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Bo in Dobbs Ferry

Tuna melt panini? Brownie? Sounds like a school lunch to me. Do they bake anything on premises? And I have to ask: is anything organic? Sounds like the poorer cousin of Susan Lawrence in Chappaqua.

Bo in Dobbs Ferry

I just saw that Bo is now open. Has anyone been?

New Indian Place in Irvington

Wow, thank you! We will have to try it. Any dished which stand out?

Blue Moon Cafe in Bronxville

Wow, sounds like a bad experience, Retrokitch. What an unbelievable change from the former Bloom to typical bland Mexican. Such a shame!

Rhinebeck: Le Petit Bistro

LPB is very heavy, boring french food. If you are going to Rhinebeck, this would be the last choice. A much better choice is Gigi Trattoria. It's a fantastic place to have lunch outside. Excellent quality with emphasis on local products.

New Indian Place in Irvington

Has anyone been here? Thoughts?

Seasonal Organic Restaurants...

Where is New Paltz? I am looking mainly in Westchester. Thanks.

Seasonal Organic Restaurants...

Flying Pig, Blue Hill at Stone Barns and the closed Bloom championed this style. Now that we are down to two; Flying Pig getting very mixed reviews and BHSB's price point, where can an organic lover eat?

I don't mean that a restaurant has organic greens or a free-range chicken entree. I mean devoted to being organic/local.

As a side note, can be place a moratorium on the word "foodie?" Please?

Blue Hill at Stone Barns - REVIEW

BHSB is overpriced, bland, and boring. I've given them three chances and on each occasion, the food has been very bad. They should just keep it simple, and allow the quality of the food to come through. And what's with the high prices? I didn't realize the Rockefellers are hard on their luck.

Don't waste your time or money.

Marshall's Cheese

Thanks for that, much appreciated. I miss Marshalls as well.

Marshall's Cheese

They are gone! Does anyone know what happened? Seems like Dobbs is feeling the effects of the recession.

Nice, local Lunch/Brunch in Irvington?

Maud's is horrible. I am not sure why they are still open. I guess it's a good place to have a beer and watch the game, but certainly not to eat.

Monteverde in Cortlandt Manor

Ah ok, thanks for that. I was planning on going, but not anymore!

Monteverde in Cortlandt Manor

I agree! I am so sick of menus that are larger than the Sunday Times. Just stick to what you do well and that's it!

Westchester Eats? Where to go for Great Food?

Korova is russian for cow.

I like Sushi but my friends don't - Westchester

What about Eastchester Fish Gourmet?