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Bread pudding

I am looking for a bakery or restaurant where I can buy a pre-made bread pudding (one that only requires reheating) in the greater Boston Area. Any ideas? Thanks.

Nov 16, 2012
michla in Greater Boston Area

3 nights in Calgary

Thanks to everyone for your suggestions. We had a great 3 nights in Calgary as well as a wonderful night at Lake Louise. In Calgary, we ate at Divino, Home Tasting Room and the Palomino. Divino was good-I had the Bucatini which was wonderful. The tempura haricot vert was also great. The place was packed, but our waiter did a great job and was very attentive despite the crowds. I think the only negative is that neither our waiter nor the hostess were very friendly-in fact kind of grumpy. The Home Tasting Room was a far better experience. The food was great, the staff was welcoming, attentive and engaging, and the atmosphere is also wonderful. I had a green salad and the cod special. All excellent. I would highly recommend the Home Tasting Room. I had hoped to go to District on Sunday night, but the Steelers were playing (my husband is from Pittsburgh) and we heard that the Palomino had the game on a big screen so we ended up there instead. Pretty good barbeque and a fun place to watch the game. Great waitress. Hope to return and try some more places.

Sep 13, 2012
michla in Prairie Provinces

3 nights in Calgary

We are coming from Boston. By "not formal", I meant I did not want my husband to wear a jacket or a jacket and tie. We love all kinds of food. Hubby is not so keen on steak. We love small plates and tapas style eating. Is there a "must" for out of towners? Thanks for all the help

Aug 12, 2012
michla in Prairie Provinces

3 nights in Calgary

Thanks for the suggestions. Any thougths on Wurst-second floor or Blink?

Aug 09, 2012
michla in Prairie Provinces

3 nights in Calgary

My husband and I will be in Calgary for 3 nights
in early September. Where should we eat? Nothing too
formal. We will be at the Hyatt without a car-if that
matters. Thanks for your help

Aug 08, 2012
michla in Prairie Provinces

Gill, MA: Gill Tavern?

My husband and I had dinner there on Friday night. We ski at Mount Snow and are always looking for restaurants on our drive to Mount Snow from Boston. I saw the link to the Gill Tavern on the People's Pint website and decided to give the Gill Tavern a try. A great decision! We arrived a little after 5 and there were only a couple of tables that were not reserved-it is very popular. We sat at the bar right next to the open kitchen-great spot to see all the dinners prepared. My husband had the cup of the butternut squash bisque-delicious with a slight curry flavor. We split the gorgonzola garlic bread-perfect not too much cheese or too much garlic. He had the burger and I had the Block Island Fish Stew. I am not a fan of mussels so they asked if I wanted more fish. Delicious and warming on a cold winter night. Seems like the steak au poivre was a popular entree as well as mussels. The cheese plate looked delicious. The woman behind the bar was friendly and informative-we asked lots of questions and she made a great vodka gimlet-real lime juice and simple syrup. Definitely put it on your list and definitely make reservations.

Feb 01, 2010
michla in Southern New England

dinner in portland

Thanks for the suggestion. It looks great. We will be staying at the Portland Harbor Hotel. Is Grace within walking distance?

dinner in portland

My husband and I will be in Portland on Friday, December 4th and looking for a place for dinner. Not really interested in Italian. Great food, but not precious. Price is immaterial. I was leaning towards Bresca, but I am concerned about the close quarters. We like eating at the bar. Is Fore Street not an option?.\ Thanks for your help.

Fore Street
288 Fore Street, Portland, ME 04101

111 Middle Street, Portland, ME 04101

Unique wedding venue?

I got married at Hamilton Hall in Salem, MA, but this spot may be more traditional than you want. There is an interesting publication called Historic Places for Historic Parties that you can get at the State house library or you can order from the Secretary of State's website, below. Good luck.

Mar 24, 2008
michla in Greater Boston Area

Tamales mail-ordered from Pedro's Tamales [moved from Boston board]

Thanks for the great link. I am definitely going to order some from Pedro's and try some from Taqueria La Mexicana as well. Thanks for your help.

Dec 10, 2007
michla in General Topics


After living in Houston for many years, I became accustomed to the tradition of tamales at Christmas time. I know I can order them from various sources in Texas but they all ask for a large minimum order. Is there a place in the greater Boston area to buy tamales? Thank you.

Dec 10, 2007
michla in Greater Boston Area

Sunday brunch in Cambridge/Somerville

Looking for a place for Sunday brunch in Cambridge or Somerville. Ethnic is fine. Not interested in a large buffet restaurant. Thanks.

Oct 23, 2007
michla in Greater Boston Area

Damage to Kennebunkport restaurants?

Thank you. Great idea.

Damage to Kennebunkport restaurants?

I am planning a trip to Kennebunkport and Ogunquit in two weeks. I am curious about damage to area restaurants from the weekend storm. Thanks.


Any thoughts? I hear great things.

Jul 16, 2006
michla in Texas

Hamersley's, Via Matta or Mistral

My brother is coming to town from NYC and will be taking me and my husband and a client to dinner. I am thinking about Hamersley's Bistro, Via Matta and Mistral. Thoughts?

Jul 10, 2006
michla in Greater Boston Area