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Good Chinese Food Delivery

Thanks a lot for the suggestions... I'll try them all!

Good Chinese Food Delivery

I'm going to bump this...
We're in the same boat. I miss the "old" Saigon Gourmet so much! Have you found any viable substitute? I'm still looking...

Sky Blue Sky Sandwich Co

a truly vegetarian Jamaican patty.

Not sure but perhaps ask at One Love. They serve vegetarian Jamaican food.

One Love Vegetarian
854 Bathurst St Toronto, ON


El Asador's pupusas are amazing... The have the "regular" corn flour ones as well as rice ones, which are my favourite. Made fresh from scratch. You choose your combination of fillings (beans, squash, cheese, chicharron).

William's Coffee Pub - closed

It definitely was a dive. There were flies all over the window sills when I was there last spring.

The sign now says Williams Fresh Cafe - I suppose they renovated.

iso: Anis de Flavigny candy

Fiesta Farms now carries a selection of flavours as well... There's one or two at each cashier.

iso: Anis de Flavigny candy

Rahier does have them. They carried violet, rose, anise, and licorice when I was there today. The rose ones are amazing!

ISO: curry ketchup

There are local differences as to what kind of sausage is used. As far as I'm concerned, you could use any kind of pork sausage that can be grilled or roasted. Brats would work, as would polish sausage. I used Chorizo to make Currywurst a couple of days ago thanks to this thread... Yum.

ISO: curry ketchup

Regular tomato ketchup is made with tomato paste. Curry ketchup is made with juice (Hela's has tomato juice, but I've had some that have combinations of tomato and orange or apple) simmered with sugar, vinegar and lots of spices. It's very sweet and spicy.

Gewurz is actually just the German word for spice.

Italian Blood Oranges

Sicilian blood oranges are on special at Fiesta Farms this week. 99 cents a pound.

iso: Anis de Flavigny candy

That's not far either. Looks like I should be in luck between Rahier and Thobors, very exciting.

ISO: curry ketchup

They lied to me! ;-) That's good to know, thanks.

ISO: curry ketchup

I normally bring some curry ketchup with me from Germany, so I haven't bought any here in a while. Whole Foods used to carry an organic version which was quite good.

Most Germans I know use Hela brand but I am positive you cannot get that anywhere in North America - I wrote their head office because it's my favourite...

iso: Anis de Flavigny candy

Thank you! I'll be in that neighbourhood on Thursday, so I really hope you're right...

2010 closings

Well, I suppose that means a new sushi joint will open around here.

Please tell me I'm wrong.

iso: Anis de Flavigny candy

I bought the violet flavour ones at Fiesta Farms and absolutely love them. I'd like to try some of the other flavours like orange blossom or mint. Does anybody know a place in Toronto where they have a selection?


Saigon Gourmet or Mt Pinatubo at Dupont and Christie?

I order takeout form Saigon Gourmet all the time and it's consistently fresh, good food. For the price you couldn't ask for better. I live in the area as well and it's my go-to place for busy days. My favourite is the chili beef.
I've never tried Mt Pinatubo. I'd be curious to hear how it is. I rarely see customers in there...

Where to buy humitas and/or quimbolitos in Toronto?

Looking for a place, preferably downtown, to buy Ecuadorian-style corn tamales (humitas) and/or steamed corn puddings with raisins (quimbolitos). If anyone knows of a place that actually steams their quimbolitos in achira leaves, I would be beyond thrilled...

Can I freeze Chicken Satay and Gravlax?

I have frozen gravlax before in a pinch. It may not be quite as good as fresh, but everyone still enjoyed it... It definitely didn't turn out watery.

Nov 22, 2009
absurdistan in Home Cooking

What's the trick? (lasagna help, please!)

Most importantly, don't cut the lasagna when it is still very hot. That's usually why it looks messy and oozes sauce...

Nov 22, 2009
absurdistan in Home Cooking

Southern BBQ in Mississauga! Blue Sage

How is the atmosphere? I'm looking for a place in Mississauga for a work Christmas party. Very casual would be fine, but it would have to be somewhat cozy and definitely not dingy... The food sounds amazing!

Southern Restaruants in tdot????

Don't bother with Southern Accent, it really isn't great...

Southern Accent
595 Markham St, Toronto, ON M6G2L7, CA

Where to find loose leaf linden flower tea in Toronto (or online)?

I haven't bought any in a while, but I've seen it in several health food stores... Anywhere they have a selection of medicinal teas, they'll usually have lindenflower. I've bought some at Nature's Health Food on Bloor (@ Bathurst) before.

Sky Blue Sky Sandwich Co

New sandwich shop at 605 Bloor St. W. just west of Bathurst. Has anybody been?

They offer big sandwiches on homemade bread at excellent prices. I was excited to have some more variety in my neighbourhood, but was so disappointed. The bread was tasty but very dry. I tried the pulled pork and chicken salad sandwiches and both were terribly boring. My husband chose to heat a can of soup rather than finish his sandwich!

(All sandwiches are named after Wilco songs, by the way, which could almost be a cute gimmick.)

What foods would you buy organic?

I'm not all that knowledgable about the health or environment factors, so I'm going strictly by taste here... I love organic apples and organic, cage free eggs. Both have much more flavour.
I agree with Pincus about the organic coffee. It does taste much better, especially because it's usually shade grown. The coffee at Ten Thousand Villages is good and reasonably priced.

Mar 28, 2008
absurdistan in General Topics