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Kosher for Passover gifts/LA

I am going to the east coast from LA for Passover and need to get a gift to take to the family I will be staying with.

Can someone please recommend the best place in LA to get quality/high-end kosher for Passover chocolates or something else that would be easy to travel with cross-country? Any other recommendations other than chocolate/sweets?

Thank you!

Apr 09, 2008
kam0416 in Kosher

Dinner for 8 in Chelsea or UWS?

I've been away from NYC for 2 years, am returning next week and need a reservation for 8 people - ideally in Chelsea, Hell's Kitchen or the UWS. I'd like to keep it around $25-30 pp and someplace quiet enough to conduct real conversations since I have a lot of catching up to do!

Thanks in advance for your tips!

Apr 03, 2008
kam0416 in Manhattan