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DC recommendations in the K Street Area

Ipsedexit was right as usual. Went back to Sichuan Pavilion. The dry spicy chicken is actually pretty good, as is the water boiled beef. Good stuff.

Can I get authentic Pakistani (or Indian) Achari Chicken in DC???

Salt and Pepper grill is wonderful. The tandoori chicken is perfect, the breads are wonderful, the chicken tikka masala delicious.

best/cheapest olives

Any place/market in DC area that has a great olive bar to buy by the pound? Cheap?

Request for mini reports week ending March 23

Habesha is a wonderful place with amazing good-food-per-dollar ratio. A great ethnic dive.

Best Indian lunch buffet in NOVA?

Go Sunday instead to the best Indian/Bengladishi buffet in NOVA -- Aladdin Restaurant at 5169 Lee Hwy

Best Finds in DC Metro area

what about the chicken tikki masala or chicken korma at salt and pepper grill on georgia? a hidden gem at a hidden gem

the wings at kochix

Best Place for Feta Tasting/Buying?

I was spoiled in LA by a fabulous Armenian deli that had 10 different fetas at cheap prices.

Any place you can point me? I tried Lebanese Taverna Market on Lee this weekend and was not impressed by selection or price.

Dumplings & Beyond

I was hearing some positive murmurs about Dumplings & Beyond in Glover Park. Supposedly, fantastic dumplings. I can't report on that. I can report that their hot sour soup is average and their "Szechuan Fried Chili Chicken Cubes" dish was bland and uninteresting and not spicy or full of szechuan peppercorns when i begged them for it.

They also chuckled when I asked for chopsticks, which pissed me off.

DC recommendations in the K Street Area

I've been visiting an above-average ethnic dive for lunch at 21st and Penn.

Complete dive, but the 10buck buffet of cab-stand-quality pakistani food is absolutely worth it. nan, tandoori chicken, dal, chickpeas, a veggie, good stuff.

This place is also on its way out -- rent.

Mehran Restaurant
2138 Pennsylvania Ave NW
Washington, DC 20037

Real Buffalo Wings Needed

Do we have any updates on real buffalo wings in DC? I went to Duffy's in Shaw. They were very peppery and not buffalo wings IMHO.

Where to buy machaca?

Looking for a latin supermarket where I could buy this tasty treat?

Best Happy Hour Food in Foggy Bottom/Logan/Dupont

i went to boqueria at 6 yesterday. the bar was so packed we had to sit next to the bar in the tables, and they did not let us eat/drink happy hour specials there.

some of the food was fantastic. the bread was perfect. the gambas ajllo was absolutely wonderful. but everything was pricey without happy hour...

DC recommendations in the K Street Area

where did he suggest?

DC recommendations in the K Street Area

Have to agree with Greek Deli and Boqueria -- they were tasty.

DC recommendations in the K Street Area

sichuan pavilion was overpriced and mediocre imho -- ips, what did you get that you liked? Great Wall was much better to my taste...

Best Happy Hour Food in Foggy Bottom/Logan/Dupont


Your Favorite Ethnic Dives in DC Area?

I went to Great Wall today. I thought it was pretty good. Especially for how close it was!

I had the dan dan noodles, which were acceptable if a little pricey (8.99). The 3-spice chicken was defly spicy and was okay. The Hot Sour Soup was also okay. And I mean okay in the "utterly acceptable" way

It's not cheap enough to truly be a dive, but it was pretty good, and much better than the even more expensive Szechuan Pavilion on K Street.

Battle of the Potstickers

actually, that thought had occurred to me, and I may cut short my search for anything chinese in DC (coming from LA, it is sure to be a bummer)

that said, Panda Gourmet is pretty good....

Battle of the Potstickers

I went there, thought the dumplings were extremely mediocre.

Best produce in DC?

Does anyone have any new thoughts here? I just moved here and the Safeway produce is so bad, it depresses me.

I would love to find an ethnic or produe market with fantastic persian cucumbers, great cheap cilantro/basil/parsley -- fresh, cheap, good :D any new ideas?

Also, is the nearest Wegman's to DC really in Fairfax, VA?

Battle of the Potstickers

I checked out A&J in Annandale. Those were certainly not the best potstickers in DC

Battle of the Potstickers

so depressing. no luscious dumplings, eh?

Battle of the Potstickers

Say one was looking for the best fried pork dumplings in DC....

Where would one go?

What are some "shouldn't miss" dishes at Proof?

OMG ipsedixit! hello my LA friend

CH group lunch visit to Gharer Khabar

agreed - - this place is fabulous. and the mughlai paratha is wonderful

Where can i find this lovely chinese beef roll in DC area?

Niu rou zhuan bing

Your Favorite Ethnic Dives in DC Area?

my first vietnamese was Pho Viet in Columbia Heights (looking for a vietnamese place nearish me)

The spicy beef pho was wonderful, complex, lovely stuff.
The egg rolls were delightfully crispy and tasty.
The beef on noodles was decidedly mediocre

i would return for the pho

Where can i find this lovely chinese beef roll in DC area?

My bf is whining about no beef rolls since we moved from LA. Any help?

Your Favorite Ethnic Dives in DC Area?

i am eager to wade into this terribly important discussion with fresh taste buds. I will report back.

Have to say i thought Moby Dick's was mediocre (not going back) and Food Corner wasn't great either -- am I not ordering the right thing?

Your Favorite Ethnic Dives in DC Area?

I went to Kabob Palace yesterday. Fantastic chicken, wonderful haleem, great rice, great lamb. really happy to have found it. And open 24 hours! Amazing.