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NY Transplant in Tampa needs help

I am a NY transplant as well - only pie I like is the Deck on Platt street. Very thin and foldable. I llve asking for pie dow here - really confusses people!

Jan 16, 2011
KendallBear in Florida

Is Albany NY a Chow Free Zone?

If you are out by the airport - I really like Koba's for both sushi and grill.

Cape Coral

My Husband has just been transfered to Cape Coral from Tampa. We have a three year old - any ideas for places to eat that are not chains and are kid friendly? We have only found Beefs, Outback and Chili's.... Please help!

Mar 29, 2008
KendallBear in Florida

Tampa: near Convention Cntr & more

Chez Bryce on Davis Island
SideBerns for good Martini
Actually the Marriott Waterside makes a good martini at the Bar
I like SOuth Tampa - Mad Dog and Englishmen is another good stand by - Bar only has Beer and wine - but good selections

Mar 29, 2008
KendallBear in Florida

Looking for a mint julep in Tampa

Not sure about the Mint Julep - but there are some great - non chain restaurants in South Tampa and Davis Island. I LOVE Chez Bryce on Davis Island - food is Amazing. Also - check out SideBerns

Mar 29, 2008
KendallBear in Florida