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Fun, tasty food and great experience for girl's night out

I need a recommendation for some where to take my best friend for a night out on the town. Preferably something exotic or unusual (like Ethiopian, Thai, etc), where the quality is great, the ambience good,maybe a bit on the trendy side, and maybe in a part of the city where there are other things happening nearby (like a theatre, club, etc). Oh, and eating with your hands is always cool....

Thanks fellow Chowhounders!

Feb 11, 2010
foodslave in Chicago Area

New to the South side suburbs---What's the BEST of the BEST?

Thanks for the recommendations, everyone. Can anyone make a recommendation on any of the other every day type joints I am looking for as well?

Nov 28, 2009
foodslave in Chicago Area

New to the South side suburbs---What's the BEST of the BEST?

I am a North Sider, recently relocated to the southwest suburbs, Burr Ridge/Willowbrook area. I have never ventured south in all my years raised here. I AM CLUELESS to what is out here. I couldn't even tell you where I live without my GPS! :-)
So I am in need of my fellow chowhounders to help me out finding the following:

-A good, reasonably priced sushi place
-Indian food that is superb
- Good tacqueria or Mexican restaurant
-Italian and/or PIzza joint (preferably thin-crust, not typical Chicago style)
-Chinese that will not make me heave please
-A REALLY GOOD MARKET for fresh ingredients like olives, produce that is reasonably priced, cheeses, etc.
-Hamburger joint or a good hot dog would be nice too.
-(Ooh, and a good falafal wouldn't be bad either!)


Nov 25, 2009
foodslave in Chicago Area


Where's the best place in the city for Ethiopian food?

May 23, 2008
foodslave in Chicago Area

Decent Coffee in Chicago

I agree with Intelligentsia as one of the best in the city. However, it is a bit more expensive than Peet's which I find equally good, if not better. Peet's is more low key than the Intellentsia location if you want something more quiet and peaceful.
Plus they have great teas too!

Mar 29, 2008
foodslave in Chicago Area

Indian in NW Burbs...

Someone posted about an Indian place in Algonquin area a while back but I was unable to locate it.
Any suggestions for Indian in the Algonquin/Crystal Lake area???

Mar 29, 2008
foodslave in Chicago Area