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Sunday night dinner...

I recommend Domenica.

They've been firing on all cylinders the last few times I've gone. My favorites from the menu are the wild mushroom pizza and the rabbit tagliatelle.

Dec 15, 2011
RBPoBoy in New Orleans

Breakfast or lunch on or near the St. Charles streetcar line

We had a great lunch last weekend at American Sector, John Besh's place in the WWII museum. Two block walk from Lee Circle. You could walk two more blocks down to Cochon Butcher, the cafe attached to the back of Cochon - also a fun lunch place.

Dec 15, 2011
RBPoBoy in New Orleans

Nola Martini Fans??

Ah, martinis at the Boston Ritz. Used to live up there in the 80s, and indeed the martinis at the Ritz were fantastic.

Down here in NOLA I like the Bombay Club for martinis. My current favorite martini is made w/Hendrick's gin, very dry, garnished with a thin slice of cucumber.

Chris McMillian (in my opinion, New Orleans' greatest bartender) makes a great martini at the Bar Uncommon in the Pere Marquette Hotel.

Is it 5 o'clock yet?

Aug 08, 2009
RBPoBoy in New Orleans

Saturday lunch in Houston

My wife and I will be in Houston this Saturday and we'll be free for lunch. We've never been there, so we'd appreciate some advice. I've looked at the websites of the recommended Houston restaurants on this board and most of them aren't open for lunch on Saturdays. (But man, they look great!)

Any suggestions? We enjoy all types of cuisine and money is not a consideration - fine dining to a great neighborhood joint.

Thanks in advance!

Aug 19, 2008
RBPoBoy in Houston

Breakfast with kids?

Cafe Refuel at the riverbend.

Aug 09, 2008
RBPoBoy in New Orleans


I'll second and gives thumbs up to Martinique and Cafe Degas.

Aug 03, 2008
RBPoBoy in New Orleans

To Bayona, or not to Bayona: that is the question

In my experience (I go about once a month or so) Bayona is excellent. Their Saturday lunch (3 courses for $25) is a terrific deal.

Never had a problem with either food or service.

Jul 17, 2008
RBPoBoy in New Orleans

Best Oyster Poboy?

Lots of good suggestions here. Let me offer one. It ain't a po-boy, but the fried oyster and (house made) bacon sandwich at Cochon is off the charts.

Jul 17, 2008
RBPoBoy in New Orleans

Martinique - It's Not Just for Nice Weather Anymore

We love to go there. It's definitely been producing great food post-K. Shhhhh, don't tell anybody!

Mar 29, 2008
RBPoBoy in New Orleans

Meal Plan For April Visit

Sunday brunch at Dante's Kitchen is awesome, and inexpensive. Their shrimp and grits is the best in the city imo.

Get there when they open, though, cuz it gets crowded (you can just chill with a bloody, though).

The oyster and bacon sandwich at Cochon is da bomb.

Mar 26, 2008
RBPoBoy in New Orleans

8 days in plan.

My favorite brunch in the quarter is at the Palace Cafe.

If you've never been to brunch at Commander's, though, that's a must.

Have fun!

Mar 26, 2008
RBPoBoy in New Orleans

Cochon on Fri., Brigsten's on Sat. Help on Thursday?

Bayona. They've been knocking out of the park lately. First, get a martini at the Bombay Club on Conti, and then just walk a couple of blocks down Dauphine to Bayona. You will love it.

Mar 26, 2008
RBPoBoy in New Orleans