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Best BBQ?

Tried J.R.'s Bar-B-Que today for lunch with a group. Being from KC and going to a greasy spoon with Bar-B-Que in the name had my taste-buds tingling. They were quickly relieved of their excitement after the initial taste of the steamed, not smoked brisket and subpar sauce. Everyone else I was with decided to get burgers, probably a better choice in retrospect. The frustrating thing was that J.R.'s has all the trappings of a good BBQ joint, evidently without the flavor. My search for BBQ in the big city continues.

Jun 03, 2010
dhemmingway in Los Angeles Area

Lunch: Great Concept, Execution Needs Work

Working in production in the Culver City area has given me great license to spread my wings and try the tremendous variety of restaurants the area has to offer. Today my colleagues and I tried Lunch. Much like the Counter, Lunch provides a wide variety of ingredients which can be combined at your leisure into either a salad or a sandwich. I was excited about crafting my perfect sandwich and chose my ingredients with surgical skill. Upon tasting my perfect creation I was a little disappointed, could my mind and taste-buds have been at such odds? Ultimately, I think that Lunch's execution was to blame and luckily not my palate.

My sandwich's ingredients were not evenly spread throughout the length of the roll. The roll, another issue. I ordered a baguette and while technically, I suppose it was a baguette, it was more of a roll than I'd have liked. I think of a baguette as being crusty, 36" long (although I didn't need a sandwich that large) and with cut ends.

Overall, I'd like to see Lunch succeed, but in order to do so they must focus on using only the freshest ingredients, making sure that their quality control is in check and improve the quality of their bread.

3829 Main St, Culver City, CA 90232

Apr 08, 2010
dhemmingway in Los Angeles Area

Need a sure thing celebrity spotting restaurant

Hal's and Primitivo on Abbott Kinney; Mr. Chow; Madeo; La Scala on Canon in BH (usually for lunch, but I always see someone there and chopped salad is delish). Also, I second a "hike" in Runyon--I think a sighting is guaranteed.

Jan 10, 2010
dhemmingway in Los Angeles Area

santa monica restaurant to take out of towners?

If your friends are interested in Gladstone's, I would steer you to Duke's Malibu instead--it's a similar environment and the food is better. I took my in-laws there after visiting the Getty Villa and it was a huge hit. I think the food at Geoffrey's is lackluster and expensive--and it's pretty far away.

Jan 10, 2010
dhemmingway in Los Angeles Area

Mother's Little Helper - Cake Monkey Bakery

I was lucky enough to enjoy my first Cake Monkey Cakewich today. A friend brought me one and they are a friend indeed. The Cakewich is an enchanting, delicious, moist devils food cake, with a light, sweet cream filling. To add to the decadence, the entire package is then dipped in chocolate before being individually wrapped. While this is my first Cake Monkey experience, I am already counting the days until my next. These little cakes would make a wonderful addition to your next office party, birthday, or simply as an after dinner treat.

Apr 10, 2009
dhemmingway in Los Angeles Area

Santa Monica Take Out Lunch

I am looking for a new spot to get a good take out lunch in Santa Monica. Currently we frequent Jack n' Jills or Lemon Moon, both of which are able to provide quality food at reasonable prices and are able to provide lunch for up to 20 on an hours notice.

Looking to spend $10-15 per person with a quick turn around time. Prefer places with sandwich and salad options because they hold better when meetings run long.

Apr 03, 2009
dhemmingway in Los Angeles Area

Please help me love the westside!

A note on Pam's Thai--it used to be Rosalind Thai on Lincoln near Venice. We ate there several times and loved the food--until...we noticed our waitress clearing uneaten rice from tables and returning them to the rice cooker! If a restaurant recycles the cheapest food on the menu, can you imagine what they do with the meat? Great spring rolls, though. Too bad I'll never eat them again.

Mar 08, 2009
dhemmingway in Los Angeles Area

Kansas City Birthday Help

Doesn't have to be BBQ. Actually looking for something new or something that will be fun for the whole damn family.

Good suggestions so far, keep them coming.

Kansas City Birthday Help

I am originally from Kansas City, although I haven't lived there for the past 15 years. I am in town over Christmas this year and my father is turning 60. I want to be able to share a special dinner with he and probably 15 other family members.

Arthur Bryants is my first thought, because it's always been a special place in our family, but I'd like to hear what other foodies think.

Ideally, I'd like to spend $20-40/person. All reasonable ideas considered.

driving to palm springs from LAX...what to eat around 9pm?

dito that

Nov 18, 2008
dhemmingway in California

Please Help...recent SF transplant about to go crazy

Angeli Cafe is great for carry out lunches, and early dinners after a show. They have a nice selection of rustic Italian dishes and stone fired pizzas.

Right now to help keep customers coming in they are offering 15% off lunch carry out orders.

Nov 18, 2008
dhemmingway in Los Angeles Area

Please Help...recent SF transplant about to go crazy

Had Sunday Supper at Lucques this past weekend, and it was terrific. My wife and I sat on the patio at a semi-private table. The wait staff was great to work with and you only really have to make two choices the whole night. Which of two entree's you'd like, and what wine you'll have.

The menus for Sunday Supper are posted on their website on Wednesdays and for $45 you get a starter, entree and a desert.

Lucqes has a nice wine list, and the chef actually has recommended bottles at the bottom of the Sunday menu.

I look forward to returning soon.

Nov 18, 2008
dhemmingway in Los Angeles Area

Osteria Mozza - Bummer

I ate there with my wife last night (June 7). We had a great experience. The waitress was very attentive, made recomendations about what to order, and was basically there whenever we needed her.

I understand that American's don't like to wait for there food, but there is a method to the madness. The chef's and staff want you to be able to savor the food and gulp it down whole. Last fall I spent 3 weeks in France, and nearly every dinner service was a 2.5 hour experience full of wine, tremendous food, and conversation. I know that this is all very strange to most of us, but some restraunts actually enjoy only having one sitting for a dinner service. Remember this isn't McDonalds.

Last night we were there pre-theater, and the service was appropriatly paced. I wouldn't have expected to eat the tasting menu or even a 4 course meal in the time we had alloted. We started with a couple of cheese dishes (Stracciatella & Burrata with bacon), both were tremendous, but the Burrata with bacon is a show stopper. The cheese really was the star of the show in both dishes. Next we had goat cheese ravioli, which was also very good. Followed by trout served over lentils, and quail. The quail was tremendous; great sauce, cooked perfectly and stuffed with chopped panceta. Each dish was wonderful.

My only complaint is that the wine prices are very high. Even Battoli's own brand of wine was $85; in store's it runs between $15-20.

Jun 08, 2008
dhemmingway in Los Angeles Area

Father's Office - Los Angeles - Today

Stopped in with friends on a recent Sunday evening on the way to a concert. We sat on the patio, enjoyed the wide variety of beers available, and were shocked and amazed at the foody style grub being served. I agree that the sweet potatoe fries are a hit, I also had the asparagus. I know, why would I get asparagus at a hamburger joint? Well it was over the top good.

The best part about this location compared with the other is the amount of space. Hopefully the word won't get to far, so it doesn't fill up as often as the original.

Jun 08, 2008
dhemmingway in Los Angeles Area

Venice finally gets a decent grocery store

The Pavillion's in the Marina is alright for some things. They've got a tremendous bakery, and their fresh breads are out of this world. Other than that, you might as well be in Ralph's. Their produce, meats, and fish are all terrible, cheese selection is sub par, and the deli is just servicable.

I'm excited to have WF open and have another option for meat and poultry other than Gelsons. I've actually trecked all the way up to Manhattan Beach to the Monster WF there for rack of lamb, strip steaks and cheeses.

Hopefully, even if I never set foot in the Venice WF, it will at least clean up that corner.

Jun 08, 2008
dhemmingway in Los Angeles Area

North Beach Lobster Shack

After striking out on a Dim Sum dinner in Chinatown recently, my wife and I strolled around North Beach looking for options. The House was full, and several other places were also unavailable, but we were pleasently surprised to find the Lobster Shack.

We'd read another Chowhound review of this New England seafood house, and knew to head up the street to the local convenience store for beers before ordering. We simple menu featured lobster and chowder done well.

We enjoyed sipping Anchor Steam as we waited for our lobster dinner for 2. The whole lobster was steamed to perfection, the drawn butter was fresh, and the coleslaw was outstanding.

As we sat in this cozy, friendly spot, we instructed other inquisitive diners up to the corner for beer and wine, and enjoyed sitting back and watching the cool North Beach neighborhood slip into night.

As good as our whole lobsters were, we were both a little jealous of the other patrons as we watched mouthwatering lobster rolls being enjoyed on surrounding tables.

Overall the prices were resonable for the food, and the atmosphere was fun. This is not a romantic dining local, but it's not trying to be either. This is a great spot to get seafood with friends before heading out for the night.

One Market (review)

I was recently in town for a few days with family. They are from the Midwest and don't have the most cultured palates around so our search for good food was very limited in scope. Even with restrictions such as "no Asian," and "no fusion" we were able to secure a table at One Market.

The room is large and decorated nicely. The wine list comes in a large binder and a large number of selections can be had by the glass. The waiter was a little overbearing, but seemed to be able to accommodate any and all requests we had, (we had a birthday in the group and they painted birthday wished on the desert plate.) The Sommelier knew his craft quite well and even approved of our mid-priced wine selection (Lost Canyons, pinot). Between the waiter, sommelier, bus boys, and servers we were a hive of activity which hindered our rambling conversations.

The menu (Contemporary American) was sufficient, although after the waiter had presented us with our specials for the evening, she did return to inform us that they were out of two of the three specials. Among the six of us we had duck, lamb, pork loin roast and sea bass. The lamb and duck were cooked perfectly and the accompanying items were market fresh and paired nicely with both dishes. The fish on the other hand, was severely overcooked, which made it dry and seemed to be crusted in frozen hash browns.

Overall we had a very pleasant experience at One Market and would recommend it for business lunches and dinners as well as for those who have limited scope of the epicurean world.

Appitizers are $12-18
Entree's are $25-35