Ze (caipirinha com lychee and seafood risotto are standouts though everything is good there) for something higher end, fishbone (fried/grilled whole fish) in Geriba for lunch and crepes at Chez Michou for somehting lower end. Avoid Satyricon.

Saturday May 28th in Barcelona

Any thoughts on a good place with good drinks/eats and a lively atmosphere in Barcelona to watch the Champions League Final on Saturday, May 28th between Man U and Barcelona?

May 04, 2011
mpierce64 in Spain/Portugal

Finalising restaurants in Bologna

I ate at Da Cesari and loved it. A great chowhound type of place with excellent salads. I also loved Drogheria della Rosa, which is somewhat pricey but I thought it was the best food that I ate in Bologna.

Da Cesari
Via de' Carbonesi, 8, Bologna, Emilia-Romagna 40123, IT

Apr 30, 2011
mpierce64 in Italy

Lunch Near Vinci

Will be driving to Florence from Genova and was interested in stopping in Vinci, which looks to be halfway between Lucca and Florence, to see the town, the museum, etc. Anyone know of any good lunch places in the vicinity? Thanks.

Apr 24, 2011
mpierce64 in Italy

Barcelona Long Weekend

Thanks for the input. Lolita Taperia is a good suggestion. I was thinking about Hisop or Gresca or Comerc24 for Saturday night. I have been to Cinc Sentis and Cal Pep and both were good but didn't blow my mind. A tapas/pintxos crawl in El Born could also work though I usually save those for Madrid. I might just go to Paco Meralgo twice. I absolutely love that place.

Mar 29, 2011
mpierce64 in Spain/Portugal

Jose Ignacio, Uruguay

Garzon was great though expensive. I also enjoyed La Huella. Basic, grilled seafood but quite delicious.

Barcelona Long Weekend

Arriving on a Friday around lunch and am staying in Eixample and want lunch in the area. I was thinking Taktika Berri or Tapac 24. I know they are different but any thoughts on which is better. Also for Sunday lunch I wanted to eat in Barceloneta. Would Kaiku or Can Mano be a better choice?

Itinerary thus far:

Fri lunch: Tapac24 or Taktika Berri
Fri dinner: Alkimia
Sat lunch: open, probably El Quim
Sat dinner: ?
Sun lunch: Kaiku or Can Mano
Sun dinner: Paco Meralgo

Thanks for any suggestions.

Mar 28, 2011
mpierce64 in Spain/Portugal

Lunch near Palazzo Barberini

This is probably too touristy for the true hounds like mbfant and jen kalb to mention but I love Hostaria Romana (Via del Boccaccio, 1), about 1 minute from the Barberini metro. I read about it when it was featured in the NY Times I am always wary of touristy places but my mouth was watering after I read about it so I had to try it. I went for lunch (twice) and found that it was pretty empty, the food was superb and the price was actually pretty cheap for 2 for the quality (with house wine, antipasto and a pasta each). Service was also very friendly. I can't wait to go back.

Jan 12, 2011
mpierce64 in Italy

In search of the absolute best places to eat in Buzios and Rio for true foodies!

Probably a little late but for Buzios Bar do Ze on Rua das Pedras is my favorite place in the area. Get the seafood risotto, which is probably the best that I have ever had. They also have caipirinhas with lychee, which I love and are hard to find. The place is not cheap, though. There is also a fancier, bistro-type place called Cigalon also on Rua das Pedras that I remember being good and not very expensive for a higher-end place. For a quicker, cheaper alternative the crepes at Chez Michou are surprisingly decent. If you go to Geriba beach, getting a fried whole fish at Fishbone is a nice lunch (though I forget the pricing). I would avoid Satyricon as though it has the same name/logo as the Satyricon in Rio I have heard that it is of inferior quality (and similar prices).

Northern Espirito Santo, Brazil

Any good recs for southern ES, around Vitoria or Guarapari? I would be very interested in trying one of these Italian-influenced places as in my travels to Vitoria/Guarapari I have yet to encounter or even hear about this in southern ES. In fact, the best lower-end food that I have found in the area is comida Arabe, which is great and very affordable. Unfortunately between that and higher end places like Guaramare, there is a real gap in the gastronomy in the area, IMO.


I second Antiquarius and Polis Sucos (the drinks and the sandwiches). Bibi Sucos on the Ipanema/Leblon line is rated the best right now though I believe but I am partial to Polis Sucos.

I like Marius more than Porcao because it feels more authentic and more laid back but honestly to me they're a push as you should stick mainly to the picanha with garlic at either.

I think Gero and Fasano Al Mare are good but not great (more style than substance) and the best Italian in Rio is D'Amici in Leme/Copacabana (the lamb special with pasta is amazing). In Ipanema options like Mio and Terzetto are also quite good and though they lack the atmosphere of Gero et al. they have better food, IMO. Terzetto is also a great place for oenophiles as their sommelier has been voted the best in Rio and they have an extensive list of South American wines. Quadrifoglio in Botafogo has changed its chef within the last year and reviews have been excellent though I have not been since the change.

For contemporary cuisine I think Olympe is the best (the chicken with farofa is unique and outstanding) though it is a splurge. I was very disappointed with Roberta Sudbrack. It was good but to me tried too hard to be fancy and innovative and was not in the same league as Olympe. Carlota and Careme were good but didn't wow me and were a step below Olympe (and last I checked Carlota doesn't take reservations and is not a big space so there is always a wait).

If anyone is interested in sushi I have heard great things about Azumi in Copacabana.

For drinks I like going to any Devassa and getting a caipirinha. Cheap, simple, classic, cold, awesome.

Sao Paulo For Lunch


Came across this article and was wondering if anyone had been to the por kilo or lanchonete-type places mentioned in it or have any better recs for similar places in SP or Rio. Thanks.

Suggestions for Padova and Verona

In Verona I did not have a good experience at La Fontanina and thought both the food and the service were much better at Tre Marchetti (though I know I'm the minority on this one). In particular there was some sort of ravioli with a celery sauce or something like that at Marchetti that was nothing like anything I had ever eaten and was beyond fantastic. Also Taverna di Stella is supposed to be a good, local place but was closed during my visit so unfortunately I cannot provide any details. Good luck. Verona is a great city.

Sep 26, 2010
mpierce64 in Italy

Best sandwich in boston?

Meridian Special at Meridian Market in East Boston.

Jul 26, 2010
mpierce64 in Greater Boston Area

3 nights in Bologna and one in Milan

In Bologna, I enjoyed Da Cesari. A very simple, homey kind of place with great food. I don't remember specifics but we were treated well and ate well. I also remember many Italian families eating there. As for Drogheria Della Rossa, I loved it and highly recommend going if you can. It would be great to get a table outside if the weather is amenable. I might get thrown off of the boards for saying this but on the same trip when I went to Drogheria Della Rossa I also went to Hosteria Giusti in Modena and I liked the former more. I thought the food was comparable (some things better, some not) and the atmosphere better, more lively and with more Italians at DDR.

Jul 25, 2010
mpierce64 in Italy

Madrid in early May, 2010

Went to Dantxari earlier this month and it was excellent. We started with an appetizer of squid and onion and lightly cooked sardines. I don't remember much about them except that they were great. We followed this up with 2 meat dishes. The first was filet with salt, pepper and oil. I've never had this simple garnish on meat before but it was superb. The meat was soft and flavorful and came out rare. The second was their beef for two (but they gave it to us for 1) which was done Peter Luger's style except with salt and no butter. I'm not a huge Luger's fan so understand that when I say that I liked this meat better. Came out rare with fat on it and was perfect for me. Overall great food and great hospitality for a fair price. Thanks for the rec!

Jul 16, 2010
mpierce64 in Spain/Portugal


Just wanted to report back and let everyone know where we ended up. In Genoa for lunch we went with a hotel rec, Sa Pesta, which was phenomenal. Completely bare-bones place that probably hasn't been renovated since the 50s with many long communal tables with marble tops. We were the only tourists there and got strange looks when we walked in. The best pesto I've ever had, farinata, fried anchovies, some kind of vegetable tort and house wine which were all great. Many others were ordering meat/veal but we had no room. About 50 euros for 2 and FYI no one really spoke English. Closed in July and August. I will def return. For dinner we went to Enoteca Infernotta. Very casual and simple with an amazing wine selection. Great assortment of salumi and prosciutto and mozzarella to begin followed once again by great lasagna al pesto (though not as good as Sa Pesta). Had a veal Milanese to end which was good but not great. Open late (by Genova standards) until around 11.

We also went to Recco and, with apologies to Fred Plotkin, went to Da Vittorio instead of Manuelina because we went with friends that preferred the former. What a great meal. Focaccia col formaggio could be one of the best things I've ever eaten. It was followed by a great mixed seafood plate that included lightly fried baby octopus and grilled langoustines that were full of flavor. Refreshing, homemade lemon sorbet and a fresh apricot tart for dessert were wonderful. I think it was a bit on the pricey side but well worth it. Any time I am in the area I will return.

Jul 15, 2010
mpierce64 in Italy

Naples On a Sunday

Hostaria Toledo is open Sundays for lunch and dinner. I just had a great Sunday lunch there last month. Great pasta genovese, bruschetta and fresh seafood among other things. Lunch for 2 with wine was around 40-45 euros. Highly recommended.

Jul 15, 2010
mpierce64 in Italy



Thanks, this sounds great. I will be in the area tomorrow and had one question about Manuelina. On their website apparently there is both a restaurant and a focacceria. Which one is better to go to? I had initially assumed the restaurant is best but the focacceria seems to have some of the dishes to which you referred. I am hoping to go on Wednesday, but the restaurant is closed and only the focacceria is open. Should I reschedule or just go to the focacceria?

Thank you again.

Jun 27, 2010
mpierce64 in Italy


Thanks, this is all great. Enoteca Infernotto and Zefferino sound up my alley. Anyone been to Antica Osteria di Vico Palla?

Jun 06, 2010
mpierce64 in Italy

Madrid Question

I always like to have one nice meal in Madrid as it is usually my last stop in Europe before I fly home. Places like La Terraza, Zalacain, etc. are a little fancy for me and I don't have much interest in places like Combarro or Botin which are mainly just one type of food (i.e., only fish or suckling pig). Over the years I have been to and really enjoyed the following places, all of which have been recommended here:


Any other suggestions for new places to try that are somewhat similar in food/category?

May 31, 2010
mpierce64 in Spain/Portugal


I will be spending a day or two in Genoa and was looking for some good, authentic, Genoese/Ligurian fare in Genoa. Not much info about the city on the board. I have read good things about Antica Osteria di Vico Palla. Anyone been there or elsewhere that they recommend?

May 30, 2010
mpierce64 in Italy

Naples For 2 Days/Nights

Hey Hounds,

I have searched the board and found lots of info/opinions on pizza in Naples. I'm going to be there for about 4 meals only, and while some of it will be pizza are there any other must eats for some great Neopolitan food? Thanks in advance.

May 21, 2010
mpierce64 in Italy

HIgh Society in Rio

It sounds like Gero would be your best bet. I think the food is overrated but it is the closest thing to the dinner "scene" that you want that you'll find in Rio. To get the kind of atmosphere that you want I would just eat somewhere good and head to Bar Londres, Boox or Bar d'hotel after dinner.

Italian Heroes in Bergen County

It is out of your way but I love Casa Del Sole in Woodcliff Lake.

Nov 08, 2009
mpierce64 in New Jersey

Delivery Around Port Chester/Greenwich/Stamford

I am in Greenwich. But to start I will check out seamlessweb. Thanks for the tip.