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Lunch eats in Jefferson City,MO, near Capitol?

This may be a bit late but if you get another training trip to Jefferson City, be certain to try Lutz's Famous BBQ (3505 Missouri Blvd). It may be bit out of your way for lunch but there is alway supper. It is the only BBQ place I have ever been that has prime rib - melt in your mouth. The rest of the menu is also quite good and tasty. Good portions and fair price. Clean although limited seating of about 50 or so - it is half of a store. The homemade baked beans are really good as is the sauce. One of the most unique surprise is the homemade chips with a multitude of seasonings. Seeing the slicing machine in action is almost worth the price of admission in itself. If they only had a selection of beer (or any beer for that matter) this place would be the perfect BBQ joint.

They are open 11-8 (if memory serves) Monday thru Sat.
Contact: 573 353-1150
Credit Cards Accepted

SPRINGFIELD, MO, just moved here...

Unfortunately, some of the best BBQ is about 100 miles to the northeast in Jefferson City. Try Lutz's Famous BBQ. Usually the first time I go to a BBQ place I like to try a sample platter and was disappointed to see it didn't include a hot link - unusual, I thought. But they more than made up for that with the prime rib (not a typo) - equally unusual as I don't recall ever seeing prime rib at a BBQ joint. The homemade chips are worth the trip in themselves. I always acknowledge that BBQ is very much a preference thing once one gets above the 90% approval rating thing. It's always good to get a second opinion and in this establishment's case they have a couple of good ones. Their sauce won 1st place at the American Royal in Kansas City in 2006. I made certain to pick up a bottle. I also noticed a trophy for 1st place in Chicken category for the 2007 American Royal Invitational. The pulled pork was tender, flavorful and juicy. The pork loin was particularly good - juicy and tender. The ribs were also good although I always prefer those that fall off the bone. What these may have lacked in tenderness (in my opinion) they more than made up for in flavor. The rest of the menu includes the usual - chicken, brisket, etc. All were good with the brisket being exceptional. The homemade baked beans are also good with excellent smoke flavor and chunks of meat.

The place is the second half of a convenience store with seating for about 50 in a casual setting. I had to go touch the walls to find that they were painted rather than real brick. It is very clean with quick service facilitating a limited lunch time. The also have good fish (fried tilapia) if anyone in your group eschews BBQ. Now, if they only had a beer to go along with everything.....

Mar 28, 2008
MakoChowHound in Great Plains