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Backup for Tilia

Thanks for the suggestions. So far, I think Cafe 28 will be our first backup choice (notwithstanding their future), followed by Lucias and Tosca.

Nov 16, 2011
hgg in Minneapolis-St. Paul

Backup for Tilia

Going to try to visit Tilia later this week with another couple. Not sure how the "wait" situation is for a weeknight. But if it's too long, any suggestions for a last minute alternative - preferably between Tilia in SW Mpls and downtown?

So far, I'm thinking Lucias or perhaps Cafe 28 or Victors 1959. Other ideas?

Nov 15, 2011
hgg in Minneapolis-St. Paul

Where to buy kashkaval cheese (Bulgarian cheese)

Bill's definitely has it.

May 21, 2011
hgg in Minneapolis-St. Paul

breakfast ideas walking distance from target center(downtown)

And you can get within 3-4 blks of Moose & Sadies via the skyway.

Moose & Sadie's
212 3rd Ave N, Minneapolis, MN 55401

Feb 09, 2011
hgg in Minneapolis-St. Paul

Bar La Grassa vs a Twittering Shmuck [Moved from Minneapolis-St. Paul]

Why in the world would BLG says no to AMEX concierge services other than the obvious - no available tables without bumping someone else. So what this jerk is asking is that someone else be denied a table so his party can dine at their preferred time.

Anyone with a twitter account should respond with a reference to the Strib article. (if you can, I don't have a twitter account and don't know the features).

Hats off to BLG for treating their customers fairly.

Feb 01, 2011
hgg in Food Media & News

Lipton Yellow Label Tea bags

I was at United Noodles today and saw it in loose tea. Not sure if they have it in tea bags.

Jan 12, 2011
hgg in Minneapolis-St. Paul

Lipton Yellow Label Tea bags

Your post is a bit old but I see no replies yet.

You might try Bills Imported Foods in Mpls (Lake St, a block west of Lyndale).

Dec 31, 2010
hgg in Minneapolis-St. Paul

Need Secaucus - Union City Recommendations

'Working here (Secaucus) every week with a small group of colleagues and need some recommendations for chowish places. Not much that weve found in Secaucus proper but what about the surrounding area? We get into Manhattan once every week or two but, even though it's not far, don't always want to deal with the parking.

Seems to be a lot of Hispanic and South American places in Union City, but don't know where to start.

Any suggestions within a short drive (usually don't get out of the office until about 7-7:30)?

Apr 18, 2007
hgg in New Jersey

Helmand: A contrarian view

Three of us went to Helmand this evening - though with some 2nd thoughts. I've never had Afghan food, so I don't have a point of comparison.

Having read this string of posts, I think I was fairly sensitive to the service and friendliness issue. My own view was that the service was fine; maybe not exceptionally good, but certainly not bad. As to the hostess, I would describe as aloof and not welcoming, but not as bad as I was prepared for and not hostile.

As to the food, I was very pleased. The pumpkin appetizer is a must have. Our lamb dishes were not overcooked and the spices reasonably suble and not oversalty.

Not the best meal I've ever had but far above my "chowhound weighted" average. And very high on a price/performance basis. All of us felt it worth a return visit.

Nov 18, 2006
hgg in Greater Boston Area

From Brainerd, MN to Madison, WI

Can you map time, route and location for us? I.E. where will you be at breakfast time and at lunch time?

For example, Brainerd is about 2.5 hours from Minneapolis (if you don't hit traffic).

So if you are leaving in the morning, lunch will put you somewhere between the twin cities and the Wisconsin border. You could take I94 though Mpls and St. Paul and have lunch in town or wait and eat somewhere in Hudson, WI. But if you take 694 around the cities, lunch in town is not an option. Personally, I would take 94 and have lunch in South Mpls (Quang Deli) or in St. Paul (True Thai). Both are within 10 minutes of the freeway. I don't know much about Hudson, WI, but you can try a search on the midwest board.

If you are leaving early and want to get some driving in, you could have breakfast in Little Falls (1/2 hour from Brainerd or St. Cloud (another 1/2 hour). But you'll be on the highway so tough to find places unless you know where to go. Alternatively, you could take Highway 25 south out of Brainerd and look for the proverbial small town cafe in Pierz. Or you could go through Garrison - there are a couple of small cafes there.

As far a breakfast in Brainerd, I don't think there is a whole lot outside of the chains or the resorts. You could try the older "downtown" area (where hwy 210 and business 371 intersect).

Jul 26, 2006
hgg in General Midwest Archive

A few days in Minneapolis

As far as a brewpub, there is Town Hall ( near downtown (by the U of M West Bank).

Jul 13, 2006
hgg in Minneapolis-St. Paul

One day in Minneapolis - need suggestions.

For late night - quintessential "Nordeast" Minneapolis, with polka and accordians - I'd try Nye's Polonaise on Hennepin just east of the river. More for the fun (even campy) atmosphere (not for the food).

Al's Breakfast in Dinkytown (near the east bank of the U of Mn)is a "did you eat at" type place for breakfast.

I'd also consider the restaurant in the new (just opened) Guthrie theater for lunch or late night. I don't have a clue about the food there, but the architecture is said to be worth a visit (and close to the Metrodome).

Jul 10, 2006
hgg in General Midwest Archive