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Going to Barbados in 2 weeks--suggestions?

I tried to get the locations exact, so it should be easy to just load the points onto a GPS.

Also be sure to load BajanNav, it's awesome and free, and should show the supermarkets and some of the restaurants.

And just to stay on topic, in Rockley Beach Park I once saw a food truck around lunch time but didn't get to try it.

Another thing, we found in the supermarkets they sell unpasteurized goat milk, something not easily found in North America, so we of course took advantage of that.

Going to Barbados in 2 weeks--suggestions?

Here's a little map I compiled after our trip two years ago.

Out of the roti places I would go to the one in Lanterns Mall. Eve's Garden is a nice place for simple local food. The Village Bar is another one I'd repeat.

Besides that definitely go to Oistins, many food stalls there. Moe's was I think the name of the one we liked the best.

Bogota Birthday Dinner

Is her (or your) preference something fancy/upscale or something down-to-earth with great "typical" local food? And is the birthday person a bogotana or a visitor?

Peruvian in Atlanta?

The Peruvian joint in the Assi Plaza food court in Duluth expanded their menu lately, so that may be worth checking out. So far I tried ceviche, the duck dish and the pork chop dish, all quite good, although their papa a la huancaina is not as spectacular as the one at Las Brasas. Prices are in the $10-12 range except for ceviche which was over $15 I think.

Jan 10, 2013
quimbaya in Atlanta

Authentic Mexican Food

If you are willing to travel all the way to Gwinnett, El Arco Iris has a good variety, they are currently at 102 Stanley Ct in Lawrenceville, and there is another location in Winder.

Closer to the perimeter, Fonda San Carlos is still there on Indian Trail, and there's others as Steve mentioned.

Jan 03, 2013
quimbaya in Atlanta

Puerto Rico Lechon around Rio Grande?

Here's a little map I made from our last trip three years ago. It shows a few lechón places in Rio Grande - Luquillo - Fajardo. Saturday is the best day to look for lechón.

Do go up the mountain road to Cuchilandia in Paraíso - Fajardo if you can, it has a lot better selection than a simple lechón stand along the road.

Breakfast in Lawrenceville

There is a relatively new Puerto Rican place called El Caribeño on Hurricane Shoals & Collins Hill that opens early on weekdays. I haven't tried their breakfast but the mofongo they serve for lunch is as good as any.

Nov 29, 2012
quimbaya in Atlanta

Question from a bread newb

5:3 by weight works really good in my experience. A.k.a. 60% hydration.

One major caveat though. If you use a certain kind of all-purpose flour, it may keep on being sticky and runny almost to where you go below 50% hydration. Basically due to weak gluten from my limited understanding. Happened to me with Kroger brand unbleached all-purpose, which is the cheapest unbleached I can get hold of easily. That kind of flour is only useful for feeding the sourdough when not using it or baking cakes and stuff.

So try with a better-for-bread kind of flour. Any of the common ones should work, but if in doubt just go with King Arthur, even Walmart has it nowadays.

Sep 28, 2012
quimbaya in Home Cooking

what are some must eat dishes when visiting san juan...

Mofongo for sure. Food court, Plaza Colón.

Stone Mountain

If you are into ethnic hole-in-the-wall type food, you can take Memorial Drive towards Clarkston, there will be a few interesting spots on either side of the road. Primarily African (Somalian, Ethiopian, Eritrean, Nigerian, Liberian), but also Haitian and other Caribbean.

Jun 18, 2012
quimbaya in Atlanta

cheap public farmers markets in Atlanta

Nam Dae Mun is where the produce tends to be cheap, particularly the one in Lilburn. It's also brick and mortar and the stuff may or may not be local.

Something like what you are looking for would make total sense and is common elsewhere, but is yet to be found in Atlanta.

Jun 08, 2012
quimbaya in Atlanta

Ethnic in ATL?

Lisa, there's plenty of what you are looking for in Atlanta metro. For African definitely try Ethiopian, Bahel being our current favorite, or either of the Ledet locations. There's also Eritrean, Somalian, and West African in and near Clarkston. If you tell us what area you'll be in you'll get hints on the other ethnic cuisines as options for Indian, Thai, Vietnamese are numerous. For Persian try Falafel Cafe in Marietta. See also although it doesn't seem to be maintained lately.

Jun 04, 2012
quimbaya in Atlanta

late night cheap eats

Several of the Korean restos in Duluth stay open all night. There was one next to the Pleasant Hill Super H Mart that was open 24 hours the last time we went a couple of years ago. Just call a few and ask.

Apr 18, 2012
quimbaya in Atlanta

Beyond Restaurants – Best Foodie Experiences in Atlanta

May be worth mentioning that BHFM and YDFM are not the only game in town as far as international food stores. You have Nam Dae Mun markets in Lilburn, Duluth, Smyrna, and Lawrenceville, there's a few Super H Marts, two Assi Plazas, Great Wall, Mercado del Pueblo, plus countless smaller stores.

Other than that and the farmers markets people suggested, there's also a few organic farms worth visiting, one example is Rancho Alegre in Dacula.

And since we are in spring, all the pick-your-own places are opening for the season. On Monday we picked some strawberries at Washington Farms in Loganville. There's Dacula Briarpatch for blueberries and a lot of other stuff in summer time. For peaches we go to Farmington area south of Athens.

Apr 11, 2012
quimbaya in Atlanta

Best Lebanese

Athens Grill in Loganville, no doubt.

There is now another one that's just opened on Five Forks - Trickum Road in Lawrenceville with the same or almost the same name, but I don't know if the two are related.

Mar 14, 2012
quimbaya in Atlanta

Recs for Sanata Marta Colombia, Arequipa and Lima

There is a "sanandresito" but it's mostly clothes, electronics and such, not much in the way of food. People who did go found a good bandeja paisa lunch there, but I don't have the details.

Also (not related to the market question) if you go to one of the beaches in Parque Tayrona there will be restaurants directly on the beach where they serve fried fish with coconut rice, possibly beans, plantain, yuca etc., a typical kind of lunch also worth having at least once.

Recs for Sanata Marta Colombia, Arequipa and Lima

In Santa Marta, Rodadero and vicinity you won't find many unique places to eat, so just try to find a really good parrillada or bandeja paisa near where you are staying. The usual breakfast staples like arepa, buñuelo, almojabana, tamal, etc. are also worth seeking out. As always just ask some locals for advice, like a taxi or bus driver, or one of your tour guides who are local.

In Santa Marta there is an Arabic restaurant that serves some shanklish based dishes along with other good stuff. If I were in Santa Marta I would definitely have at least one meal there.

please share your recommendations for Negril, Jamaica

I haven't been in five years myself, but the one I remember as reasonably good was called Sweet Spice I think. It's not far from the downtown iirc.

Puerto Rico-Fajardo Where to Eat

The kioskos are a short ride away in Luquillo, right on Hwy 3.

Also in Fajardo itself, but a bit up the mountain road, there's a place called Cuchilandia Paraiso, which is a lechonera with all the usual stuff: pork, morcilla, chicken, ...

There's a few other local places to eat along Hwy 3. Don Pepe's is one I specifically remember for its mofongo, it's a bit on the higher end price wise though.

Also along the highway look out for pincho stands, there should be a few of them.

Indian in Gwinnett/I-85?

Naan N Curry is a very good choice, however it is Pakistani, not exactly Indian, but close. It is not vegetarian.

Another one like that is Kabob Hut on Indian Trail - Lilburn Road. There's also an Indian place on that road that we haven't tried.

A bit further up I-85 but right next to the exit is Little India Express Cafe, that one is non-vegetarian Indian and it is also quite good although the selection is somewhat limited.

There is also an Udipi Cafe location on Peachtree Industrial, a very good vegetarian Indian. There are a few other Indian places nearby, but we haven't tried those.

And last but not least, don't discount the Global Mall. On the first floor you got Ashiana which is a buffet style place, and on the second floor you have a food court with several stalls to choose from, one of them specializing in chaat, another in dosas, a curry place, an indo-chinese place, and a bakery. As unfancy as it gets, but the food there is the real thing.

Feb 21, 2012
quimbaya in Atlanta

Lunch/Dinner Recs for Barbados and Grenada

In Barbados definitely go to Oistins, which I believe is actually in Christ Church, and enjoy the fish market. Many stands serving grilled fish and other local specialties. After trying a few of them we settled on the one called Mo's Kitchen. They actually grill their fish well as opposed to burning it over open fire, and their portions are huge. The BDS$25 special they ran while we were there literally fed a family of four.

Closer to Bridgetown there's a place called Eve's Garden that's a very good option for local food too. It's more of an upscale sit-in type place, but still affordable.

There's several roti shops and other good places to eat along Hwy 7. I actually created a little Google map showing most of the places we went to in Barbados.

Indonesian/Malaysian Restaurant?

Penang on BuHi is very good indeed if you need a somewhat higher end place (price-wise too).

Batavia on Shallowford is a bit lower key but the food is very good too. For a while they had a $4 special with three items off their buffet-like trays plus a pile of rice, those tend to be fresher at lunch time from my experience. Their menu items are worth checking out as well.

+1 for Hong Kong BBQ too, I recall their belacan eggplant as being an A+ definitely. That place is also lower key, I'd say even lower than Batavia.

Heard good things about Tempo Doeloe, but haven't been.

Waroeng Corner is no more unfortunately.

No idea about others.

Jan 03, 2012
quimbaya in Atlanta

One Day in Old San Juan PR - where to eat!?

+1 for going to the countryside and looking for a lechonera. They may or may not have a mofongo, but they will have lechon on most days plus morcilla and a lot more yummy. There's *many* of them out there. Just ask any local. One I remember as very good is called Cuchilandia Paraiso, up the mountain road from Fajardo, barrio Paraiso.

If otoh you have to stay in OSJ, there's a place I posted about like five times, but here it goes again: right next door to Cafe Berlin there's a kind of food court. The stall with awesome mofongo was in the back last time we've been. Many other local dishes too. The other stalls may be worth checking out as well. As authentic as it gets, since there's next no tourists in there. Not fine dining for sure.

Pakistani/Halal Restaurant in Atlanta

+1 for Naan N Curry. There is also Kabob Hut and maybe one or two others along Indian Trail Lilburn Road in Lilburn.

Panahar is Bangladeshi, and there is another Bangladeshi that's not so fancy but with most of the food being quite good that's called Taj Mahal iirc and it's next to Lazeez Tava Fry which btw I believe is also Pakistani and is also quite good.

In Decatur there's Luqma and possibly others. Luqma was also pretty good the one time we went.

Oops just realized the thread is five years old but those are my 2c either way.

Nov 04, 2011
quimbaya in Atlanta

what's good near (ish) ikea?

Actually the Swedish meatballs w/ lingonberry jam and mashed potatoes in the Ikea food court is quite good comfort food.

But since you'll probably be driving I-85 anyway you can just hit Buford Hwy. If you tell us what kind of food you prefer someone will be able to help you better.

Mar 16, 2011
quimbaya in Atlanta

Anything but a chain in Buford

Lawrenceville-Suwanee Rd is one exit from there. You have Umaido, a couple of Korean places, and the Super H Mart food court. One the other side of I-85 there was a Polish store that served lunch too.

Mar 08, 2011
quimbaya in Atlanta

Puerto Rico Dining Help - San Juan

We drove through Guavate a couple times, but weren't hungry either time, so no experience there. We stay at a guesthouse in Ceiba when in PR, that's on the Fajardo side.

Puerto Rico Dining Help - San Juan

Local-cant-miss stuff in Puerto Rico is primarily mofongo and lechón + morcilla and everything that comes along with that.

For mofongo the best we've found was at the food court next door to Cafe Berlin, I think it's at Plaza Colón. The stand is the back is the one you are looking for. Argentinean empanadas at the one in front can be quire good too. Don Pepe on Hwy 3 also has good mofongo but more expensive.

For lechón, pollo asado, morcilla etc. you go to either the Guavate area in Cayey, or if you go on Hwy 3 towards Fajardo there's a few lechoneras that way also, and I'm sure there's many of them in other areas as well.

If you have a specific area in mind other than San Juan someone could give you pointers.

New Yorker Looking for quintessential Atlanta cheap eats

Atlanta is the perfect place for enjoying that kind of meal, simple yet so flavorful, and yes, cheap. If I were to move away I would miss dishes like fesenjan stew at Falafel Cafe in Marietta, doro wat at Queen of Sheba, zurek at Gimza, tonkotsu ramen at Umaido, cheese dosa at Global Mall food court, kibbe platter at Athens Grill in Loganville, Korean hot pot at the Lawrenceville-Suwanee H-Mart food court, ajiaco at any of the Colombian places, noodle plate at Batavia, mushroom curry at Udipi, mrozia tagine at Imane, and countless others. Most of them under $10.

Jan 05, 2011
quimbaya in Atlanta

Bogata, Colombia, rec's

One option would be one of the numerous asador/parrilla type places. The last one we went to was called Mi Gran Parrilla Boyacense,, the Avenida Chile location. Their arepa boyacense was absolute top notch. Soups were excellent too. Meats weren't so great though. And the worst part, no chigüiro. Chigüiro asado is definitely worth seeking out, always delicious. I know in Suba there's several places that serve it, but I'm sure there's plenty of others all over the city.