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Zam Zam market closing in Culver City

Dommy, what on earth are you talking about? This has nothing to do with the family wanting to leave. I've had several conversations with the owner and he'd love to stay but cannot afford the rent increase. And your malarky below about not wanting to adapt is just that. They don't need all the space and would happily adjust to less, but the space doesn't really lend itself to being subdivided. We talked about reducing portions by percentage as well as increasing prices but that's pointless in the face of rent that is a multiple of what they pay now.

Nov 14, 2014
gpescador in Los Angeles Area

made to order OMUSUBI... on Main St in Santa Monica?! Sunny Blue Cafe

Resurrecting an old post here but it's a new discovery for me - and a happy one at that! Little bombs of warm chewy flavor. Having grown up on pasty flavorless oatmeal in the midwest, this is what I would have longed for at breakfast time had I known it existed. We sampled three before resuming our lattes (it was an unexpected stop) and enjoyed each more thant the last - hijiki, mushroom miso, and chicken curry. Reluctantly left, but went back later today to get a half dozen more to bring to a friend's place. Glad I'm biking distance from this new regular spot. Can't wait to see more places like this in la, but i am guessing there is a bit of finesse involved in the success. Still, I saw mention that one half of the owners wants to expand to soups. Bring it on!

Also, kudos to the owners and staff who are lovely and gracious.
PS - read the yelp reviews - lots of folks complaining about the price. WTF is wrong with those people? How about try making it yourself?

Sep 09, 2012
gpescador in Los Angeles Area

Tried AK Supperclub on Abbot Kinney

The food here is fine, as the lovey-dovey reviews over on Yelp can attest to, but ate last night and found it super Meh. Perhaps given its predecessor, expectations were too high. Bring back the Wolf. The dudes in the kitchen looked totally uninspired. Wine list short and uninteresting, but that didn't stop our server from not being familiar with it. Servers uninterested or over-eager uninformed. Funny how when the food is bad you suddenly notice how loud the place is. Overcooked greens, cooked-to-a-cinder salmon and seabass (pity the poor fish who died in vain) and everything tasted like it was seasoned with a hammer. Even the very best dish - creamed corn with black truffle - would have benefitted from backing off about 1/2 throttle on the truffle. And enough with the bacon already. We get it: bacon is tasty.

Z-fold paper towels for napkins? That works as long as you plan on dumping a bunch of crawfish on the table and I have a bib. Short of that, keep that stuff in the bathroom and give me an actual napkin, you hyper-affected twit.

Well that was a fun little experiment. Good thing this is only a pop-up... Next!

Aug 04, 2012
gpescador in Los Angeles Area

Piccolo in Venice recommendations?

February 2012 update in case anyone is searching. New to the neighborhood and was looking for someplace to catch an easy Sunday supper. Remembered this place as the original home of Michael Wilson of Wilson's and thought to give it a try (he's looong gone, oh my god his diver scallops on parmesean polenta!!). Forget everything negative you read below. Way outdated. It was sublime. Serious attention given to every detail. I will be heading back to try the tasting menu as soon as possible. Wonderful service, magical atmosphere, and perfect dishes. Four stars only because we just ordered 'utilitatian' fare so I can't judge comprehensively. If you are considering going, go. Plates are on the small side, so order well. Not inexpensive but relax, dig in, and enjoy.

5 Dudley Ave, Venice, CA 90291

Feb 19, 2012
gpescador in Los Angeles Area

Wolf in Sheep's Clothing (Venice) - brief , happy report


1616 Abbott Kinney Blvd. Venice

(424) 268-8344

Reservations for parties of six or more only

Jan 14, 2012
gpescador in Los Angeles Area

Wolf in Sheep's Clothing (Venice) - brief , happy report

Ate last night as a group of 8 and had a fantastic time. Greeted and seated for our reservation promptly. Service was all kinds of lovely. Decided to order the entire menu, share and double back on what we liked. Pork fritters were not available and we voted out the quail and turkey soup (probably not a good decision in hindsight).

Dishes we doubled up on:
Butter biscuit kept disappearing
Scallops and trumpet mushrooms oh my god
Sprouting broccoli w pork belly was outstanding so why the mixed reviews here?
Mushroom and polenta the guys know what to do with the fungus

Didn't double up on but would have if we weren't so damn full:

Hangar steak might have displaced the one from the eraly days of now closed Beacon in CC - Jonathan Gold had called it the best piece of meat in LA.
Braised cabbage and bacon had the texture of something someone already chewed for you except for the fun bits so good.
Pink turnips that's what pink tastes like when it's not busy being bubble gum - so pretty so simple
sunchokes somehow caramelized

I missed the raclette entirely

Baked oysters were tough to appreciate by those who dont like oysters baked, but the rest found them a noteworthy example of the type.
Some of us really enjoyed the anchovies - light and lemony

Too full for dessert, all washed down with cava and several bottles of the Pinot which was nothing to complain about and neither was the price.

It's loud but not assaultingly so - mostly just a boisterously celebratory environment. By the end of the evening we were all able to hear one another but we were also a slightly hoarse. I typically run from loud restaurants but would come back here anytime.

So sorry this can't be a regular place. Thank you for a memorable evening.

Jan 14, 2012
gpescador in Los Angeles Area

Pico Robertson..did my gf move us to no man's land?

best goddamned chicken soup in the city and they sell frozen to go. keep it in your freezer in case you get a cold. lucky you.

(also, you can zoom down to pico and venice to pluck the best fried chicken in town - Golden Bird. make sure to get the spicy wings. so good with beer).

Aug 17, 2010
gpescador in Los Angeles Area

need to impress international business clients - saturday lunch near westwood

Tavern - that's an excellent suggestion: they can take in an LA scene and get some good food. exciting environment for them. thank you.

Aug 17, 2010
gpescador in Los Angeles Area

"must-have korean business visitors - lunch in mission hill

my office needs to host lunch in the mission hill are for some korean visitors (potential VERY important clients) who have expressed an interest in any 'must have' food experiences while they're here. this is corporate, and will be 8-10 people (4-5 them, 4-5 us). I'm in los angeles so i have no clue.

we will have transportation so beyond mission hill is only a problem if it's an inconvenient drive. extra points for a 'trophy bag' that has cache

Aug 16, 2010
gpescador in Greater Boston Area

need to impress international business clients - saturday lunch near westwood

my office has some important (potential) clients coming in from Korea, visiting for a saturday only. they are curious about any 'must-have' food experiences. i believe timing dictates that we'll need to stay at least on the west side. our side of the party is rather corporate and would likely choose spago if it were near enough. while my taste runs more adventurious, i understand the appeal of the name-recognition.

i'll take obscure-but-stellar (but presentable) and famous-and-tastey suggestions alike. it will probably be a party of 8-10 if that matters.

fire away! (and thanks)


Aug 16, 2010
gpescador in Los Angeles Area

Caldo Tlalpeno

this is an old post to revive but doing it anyway - try Nopalito. Had it on the menu last week and it was spectacular. so much so i ordered two servings to take home.

Brookwood Farms Barbeque

i had the baby back ribs here on a layover between LAX to JAX. i've chased Q my whole life (ever since my dad took me to Brother's Ribs in Detroit as a wee kid) and enjoy many kinds (tho i lean towards dry rub Santa Maria Style). I thought this place was excellent. Possibly living in LA for too many years has mad me just grateful for the NC style at any quality. The best part was the fried pickle garnish. it was the perfect ending. If i wasn't so rushed i'd have gone back to try other offerings. Too bad i flew home through DC.

They may have been reheated in a microwave but they were certainly not cooked there. And screw it - even if they were, they certainly rocked. maybe other joints should learn microwave how to microwave ribs like them. It's the taste and texture, not the technique that matters in the end.

Gloria's in Culver City

i go as often as i can, which isn't often enough. good to see she's represented on the board and that other's appreciate her cooking as much as i do. i pretty much rely on her cosido to get me through any dreary days (, and the shrimp mojo de ajo is really the best i've had. fried chicken is weirdly good too. she's a queen of the kitchen and you can taste the care in the food. i bring large parties in there and if her son? is taking our order, he'll do it without writing anything down and get every order spot on (i'm talking about parties of 12 and more). gloria is the same way. the setting is decidedly not fancy but once you're inside, see the smiles, and taste the food - who cares?

highly recommended - an LA treasure.

Aug 27, 2008
gpescador in Los Angeles Area

need a breakfast mtg location in culver city

I'd like to meet for breakfast with a group of 4-6 coworkers each week before work (we start @ 8:30 or 9) and not be too far from downtown (we work near the helms bakery building). Does anyone have any suggestions for a good breakfast joint? Open to any end of the spectrum.

Please no discussion of la dijondisguisting or whatever it's called. S&W is just way too iffy on service and food quality. Surface is underwhelming and uncomfortable for casual discussion. Why on earth doesn't tender greens do breakfast!

Thanks in advance!

Jul 22, 2008
gpescador in Los Angeles Area

Best IZAKAYA restaurant in Little Tokyo?

Tough call - i think it depends on what you're looking for. i'm starting to find the offerings at Raku limited, but really, nothing beats that environment between 11 and 2, when random crowds come in to chow and drink. the funky back-lit circle cut-outs certainly take you someplace far away from LA. it's the cheapest vacation i can think of. And that Oxtail soup!

But Izayoi is hands down the stronger of the two on food. it's a bit bright, and the ceiling is high, so it's tough to feel cozy. But it's usually more active.

If it's eating superb food in the midst of energy, go Izayoi. if it's slipping out of LA on a wooden Japanese space ship for comfortable food and drink, go Raku.

Apr 22, 2008
gpescador in Los Angeles Area

Sushi Ike or Hirozen or Ita-Cho?

bear in mind that ita-cho is under new ownership and is a pale pale pale shadow of its former self. really, don't bother. shed a tear for end of a great eating establishment and march on.

Apr 04, 2008
gpescador in Los Angeles Area

korean bbq - what are the basics i need to know

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okay - in the distant past i've enjoyed korean bbq but i was with a korean friend. now i'm on my own and i want to be able to enjoy the experience knowledgeably. can anyone give a brief run through of the basics? by this i mean what are essential etiquette points, what are the main components of the meal, what is the sequence of the meal, and the basic departures.

i'm not looking for recommendations on where to go, just the skills to wade into and navigate the offerings here in LA.

Thanks in advance everyone... pesc

Mar 28, 2008
gpescador in General Topics

Restaurants that will deliver in Culver City

brunello trattoria delivers - 6001 washington blvd, 310.280.3856

decent enough italian (my mother is Sicilian for point of reference) they feed our office in the overtime evenings.

Mar 28, 2008
gpescador in Los Angeles Area