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Easy Apple Crisp

Nov 30, 2014
bluebird88k in Recipes

Great brunch At The Table Asbury Park

Hi joonjoon,
We went to the buffet on a Sunday (late afternoon) a few months ago. The price then was $17.95 a person and this included drinks (wanted the lemonade but they were all out) and dessert. I posted my review on another thread. This is a great deal but we didn't have quite the same experience as Seal. It may have been an off day or too late in the day, I don't know, but there was not a wide selection on the buffet, just fried chicken, fried fish, baked chicken as far as meat in concerned, mac and cheese, collards, black eyed peas and lima beans. We didn't get to try the meatloaf and gravy. We must have come at a bad time, they had run out of lemonade as I said, and the same with the famous corn bread, there was no white meat chicken left, the salad was almost gone and I took one of the last cornbread croutons for the salad (I'm bad, had to have and it was soo good!) When we got there we asked right away about the coconut cake and yup they had run out of that too! BUT, the chef came out and talked to us and did everything in her power to make it a nice meal for us. She had just taken a coconut cake out of the oven and made sure we got some for dessert. (Yummy) She brought us hot out of the oven cornbread muffins later in the meal, so of course we went back to the buffet and got a little something more to go with them. They were heavenly. I really do think that our visit was just bad timing and we are surely going to visit At The Table again. I would like to know what time of day that seal went but at this point I'm going to stick to the regular menu. I am looking forward to returning. As for the no alcohol policy, I say right on to the owner for sticking to her guns. Come on after all nothing goes better with soul food than lemonade or sweet tea, I just hope I get some lemonade next time I visit!!

May 14, 2011
bluebird88k in New Jersey

Atlantis in May, Meal plan or not?

Thanks catrn for the info! I will make the reservations now!! We are going to chopstix and now I think Nobu, do you need the reservations for Murray's Deli also?

The Sunday Buffet @ AT THE TABLE, Asbury Park

Hi Wench31,

We did make it to the buffet on a Sunday. The buffet was good for the price. It was kind of a strange situation as they kept running out of things on the buffet. Over all I did like the food and I intend to go again but I will eat off of the regular menu rather than the buffet. I am glad we got to sample different things, the fried chicken (good but I'm sure would be much better made to order) and the fish. The mac and cheese was very good, as were the black eyed peas and collard greens. My cousin was in heaven because she loves lima beans (not a fave of mine) and she said they were fantastic. We asked right away if there was any coconut cake left and the chef said one had just come out of the oven and she would have it ready for our dessert. She came out to talk with us during the meal and we told her we were disappointed not to get any of her famous cornbread and she went back into the kitchen, made a batch and brought them out to us steaming hot and delicious. I am looking forward to returning to The Table but next time I will order off the menu and not have the buffet.

May 11, 2011
bluebird88k in New Jersey

Atlantis in May, Meal plan or not?

Thank you so much for your reply, I knew there was someone out there who could relate!! We are leaving next week and your advice is just what we needed. We decided to forego the meal plans and do some sharing. We have reservations at Bobby Flay's place for the birthday night. Most of the other places just seem so expensive and the threads here on Chowhound seem to say that they are not worth the jacked up prices. Are there any places that you would recommend, that you really like alot, and if so a particular dish? I love good food and get pretty upset if I pay alot for something and it's mediocre. If it's great I don't mind so much.
The birthday girl got a little upset that I said she isn't the adventurous type. She reminded me that I have taken her all over Manhattan by car, cab and subway to get to a new found place to eat! She doesn't want to do all that but she is willing to go somewhere good off the resort if it is easy to get to. Any ideas?
Thanks again for your help!! Kaye :)

Atlantis in May, Meal plan or not?

Hi all, hope someone can help.
I am going with a group of ladies to Atlantis in May to celebrate a special someone's 30th birthday. The birthday girl is not a foodie and out of the 4 of us, I am the only one who has not had gastric bypass.
I have read the threads about the local food but the plan this trip is resort only.
I think the food plan is the way to go. $100.00 a day x 4 days.
The girls think it is too much food for them to eat at one sitting and it is for breakfast and dinner, excluding lunch. They eat a little at a time but need to eat every few hours.
I don't want to spend much more than $400 on food for 4 days.

Any advice?

Can you share dinners at the nice restuarants.

In this situation, will the meal plan save us money?

Also any tips on the restuarants on Atlantis? Best dishes, ect?

Most of the threads I have found on Atlantis are pretty old, I hope someone has more recent info and can help me out.

Thanks in advance :)

The Sunday Buffet @ AT THE TABLE, Asbury Park

Hi has anyone had the Sunday Buffet and if so how was it?

Mar 06, 2011
bluebird88k in New Jersey

Las Vegas surprise birthday trip for my daughter

Thank you very much for the input. So far I have made a lunch reservation at Mesa Grill for Friday. My daughter thinks we are having a birthday dinner for her at Bobby Flay's Steak here in Atlantic City on Saturday, so I know she wants to go to one of his restaurants, but I still haven't decided on the birthday dinner.

I was thinking of a restaurant at the venetian for the birthday dinner, they don't eat seafood and they eat small portions, with that in mind are there any recommendations? I heard there were a lot of good places there.

Thank you for the tip about Toby Keefes. I will definetely pass that along. I will suggest they go over there for a drink after dinner because it sounds like a place they would enjoy. Is Harrah's pretty close to the Mirage?

Thanks for the tip about N9ne I almost picked that restaurant for the birthday dinner but the Mesa Grill is lunch the next day so that won't work.

Thanks again everyone, this is a wonderful site and I appreciate your help.

Apr 01, 2008
bluebird88k in Southwest

Las Vegas surprise birthday trip for my daughter

Hi everyone,

I am sending my daughter to Las Vegas for her 30th birthday in 2 weeks as a surprise. Her younger sister (by 3 years) is going with her so it will be 2 single young ladies in Las Vegas for 3 days. I am trying to make reservations at a nice restaurant or two but since I've never been to Vegas I'm kind of at a loss. I am hoping that this will be a really fun and memorable trip, does anyone have any suggestions that will help make it so?

I am getting them tickets to the Beatles Love for the late show on Friday night and I had thought they could have a late lunch at the Eiffel tower in Paris that Friday also. I still don't know where to make reservations for the birthday dinner on Thursday night. They both have small appetites and don't like seafood. I would like them to go to a restaurant that has good food but would also be a special place for the birthday celebration even though there would only be the two of them there. I sure hope someone can help me out here.


Mar 31, 2008
bluebird88k in Southwest