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chocolate chevre?

has anyone seen any chocolate chevre being sold anywhere? trying to find a last minute valentine's day treat for my sweetie. thanks!

Feb 12, 2007
sloppydelicious in Manhattan

Best non-expensive treat to bring to a party? Like- $10 or less?

thanks, tomato. this is off-topic, digressive and a long shot. nevertheless, you mentioned that you are also a fan of the veggie dumplings at new green bo. i was wondering, were you also a fan of the veggie buns (shu cai bao zi)? they don't make them anymore (please correct me if i'm mistaken), and i haven't found veggie buns that compare. so- if you were a fan, have you got any suggestions of alternate ways to scratch the new green bo veggie bun itch? i believe that they used the same or similar fillings for both the bao zi and the dumplings.

Best non-expensive treat to bring to a party? Like- $10 or less?

My new year's resolution is to be a bit more budget-conscious. So- I was trying to think of less-costly-but-still-tasty things to bring to a shindig. I'm thinking $10 or under. Like desserts, or food that lends itself to being an appetizer. Sometimes wine or beer would work, but I have quite a few friends who are sober.

Any ideas?
I was thinking about bringing two orders of New Green Bo's veggie dumplings to a gathering tonight. Any other ideas?

Andalucian food?

Is there anywhere I could get Andalucian food? I'm craving a little salmorejo...

Aug 24, 2006
sloppydelicious in Manhattan