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Henry's Hunan--did it used to be... [San Francisco]

In the 80's,Brandy Ho's Hunan, which has very similar food and menu to Henry's, was nearby Kearny, on Columbus/Pacific. It's still there. In the 80's the food was excellent, our favorite place that we've pine for since we moved to NYC long ago. I've heard mixed reviews about it now but every time we've gone back it's been just as excellent.

Breakfast in Fairfield County

Nicholas Roberts has some of the best food around, for lunch, dinner and especially for breakfast (every day). He uses top notch ingredients and knows how to cook! Flavorful and inventive food, with every detail attended to to make it the best. Even his lemonade or Arnold Palmers are the freshest, with fresh blueberries dropped in. Only downside is no espresso drinks, which is what propels me to go to my other favorite: Sono Bakery. NR has the better food, though. Also love Valencia Luncheria. Chocopologie is good but with quirky hours. Unfortunately, there are very few decent breakfast choices in Fairfield County, but these are stellar.

Sep 30, 2012
clyde10 in Southern New England

Top 10 - Western & Eastern FFD County

1. Nicholas Roberts - some of the best food around both in taste, invention and quality of ingredients...way above most food around here.

2. Coromandel in Darien - the best Indian food around, no question. My friends from India will only eat here.

3. Little Thai Kitchen - expensive but the food is amazing, only at the Darien location.

4. Penang Grill on Lewis St in Greenwich - excellent southest Asian.

5. Sono Bakery for coffee, atmosphere and their pancakes and lunches, as well as baked goods, of course. You don't feel like you're in CT here (a good thing!).

6. Fat Cat Pizza - for the energy and vibe, and simple, good food with interesting wines. Can get too loud, that's the only downside, but the place makes me happy to be there.

7. Rosie's - the best breakfast around—incredible huevos rancheros but also really anything else-fresh ingredients and great tastes, great coffee—nice huge lattes— and lunches as well.

8. Kazu - best Japanese food around in a beautiful open space.

9. Wild Ginger in Ridgefield, for the best southeast Asian food. They seem to be connected with some other Chinese restaurants but the others are always awful (Ching's table in Darien, for example, and there's another in New Canaan)—only go to the place in Ridgefield.

10. Bernard's, in Ridgefield, has truly wonderful upscale food in a lovely french interior with roaring fireplaces in winter—expensive. Now they have a less expensive and less formal upstairs restaurant called Sara's that has live music sometimes...haven't tried this yet but I hear it's great.

11. Quattro Piazzi for pasta.

12. Edo in Norwalk for Korean food — I usually avoid places that serve more than one type of Asian cuisine (Edo has Japanese as well), but this is a great place that has excellent food—I eat mostly Korean there except for my one most favorite Japanese appetizer in the world, which they do beautifully. This place has great energy—makes me feel like I'm eating in one of the great Asian places in Boston.

13. Pho Mekong in Westport is very good Vietnamese—it's not incredible the way Vietnamese food is in Boston, but it is really very good and I am thrilled that they are here, as there used to be none in the area.

14. Valencia Venezuelan Beach Shack in Norwalk - love the chicken/avocado/fennel arepa, and that green cilantro sauce on the table is just unbelievably delicious.

15. Chocopologie is an odd place, odd hours, but the food is actually excellent, and good coffee.

New Haven is really the place to go for pizza, coffee, asian noodles, Italian, Turkish, Thai, etc.

Little Thai Kitchen
4 West Ave, Darien, CT 06820

25 Old Kings Hwy N Ste 11, Darien, CT 06820

666 Main Ave Fl 1, Norwalk, CT 06851

Wild Ginger
461 Main St, Ridgefield, CT 06877

Penang Grill
55 Lewis St, Greenwich, CT 06830

Apr 06, 2010
clyde10 in Southern New England

New to Fairfield, CT from Manhattan - your favorite restaurants?

Sorry to burst your bubble, but Fairfield, and Fairfield County in general, is not foodie heaven by any means. That said, there are some real gems, but you should be willing to travel to other towns. Westport has almost no good food, surprisingly. Pho Mekong is very decent for Vietnamese. However, in Darien, there is an outstanding tiny Thai place called Little Thai Kitchen. They have a sister restaurant in Norwalk that is decent but not as good. Coromandel, also in Darien, is excellent for delicious Indian food...our Indian friends swear by it. There's also one in South Norwalk and Stamford, but I like the Darien interior best, if you can get past the fact that it's in a strip malled called Goodwives Shopping Center!!. The best lunch food around, for high quality organic salads and inventive and flavorful ingredients is a little hole in the wall called Nicholas Roberts. Not high on ambience, but the owner is a young chef who puts out some of the best food around. He also does dinners on some nights, BYOB. I'd say he's the most skilled chef around, although you'd never know it from the exterior, or the interior, although he's improving it bit by bit.There's no good Chinese around except for the excellent Wild Ginger in Ridgefield (southeast asian), and Penang Grill in Greenwich, which I believe is it's sister restaurant. The Wild Ginger in Fairfield is mediocre at best, and Ching's Kitchen in Darien is awful. Mediterranean Grill in Wilton has good food.In Fairfield, I hear good things about Martel, haven't been yet, and Quattro Piazzi is a great little Italian place, my son's favorite. Barcelona is good for tapas, the one in South Norwalk has better atmosphere but the one in Fairfield is fine once you get past the weird motel setting. Kazu is the best Japanese around, in Sono. Matsu Sushi is also good, in Westport. Pasta Nostra is good in Sono but way, way overpriced for what it is. Fat Cat Pizza is a fantastic pizza and wine place, very thin crust and high quality ingredients, nice wines, a simple and simultaneously sophisticated and down-home place, great for both kids and adults. Crew, in Greenwhich, has excellent tapas and larger plates. In Sono, Match is excellent, Chocopologie is a quirky little joint for breakfast/lunch. The Italian food at Paci is very good, and the space is great. But, the really good food is up in New HAven...there you'll find tons of great restaurants of all ethnicities.

Sep 24, 2009
clyde10 in Southern New England

Restaurants in Fairfield County

A true hidden gem is Nicholas Roberts in Norwalk, 75 Main St. You'd never know that behind the plain exterior in a strip mall is some of the best food around with very reasonable prices. The chef is inventive and creative with the freshest high quality, organic ingredients, and he knows how to layer flavors and use spices. I've loved everything I've had there, from the well-spiced lamb kebabs with an herbed yogurt dip, incredibly fresh salads, a beautiful bun-less salmon burger with delicious sides, roasted organic chicken, and an outrageous coffee-cardamon pot-de-creme. All dished come with inventive sides. Breakfast and lunch every day, dinners on some days. Really excellent food.

May 04, 2009
clyde10 in Southern New England

SEDONA and TUCSON suggestions

Thanks for the suggestions. While neither Sedona or Tucson are culinary meccas, we did manage to eke out a few great meals. Tucson was a real challenge, I have to say, except for Mexican, which is awesome, but I'm not a person who likes to eat Mexican every day. That said, the food in Tucson was so lacking that once we settled on some Mexican places I couldn't stop eating, it was so wonderful to have great food, finally, even though it is heavier than I like to eat. To be fair, we were also there right after Christmas, and it was a very slow time, many places were closed, so maybe it was not the best time to experience Tucson. Another thing to keep in mind is that restaurants in the Southwest close fairly early, 9 or 9:30, so we got shut out of places early on.

In Tucson, unfortunately we missed Cafe Poca Cosa, which I hear is fabulous, because they are closed Sunday and Monday. We did eat at the Little Cafe Poca Cosa for lunch, which was fantastic food in a great little joint. The ingredients are extremely fresh and well prepared, and it's the lightest Mexican food you will find. La Indita on 4th Street is also excellent, more traditional Mexican, lots of vegetarian options as well. My family and I devoured our meals there, every dish was incredibly delicious, and my teenage son even ordered another plate after he finished his first, it was so good. Again, it's a little joint, nothing fancy, totally wonderful. Revolutionary Coffee is a great little coffee house/bookstore on the same street.

We also ate at VinTabla, a more upscale restaurant in the Catalina foothills. Everything was excellent there, the staff was extremely helpful and personable, and they have a great selection of wines (it's also a wine store). I'm not a huge fan of the suburban/mall feel of the Catalina Foothill scene, and the restaurant was almost empty at 8:45 on a Sunday night, but we would definitely go back there. Everything was delicious with high quality ingredients and inventive dishes, and they had plenty of small plates, salumi, etc. to share, which is how we like to eat. The two entrees we had were excellent as well.

The Cup at the Congress Hotel is a great little scene. We loved the place, and the food was decent except for the Tortilla Soup which was disappointing. Great looking desserts...we were very happy to be there.

In Sedona, good food is also a challenge. Again,restaurants close early...we went to Shugrue's one night and they had just closed down the kitchen at 8:30. Part of it is the economy, and maybe also that we were there right before Christmas. One waitress told us that people in the Southwest eat early. One night, we went to several restaurants which were closed, until finally we found the Cowboy Grill, which was the only restaurant open at 9:00. Unfortunately Cafe Elote was closed while we were there, but I have heard great things about it. We stayed at Enchantment (wonderful) and had very good food at Yavapai for breakfast and lunch (dinner prices were just to steep to justify, and you can't see the view, which is utterly outstanding in the daytime). Enchantment's smaller restaurant also has good food, their Tortilla Soup is outstanding. We found a great bakery for breakfast and lunch in town, Wildflower Bread Company. And, in the Grand Canyon, El Tovar has surprisingly excellent food, and the dining room itself is spectacular. The four of us loved our meals, very hearty food with excellent seasoning. Stay away from the salads, they're not very fresh. I had an incredible vegetarian chili that I never expected to be so delicious, my kids had a wonderfully seasoned Indian tacos, and my husband's meat chili was really good. And, the desserts were excellent.

We ate at Shugrue's Grill, which was a lovely place but very mediocre food.

Cowboy Grill was fun, I enjoyed my Buffalo Burger and my teenage boys liked their burgers, my husband's buffalo steak was so-so...but not any food that we would crave.

Dec 30, 2008
clyde10 in Southwest

SEDONA and TUCSON suggestions

We're spending 4 nights in Sedona, then driving to Tucson for another 4 nights. Any suggestions for great food, local food, fresh ingredients? We're from NY and San Francisco, have had great food traveling throughout Chile and Ecuador. Previous posts about Sedona and Tucson are not so recent, but we're getting the picture that the food may be mediocre, unfortunately. Any hidden gems or new places with interesting, fresh food with high quality, local ingredients? Any special places on the way from Sedona to Tucson?Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Dec 16, 2008
clyde10 in Southwest

Odeon or Raoul's?

We're looking for a great place to take my 15 year old son for his birthday. He loves steak frites and steak au poivre, so naturally thought of Odeon and Raoul's (Balthazar was booked and he's been there before on previous birthdays). My husband and I used to eat at Odeon and Raoul's many, many years ago, but haven't been recently. Which has the better food? Or, is there another place you'd recommend. My kids used to love a place in Soho called Alma Bleu—it had a great branzino—but it has sadly closed. I walked by Savoy the other day and thought of it but have read negative blogs about the food recently. I also saw a bistro down the block from Savoy but can't remember the name and have no idea whether the food is good.

Nov 18, 2008
clyde10 in Manhattan

Best Indian Food in Lower Westchester

The food at Coromandel in Darien is exceptional....I've never been to the New Rochelle one but in Darien, and now in South Norwalk, ecerything is exceptional. It's a great atmosphere in both but we definitely go for the food, the seasonings and quality of the cooking.

Great food in Norwalk CT

Just ate lunch at a little restaurant in Norwalk CT called Nicholas Roberts. This was by far some of the best food I've eaten in the area. Everything we ate, from the soup to the entrees was unusual and finely made with beautiful ingredients. The chef/owner is a firendly, accessible guy, and I'm hoping this new venture works for him because the food is truly special. Physically the place is nice but a little bare, and from the outside it looks like a deli in a small strip mall, but don't be deceived...this guy knows how to cook! Next I plan to try dinner there...BYOB and no credit cards.

Santiago, Chile

The little cafe is called Confiteria Incanto in Valparaiso...delicious pastries, excellent coffees and exquisitely fresh juices, beautiful little place to sit, attached to a gallery.

Santiago, Chile

We just returned from Chile, where we were in Santiago, Pucon and Valparaiso. We found the food in Chile to be very fresh, simple and delicious, particularly the seafood. We were looking for small places, local ingredients, and not fancy 'international' places. In Santiago we had many plates of very fresh camerones and pollo in pil pil sauce in the Bellavista area (Tabla was good). The best meals we had (we ate there twice) were at a small restaurant in Providencia called Del Cocinero. We had camerones, kingfish, pork loin, steak, all inventively and deliciously prepared, along with fantastic carmeneres. Desserts were great also. We found the mercado to be very unappealing so we didn't eat there, although I could see the tiny places along the edge were serving some good looking food.

In Pucon, the best food we had by far was at the Hotel Antumalal's restaurant, and at La Grilla. We usually avoid hotel restaurants but Antumalal's food is exceptional, and it comes with the best view of Lake Villarica imaginable. At La Grilla I had a wonderful conger eel stew, the most delicious fresh smoked salmon I've ever had, and delicious wines.

In Valparaiso we did eat at Pasta y Vino (for lunch, they were closed for dinner that day and the next) and it was all very delicious and fresh but everything had a lot of cream in it which is not the way I like to eat, especially with seafood! There's a fantastic little cafe/lunchplace w/ a funky gallery that has the best coffee around (not a strong point in Chile) as well as remarkable desserts a block away from Pasta y Vino (turn left out of the restaurant and go down one block on Templeman St and turn right , it's on the left...sorry, can't remember the name but will try to find our receipt and post it if I do).