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Asheville Tailgate Markets Question

catsailor, S. Asheville is a good idea, several people (as well some businesses) have tried to do this and either didn't get off the ground or started and fizzled. I think this will happen in the next 3 years one way or another. The truth is that even though our region (WNC) has 12,000 farms there are not enough that do the kind of growing that is right for market, but more farms are shifting toward locally-geared production & sales.

danna & all, regarding the times of day, I think the mornings happen because of how darn hot a parking lot is for much of Jun-Sep in the afternoon - instant wilted spinach and fried vendors, also in a usual summer (not like the last couple) there is a thunderstorm many many Jul/Aug afternoons around 4 or 5 p.m. and the market dies and nobody sells anything. I think a market with a simple roof-and-pole structure would give the shade and cover needed and hopefully a market will be able to develop to that point soon.

The "russian lady who sells you lettuce," Olga Tucker, will likely be outside Greenlife Wed/Fri/Sat/Sun no matter what the store is promoting, that is just what she does and I doubt she's going anywhere soon.

I just posted a market list on our website with opening dates for western NC and the mountain counties in neighboring states:

Asheville Tailgate Markets Question

I tend to lurk here and have sleuthed out that I know at least a couple of you frequent Asheville posters. Figured I should register to post on this subject. At this point you may be seeing/hearing some advertising on this . . . the Asheville City Market is opening April 19th in the Public Works Building parking lot, 161 S. Charlotte St., and will run through December from 8-1 on Saturdays. Largely the other tailgate markets will still exist - there was/is enough strong loyalty to them by both vendors and customers that the new bigger market could not replace them, only provide another option and hopefully draw lots of new customers to tailgate markets in general.

The City Market currently has more than 60 vendors signed on although in April it will probably be more like 30. There will be at least 3 goat cheese vendors, 3 vendors with pork, 2 with lamb, and of course lots of great produce (less in April), baked goods, crafts, jams/jellies, farm-made ice cream, sunburst trout products, honey. A guy with shrimp his son catches on the coast. A couple people who grow fruit and make ice cream on the farm. Cooking demonstrations every week except maybe the first one.

The French Broad Food Coop Saturday market starts April 12 and North Asheville (at new UNCA location) on April 19th. We'll have a link up on our website with a complete list by Monday. The foodtopia list isn't accurate but they'll update when I get them the info. Great new markets popping up all over in various places like Flat Rock, Barnardsville, Marshall . . . I'm at work right now on the 2008 Local Food Guide and it will be out mid-May and of course has the complete listings in print form.

Peter Marks
Appalachian Sustainable Agriculture Project