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Chile-Lime Peanuts

Has anyone tried this recipe with "regular" (non-Spanish) raw peanuts? How did it turn out?

Jun 01, 2009
nudnik in Recipes

Tati Bistro - Review

We recently dined at Tati Bistro, and we were having a lovely evening -- terrific food -- until it got late. Then, it seemed, someone switched the music to disco, or something like disco -- and loud. We had to scream to have a conversation. We asked the staff to turn it down, but they told us: "That's how the owner likes it." The owner likes it that his customers have to scream to enjoy a conversation? What kind of bistro is that? And how does that go with the spirit of Jacques Tati? Why not just rename the restaurant Tati Disco? We won't be back unless and until we hear that the situation has changed. Too bad.

Apr 08, 2008
nudnik in Ontario (inc. Toronto)