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St. Pete for the weekend

'aright, I did manage to pick up a good looking pack of smoked hog jowls, from Kentucky.....I guess like my cabbie said; "Old people live in St.Petersburg, and their parents live in Sarasota". I did have a good time at O'Maddys though

Apr 13, 2014
3MTA3 in Florida

Side dish suggestions

A Cajun girl taught me how to make Maque choux a long time ago. Patience is the first ingredient, and it will reward you

Apr 13, 2014
3MTA3 in Home Cooking

Is Anyone Food "Couponing"Anymore?

When there is a 1 dollar coupon in the fliers, I see a free 1 dollar bill (for the item I want to buy). How could I NOT cut that out and use it ? Some people see opportunity, others see to much effort and responsibility.

Apr 12, 2014
3MTA3 in Not About Food

St. Pete for the weekend

Is there a jar of something, or a smoked meat, anything that I must bring back with me ? (on the plane to Maryland) Something local, unique. Thanks

Apr 12, 2014
3MTA3 in Florida

Why are expensive fresh herbs used in most recipes?

It should have been "so darned expensive" and included things like "Insects!" and "clumps of dirt", then you would have been on to something. Or, you use ingredients, seasonally

Mar 21, 2014
3MTA3 in Home Cooking

Easter 2014

Mom's Czech Easter Bread. Proof and punch it twice, round loaves with triple braid around the loaf with a cross on top.

Mar 21, 2014
3MTA3 in Home Cooking

Can I love this knife?

It may fill a void you're not aware of yet...yech, that sounds pretty crappy, but you know what I mean.

Mar 20, 2014
3MTA3 in Cookware

Spanish Restaurants

Hopefully my wife and I will be going to the Mediterranean coast of Spain this summer and need several primers. Where shall we go around here to get our game face on ?

Mar 12, 2014
3MTA3 in Washington DC & Baltimore

They're telling me what to like and how to like it!?

Eggs should be Outlawed... no..people who like eggs should be Outlawed !

Mar 10, 2014
3MTA3 in Food Media & News

Cooking bacon in the oven... why the hype?

how long did you smoke it and at what temp. ? Mine brined well but the grill/ smoking situation was too hot and way too long. Maybe it should have more like 30 minutes...

Mar 09, 2014
3MTA3 in Home Cooking

Pabst Blue Ribbon........quality vs. quantity Question for Beer Drinkers

I noticed a can of National Bohemian for 99 cents in the singles case at my neighborhood liquor store and asked why they were pricing them so high. Never had any of the 'eastern ' beers, Natty Bo, any of the Genesse line...after Blatz and ...Lone Star (shiver), PBR is nectar of the gods. Back in the mid-west, 70-80 or so, my roommate and I would split a 12 pack of Buckhorn for 5 bucks, total. Put the whole thing in the freezer for 45 minutes 'till it starts to slush, beautiful...

Mar 05, 2014
3MTA3 in Beer

Catering to relatives who don't want "exotic" food

Huzzah ! Huzzah !

Mar 02, 2014
3MTA3 in Not About Food

Worth feeding squirrels peanuts if all they do is bury them?

A study some time ago, ' researchers' buried 1000 individual peanuts, squirrels relocated 75 % of them. My wife and I would buy 50 lb. bags of peanuts, along with thistle, sunflower, fruit and nut mix,...Then one day we noticed a Norway rat come out from under the shed, grab a p-nut, back under the shed, then out again for another. Repeatedly, and often. Even after we stopped ALL food, a colony developed and took four years to eradicate. We first noticed no opossums, racoons, groundhogs,... After maintaining rat bait stations since then, the larger animals have since returned. Outside of a drought or heavy snow, squirrels 'colossal greed' will keep it from going hungry or starving, much like the pantry or refrigerator in most of our houses.

Mar 01, 2014
3MTA3 in Not About Food

Is there the possibility of an AA meeting for hounds ???? to fight the addiction for lack of a better term

I see what you mean......

Feb 24, 2014
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Isn't there anything good to say about life as a chef?

My reward for a career in F&B: Getting to play pool with Jean-Louis Palladin after a Make-A-Wish Foundation Dinner. My only regret is not getting into it sooner.

Feb 16, 2014
3MTA3 in Not About Food

Serving Oysters for a Large Party

Was invited to an oyster roast at Berkley Plantation on the James River...25 years ago..whew...and they had 4 or 5 split barrel grills with the coals going. Some one dumped a bushel of oysters on the grates and waited till they start to open. Every one had a canvas work glove on and a old dinner knife, and as we moved down the grill, another bushel went on. A squeeze of lemon, dash of hot sauce, iced-down liquid refreshments...good conversation...

Feb 16, 2014
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My brother's ex-wife is from Tokyo, her grandmother would call her the 'Natto Queen' 'cuz she loved eating the stuff. My brother couldn't finish the tiny serving. I scoffed... At the Ranch 99 outside Edmonds and Lynnwood, WA, I purchased 2 tiny servings from the freezer section. Came with a tiny plastic spoon, mustard and soy sauce. Yes, I managed to finish one, the only thing motivating me was to eat more than my big brother. The second serving was for my father-in-law who is really big on homemade kombucha, kefir,...and he tasted it and said 'that's interesting....' I guess with any food product, I'd need to consume it before it starts to rot. Maybe it's not so far off of the 'kraut that I've made and jared.

Feb 15, 2014
3MTA3 in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Good Sauce for Veal

I know I'm dating myself, but a fresh Morel cream sauce. Veal and mushrooms are a match. You can get by with the cream since veal tends to be lean (that's my story and I'm sticking to it)... or..how about a Chimichurri ?

Feb 11, 2014
3MTA3 in Home Cooking


Apparently I was reading too long and a car ad came up and said it would direct me back to the content in 30 sec. I choose not to and signed off, and IMMEDIATELY my computer blocked a malware. What gives ?

Jan 14, 2014
3MTA3 in Site Talk

Is there anything in Fargo?

Drive slowly...

Jan 12, 2014
3MTA3 in Great Plains

Fish head Curry...

Will be flying in and visiting family in Kent, and then Edmonds. I may be the only one in MY family, but I need a bowl of Fish head curry. Anything stand out ? Thanks, and Peace

Jan 10, 2014
3MTA3 in Greater Seattle

Are city pigeons safe to eat?

My father-in-law had gone out with friends and bagged (a bunch) and took them back to their vehicles to clean, only to find out they were infested with lice.

Dec 26, 2013
3MTA3 in General Topics

Windmill Cookies

This may be not the direction you want, but Giant foods may carry Archway brand Windmill cookies.

Dec 08, 2013
3MTA3 in Washington DC & Baltimore

Need Good Eats by Baltimore Airport

Kellers Bakery in Linthicum has the best (fruit filled) donuts on the east coast, (immediately north of BWI), otherwise keep going to Delaware...just a thought....

Dec 05, 2013
3MTA3 in Washington DC & Baltimore

Favorite bread for Thanksgiving leftover sandwiches?

I am shocked, shocked, that nobody mentioned Wonder... with plenty of mayo

Nov 26, 2013
3MTA3 in General Topics

Best Frying Pan?

My 10" Griswold, or any decent, restaurant quality, heavy aluminum, non-stick....

Nov 08, 2013
3MTA3 in Cookware

Spain Mediterranean Coast, any go-to destinations ?

Wife and I have an opportunity to spend 7 days in Costa del Sole or Costa Blanca, maybe over summer '14. Don't have accommodation info, yet. Food/traveling/site seeing is high priority, does one site have any particular/vague advantage over the other ? Thanks

Oct 03, 2013
3MTA3 in Spain/Portugal

Blue Cheese on Entrees: Am I the Only One Gagging?

Funny, my Dad liked blue cheese (whatever brand that my Mom bought in the 70's) on the infrequent steaks that we had, and I grew up liking also. But there are now as many different blues as there are chili recipes. Just might have to get a wedge this weekend....

Sep 25, 2013
3MTA3 in Cheese

Can we talk about canned salmon?

I grew up having canned salmon patties for Friday dinner. Mom probably 'sauteed' them in margarine, so dry...No, I will not talk about canned salmon.
But I've had 'today's' canned razor clams, tuna,... What a treat

Sep 15, 2013
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Vanished Restaurant you miss most

West Lafayette, IN. Crain Family had a few joints in the 1950's-80's on Rt-52. The Knife and Fork was a fancy place with a Pizza King around the back. I worked at Morris-Bryant Smorgasbord, both places Rocked, until I-65 was built and took all interstate traffic away. Also a Park and Eat (drive in) down on the (Wabash) Levy, we called it the Squat and Gobble. yeah.... Go Boilers!

Sep 11, 2013
3MTA3 in Houston