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Over the Moon, Tacoma--What the F?

I just got back from a business trip in Tacoma and Over the Moon was one of the difficult eateries to leave off my list to check out. Glad to know I dodged a bullet!

Peep out Aviateur if you get a chance. The pate was excellent. The bar was phenomenal. Even the potates au gratin as a side were surprisingly well done.

I feel like Marrow is an under-rated Tacoma haunt.
(And Legendary Doughnuts if you're feeling indulgent)

May 05, 2015
YoungHova in Greater Seattle

Destination Dining

Hey all! I was told that Lumiere was a "can't miss" place for fine dining. But I'm hearing a lot about West. And I must say West looks like it's worth the upgrade in price. Does anybody have strong feelings one way or the other?

We're also looking at hitting up Rangoli or Vij. Seems like you can't go wrong with either.

Any other places that are well worth the drive?


Vij's Restaurant
1480 11th Ave W, Vancouver, BC V6H1L1, CA

2551 West Broadway, Vancouver, BC V6K2E9, CA

goin to vancouver tomorrow! suggest some places?

Sorry, I meant West. :)

goin to vancouver tomorrow! suggest some places?

Hey, I'm heading up as well. Great post!
Just curious, would you put Lumiere on your short list or is Van's a good cut above in your opinion?

2551 West Broadway, Vancouver, BC V6K2E9, CA

chefs from Joule (SEA) on Iron Chef

It's about time! They deserve it!

Tom Hurley is a clown.

Jan 16, 2010
YoungHova in Greater Seattle

What to eat at Joule?

Totally agree. The beauty of Joule is in the simplicity. Nothing is over-done. For a special occasion try to sample as many dishes as possible (which is how meals are served in Korea). My two favorite Joule experiences: 1) Took a group of 8 guests. Any time there's a group, some dishes will be a hit and others fall flat. Joule was one of the very few times every dish was raved about. 2) Took a couple hipsters out for dinner. The kind that like to complain about every little thing. Typical Seattle haters. They now brag about how they 'found' this gem. Clowns!
Be a mensch. Try the kimchi. Try a few. Try things you normally wouldn't order. It's YOUR birthday after all isn't it!?

Jan 16, 2010
YoungHova in Greater Seattle

Show some pride SF

Yeah, when I found out where Manressa was located, I decided on planning another trip back focusing on fine-dining and just enjoying the "quintessential SF" ,as YSZ pointed out, this time around.

I intentionally avoided Hispanic food/taco trucks since I know that's something you all do quite well. I figured I'd let the people I'm staying with fight amongst themselves to decide whose favorite wins out rather than having me the tourist put in my useless 2-cents.

And I'm skipping the Korean. I'm 1/2 Korean so I get it like 3 times a week. But I know all about Oaktown. Every Californian that moves up here complains about the utter lack of good Korean food. It's one of the few things Californians are right about Seattle. ;)

Show some pride SF

Wow. Great input from everyone! A big thanks to everyone for the masterful counsel.

And great call on the mid-range places.

Here's the line-up I've put together. Any omissions? Replacements?

Bar Tartine, Canteen, Azizza, A16, Laiola

And for lunch:

Burma SuperStar, Zuni, Angkor Borei

Manresa sounds better with every new thing I read. I'm now planning a trip back and bringing Mom. Coi's menu is intriguing but it seems like they've lost their way.

Seems to be different camps between Gary Danko and the Ritz. What's the call, Friends?

Show some pride SF

Point taken there, Webmaster. I didn't want to stifle peoples creativity but I guess I'll narrow it down for you.

I hear about the old standbys (Tadich, Zuni's, Slanted Door) and wanted to see if they were still worth the trip. I know that a lot of places develop reputations as 'the place to go if you're in Whatever City' simply because they're 'the place you go if you're in Whatever City'. But I want to know where the LOCALS go. Everybody seems to recommend Slanted Door, but nobody raves about it. So in the opinion of the experts, what can't be missed?

Also, I want to go to at least one and maybe two Fine-Dining joints. Which of these would you consider your #1 & #2 choices and we'll see how they line-up?

The Dining Room
Fifth Floor

And I've heard Manresa is comparable to the French Laundry. That's rarefied air. So if anyone would like to de-bunk or confirm that claim, I'm all ears.

Also, I like Mediterranean and tapas so I'm thinking Andalu or Baraka.

Dim-Sum - Yank Sing or Hong Kong Flower Lounge?

And if it helps, I think I'm staying in the Marina (Mission?) area, but the people I'm meeting with will drive so I can travel.

Is that better?

Show some pride SF

I live in Seattle and take great pride in showing guests the best our town has to offer. I'm coming down to SF for a few days and need some help from the proper authorities. I have 3 days and I want to know what places I would be a fool to miss during my stay. Lunch, Dinner, Bar, Mid-Range, Expensive, Fine-Dining, etc. it doesn't matter, I'll try anything. I want to know what are your 'home runs'. The only thing to leave out is Italian. One of the people I'm meeting is obsessive about Italian food so I'm sure I'll be getting plenty of that.

I eagerly await to see which places you are most proud of.