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CDM Yogurt, any good?

Corona del Mar has a new Frozen Yogurt establishment: CDM Yogurt. It's right on PCH, and easy to miss if you're not looking as it's a narrow little shop. It's had a slow opening for the past two months, but today was the Grand Opening.

There are a few innovative flavors and a few traditional, while they only have about 8 on the floor at one time. The flavors are mostly non-fat, though there are low-fat flavors. The compensation between this place and other Frozen Yogurt options are that CDM Yogurt has more calories than places like America's Cup and Goldenspoon, however, the flavors are different in consistency and flavor.

Among the flavors I saw today, there were Old Fashioned Vanilla, Fudgecycle, Boysenberry, Tart, Blueberry Tart, Pineapple, Peanut Butter, and Low-Fat Oatmeal Cookie. My heart goes out to Oatmeal Cookie -- it was worth the extra fat. These flavors taste different than Golden Spoon, and Pinkberry does not have these flavors (so do not compare). The prices are .39 cents an oz... not bad! It is all based on weight, not size of cup. I noticed that half of the non-fat flavors were more icey in consistency and paler in flavor than Goldenspoon, which tends to have creamier/smooth yogurt. The Pineapple here, for instance, was more like a fine blended sorbet with very light hints of pineapple. The Fudgecycle reminded me of pretty-much just a melted fudgecylcle. On the other hand, the Oatmeal Cookie was a star. It was creamy and milky in consistency with little speckles of raisin and tasted like pure, well-balanced sweetness of oatmeal RAISIN cookie. I fancied this one, though it was 140 cals per 4 oz, and 2.5 g fat. There is sugar in all of these flavors, non of that sweetener stuff.

CDM Yogurt just has to stay apart from these other shops by innovating their own flavors. Another one that was a shocker today was Oreo cookie medley with Mound Bar. The flavors were mixed together to make one. It was strange, but good at the same time with hints of coconut in cookies n' cream. You can see my blog for more. Alas, they must keep working on more flavors and that consistency. Not bad though. I really did enjoy the Oatmeal Cookie, and the prices! What a location as well...

Sep 05, 2008
divinebella in Los Angeles Area


mmm.. I've heard of Mike's; in fact, wasn't it featured on a Diner episode from the Food Network? I'll have to go there. What do you suggest?

Bouchon Bakery, Yountville CA report w/ pics

I also had a good experience at Bouchon with some of the items, others not so much.. here are some photos with my reviews...

I have the fondest memories of their Oatmeal Raisin cookie.. whatever it was, it's the best bakery-bought cookie I've had in my life... so FULL of flavor and ingredients. Don't miss it.

lunch in San Juan Capistrano

I had a fresh, Mediterranean meal with wonderful flavor and wine at the Sundried Tomato Cafe in San Juan Capistrano. I've been to the other location in Laguna, but this one has a good chef as well. The food was quite good, and the interior is crisp and fresh. You can read about my experience with photos at my site...

Apr 08, 2008
divinebella in Los Angeles Area


I've had great experiences with yummy, delicious, satisfying breakfasts... and AFFORDABLE in the city. The most bang for your buck and yummy tasting is the deal you get in the mornings at The Pour House, on Boylston St, Boston. Ryles Jazz Cafe in Cambridge is also great for their brunch, and entertaining... great pancakes or french toast. Also, Zaftigs in Brookline is famous for their banana-stuffed French Toast. Big meals! Not bad prices. The Pour House is consistent though and yummy. Its a great hangout. You can see my experience there at my website page...

Dali in Somerville. Any Recommendations?

I agree, Dali and Taberna de Haro are very different. Dali is more of a colorful, spirited atmosphere... and artistic. Taberna de Haro is the most sophisticated, romantic, yet atmospheric Spanish experience. Dali is more casual and family-oriented. Taberna is more date-appropriate and intimate, more romantic atmosphere. Both are good, but Taberna is higher up there as far as quality all-around goes and presentation. They have more pride in everything I believe and focus more attention on the little details such as flavor, etc because it's a small establishment.

See both of my experiences with photos: For Dali.. see

For Taberna de Haro, see...

It really depends on the occasion of the dinner outing.Please feel free to contact me if you want further info. Contact through my blog if need be.

Best Restaurants around by the sea (OC)?

I have to say I had one of the best experiences at Splashes, at the Surf and Sand Hotel in Laguna Beach. It's scenic, romantic, and gives the perfect vacation feel in sophistication and professionalism of the restaurant. The cuisine is fresh and innovative, and the seafood! it's extraordinary. You can read about my experience with photos too at

I was quite impressed with the place all around. Atmosphere, service, food and presentation. It really is representative of the coastal Orange County.

Apr 07, 2008
divinebella in Los Angeles Area


I went to Rocca specifically on account of the Almond bark dessert review photo that I saw in the Boston Globe one morning. The dessert did not disappoint, and it could fill 3 men. The portion size is large and the presentation is original and creative. Not to mention, who ever hears of "almond bar" on a dessert menu at a fairly sophisticated restaurant? I enjoyed it; you can read more on my experience with PHOTOs at

hope you enjoy. Go there for the dessert, if anything, and there is a soothing atmosphere at night of water elements and contemporary interior.

Report: Meritage

I had a good experience here. The food was prepared well, which I was impressed with. My filet mignon was perfectly tender, and the juice.. wow. The establishment takes great pride in their presentation as well. The view is certainly a factor when determining a date destination. This makes for a lovely date spot, overlooking the harbor. The bar is also rather popular during the after-work hours. See my experience with photos at

Meritage is a fine choice for Boston restaurants, and the wine list will not disappoint.

Vlora, new Meditteranean in Copley

This restaurant is actually a little gem. The food is fresh and the atmosphere is reminiscent of luminosity that one finds in Mediterranean culture with the brilliant white and cream colors and the picturesque mural on one wall of the Italian Coast. The food may not be extravagant, but it's quite good and the wine selection is up to par. The service is professional and very friendly. The prices are fair for the cuisine -- it's actually quite a deal! The ideal time to experience the atmosphere is either weekend evening for the bar, or lunch in the dining room. The brilliance of the sun rays really light up the pure color tones of the room, reminding me of the Greek Isles. See my experience and photos at

Clio vs. L'espalier: Boston's Best?

L'espalier genuinely impressed me with their dynamic flavors in the cuisine (that I ordered), their presentation, service, and overall atmosphere. Not to mention the wine pairings are remarkable. See my experience at

there are photos too! It's now one of my favorite restaurants in all of Boston. Don't miss out on the cheese platter experience and the wine.

Flour Bakery South End

I recently have been going to Flour Bakery and tried a variety of their bakery items. I enjoy their bread the best. It is fresh and flavorful. The Raisin-Pecan Rolls are my favorite. See my site with photos and some more info my experience at