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Rustic Leaf Bistro - New in Milford NH

I agree - we used to trek into Nashua every couple of weeks to go to Seedlings because we liked it so much. I feel like Milford won the food lottery when they decided to open a restaurant out here!

Rustic Leaf Bistro - New in Milford NH

We tried the Rustic Leaf Bistro tonight, the new offering from the former owners of Seedlings in Nashua. It only opened 3 nights ago so there are still some kinks to be worked out. But overall, we were impressed.

The decor is quiet and tasteful, yet welcoming - soft greens, wood accents, gas fireplace. Everything is clean and updated. The staff were friendly and helpful. They definitely want to make it a good experience.

The positives: Interesting menu, featuring loads of vegetables, seasonal foods, as well as chicken, fish and pork dishes. Edamame instead of the typical bread basket. Really great salad dressings and excellent soups. The prices were very reasonable - we each had a salad, a glass of wine and an entree - total bill, including tip was around $44.

The growth areas (as we say where I work): Better choice of wines, some of the food could have been warmer, my husband's risotto was slightly undercooked - not very creamy.

Overall: We will definitely go back and are very optimistic that it will get even better. A very pleasant way to spend a couple of hours in Milford on a cold, snowy night.

Adria - Nashua NH

Husband and foodie daughter went there for lunch today. It was a Sunday so that explain why it was so empty. The decor was very pleasant and the staff were wonderful - down to earth and friendly. I had the Sausage Flatbread, which was the winning pick. I agree that it was not as great as we wanted it to be - who wouldn't want a Bosnian restaurant to succeed in Nashua! Any change is good. I wonder if we just are not accustomed to the flavors of Bosnia and it is a matter of getting used to the slightly peculiar combinations. in any case, we will definitely give it another try in a couple weeks. It has a good feel and worth a try. Plus the prices were very reasonable.