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May-June France Seasonality

I would be interested to hear about the special ingredients/products that will be in season or coming into season in the late may-early june months... what special things should i be keeping a lookout for on menus?


Apr 05, 2008
jeremyp in France

Dining & Staying in Burgundy

...unless dinner at senderens now means le meurice is more expendable and should be passed over in favor of the guy savoy lunch special...difficult choice...i'll continue to monitor the other thread!

Mar 30, 2008
jeremyp in France

Dining & Staying in Burgundy

Thanks for all the ideas! Some of these hotel/restaurant combinations look great. One potential downside is that some require you to eat there, too, which might preclude other options like Ma Cuisine or Loiseau des Vignes. But we'll see. As someone who has worked in the wine industry for a few years, I'm sure my girlfriend would love to stay close to the vines in the Cotes de Nuits or especially Morey St Denis...

On your advice for Paris, I think I'll be swapping Senderens for Aux Lyonnais. I've read mixed things about Aux Lyonnais, and Senderens sounds great; plus it'll be a great setting. Well, i suppose the Lyonnais setting is also excellent, but I've heard the old Lucas-Carton dining room was very nice. Plus the lunch at Le Meurice will give us exposure to eating in that type of setting, without paying the hefty dinner price. And Benoit will then give my girlfriend the bistro experience i'm sure she wants to have.

For the reservations at L'Astrance, will they take reservations more than 2 months to the day in advance? I'm looking at June 5...

Mar 30, 2008
jeremyp in France

Dining & Staying in Burgundy

Thanks everyone for the feedback and ideas. This is very helpful, and I look forward to researching them all. I think I'm going to go for Lameloise in Burgundy, and perhaps stay somewhere cheaper to maximize my food dollars. For the more casual night, I've heard Ma Cuisine is very good. Any thoughts? Perhaps a great hole-in-the-wall type of place would be nice for the other night.

By the way, is 2 nights enough time for Burgundy? I'll be renting a car.

In general, I want to have a nice mix of classical and hyper-modern food. But I'm fine with saving the modern stuff for Paris. In general, when i eat back in the states my taste is for modern food like Alinea in Chicago, but I also like simpler food well prepared (Chez Panisse), and then lots of stuff in between, eg. Cyrus in Healdsberg, Picholine in NYC, Michael Mina in SF, or Komi in DC...add in Manresa in Los Gatos and you have some of my favorites...but i'm not sure how relevant this knowledge would be in helping you all make france recommendations!

I'm also enjoying the parallel thread on Paris 3-star lunches. I want to do maybe one or two...

So here's my thoughts for Paris so far:

a few small bites at l'atelier de JR after we arrive
le meurice, or else perhaps the special guy savoy internet lunch
Les Elysées du vernet, for sure, based on souphie's review

dinners--the plan is to keep it reasonable except for one blow-out meal:
chez l'ami jean--been here before and loved it & want my girlfriend to try it
mon vieil ami--ditto
benoit--my girlfriend would love the classicism
L'Os à Moelle
La Régalade
aux Lyonnais
plus either l'astrance or gagnaire the final night

finding dinner prices on gagnaire's website is a major challenge...are we talking a 1000 euro meal for two? That's too much for me! I've seen L'astrance quoted at around 270/euros per person with wine, which seems much more affordable...It's so hard to choose!

ok, back to prowling these boards....any final advice would be welcome before i start booking tables...thanks!!!

Mar 29, 2008
jeremyp in France

Dining & Staying in Burgundy

I'm trying to decide between Lameloise, Georges Blanc, Cote St.-Jacques, and Bernard Loiseau. My criteria are 1) the quality of the restaurant, 2) value, 3) proximity to the Cote d'Or. I'll be renting a car.

I've been leaning towards Lameloise because of its relative closeness to the heart of the wine region, and because it looks pretty tasty and is moderately priced.

I'll probably stay at once of these hotels for 2 or 3 nights, eat at the restaurant once for dinner, and go to a casual place the other nights for dinner. I don't think I have the budget to go to two of these places!

Has anyone been to any of them recently? What has blown you away? Perhaps someone could describe the various chef's styles, and I can match them with my tastes. Am I making a mistake by leaning towards Lameloise?

So far I loved lunch at Gagnaire in Paris, and also loved L'atelier de Joel Robuchon. That's about the extent of my experience with true haute cuisine in France. While we're on the topic, in Paris for my one blow-out meal, what should I choose? I'm leaning towards Gagnaire for dinner b/c I loved the lunch so much....but I'm tempted by some of the others I've never been to....


Mar 27, 2008
jeremyp in France