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Broccoli, Mushroom, and Gouda Quiche

mmmm...... this recipe was delicious!!! I was a bit concerned, because i THOUGHT i didnt like gouda or portobello mushrooms, and the recipe didnt call for any seasonings. I was concerned. But I needed something hearty and take-to-workable. Anyway, the dish is delicious. The mushrooms, when fried, release a wonderful aroma and flavor and the cheese is perfect. A tip: I made two at a time. It was just easier because the pie crusts come in packs of two, you can use the whole onion, the whole package of frozen broccoli and a whole pint of half and half. Besides, I'm going to need two of the quiches at the rate I'm eating it. Thanks!!!!

Mar 30, 2008
foxm375 in Recipes