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Help Needed...Portland and area for 5 days

Have been in Portland the past few days and have eaten at:
Eventide Oyster House
Central Provisions
Pei Men Miyake

All amazing!

Food adventure trip to Maine coast

My wife and I are planning a trip to Maine in August (8th - 15th). Likely a few days in Portland and then 3 - 4 in Deer Isle. Looking for dinning and lodging recommendations in both areas and along the way. We will be driving up from the Baltimore/DC area.

Jun 13, 2015
pkaizer in Northern New England

Dinner recommendations near Wellesley College

Going to be at Wellesley College for a couple of days. Any good dinner dinner recommendations in the area.

Jan 24, 2015
pkaizer in Greater Boston Area

Good breakfast spot in Capital Hill

In Seattle for a couple of days, looking for an interesting breakfast spot in Capital Hill. Any chowhounders got a good recommendation?

Aug 26, 2014
pkaizer in Greater Seattle

Portland restaurant recommendations

Going to be in Portland for several nights in late Aug. Looking for great dinner and lunch recommendations. Staying at the Hotel Modera.

Jul 04, 2014
pkaizer in Metro Portland

Seattle restaurant recommendations

Going to be in Seattle for 3 nights in late Aug. Looking for lunch and dinner recommendations. Staying at the Hotel Max.

Jul 04, 2014
pkaizer in Greater Seattle

Anniversary trip to Charleston

My wife and I are planning trip to Charleston Dec 26 to 29 for our Anniversary. Looking for recommendations for a really nice comfortable Inn or B&B and dinning recommendations. Were are avid food lovers (have eaten at the French Laundry). Looking particularly for great low country and gourmet southern fare. Please post recommendations! Thanks!

Nov 24, 2011
pkaizer in Southeast

Family gathering in East Hampton

Looking for a place for a late lunch or early dinner in late Sept. in the East Hampton area fro a family gathering. Probably 15 -20 people. Any recommendations.


Good Vietnamese in the Orlando area

I have been traveling to the Orlando/Winter Park area a lot this summer and have noticed a number of Vietnamese restaurants. What's the best one?

Aug 13, 2009
pkaizer in Florida

BBQ in Austin

Heading to Austin next week will be staying in the Arboretum area. Looking for great BBQ. Have heard the Salt Lick is worth the drive. Any other suggestions. Thanks!


Nov 14, 2008
pkaizer in Austin

Lunch & Dinner near the Convetion Center in Philly

I am heading up to see the Philadelphia Museum Craft show on Sat and am looking for recommendations for lunch & dinner near the Convention Center.


Nov 11, 2008
pkaizer in Pennsylvania

SF Area must eats

Heading to the Bay area for a week on Wed. Any places that are must eat at.



New Years Eve

Any Chow hounds out there have suggestions for a nice place for a New Years Eve dinner, preferably one where the place doesn't force a special menu on you. Looking for something romantic and in Baltimore but would go to DC for the right experience.


informal dinner near the Met


Nov 15, 2007
pkaizer in Manhattan

informal dinner near the Met

Looking for a good informal place for dinner near the Met tomorrow night... any suggestions.

Nov 15, 2007
pkaizer in Manhattan

Good Eats in Brooklyn

Going to Brooklyn this week, looking for a good place for a nice dinner in the Carroll Gardens / Smith Street area. Any recomendations would be appreciated.


Nov 12, 2007
pkaizer in Outer Boroughs

Good eats in the Arboretum area

Staying in the Arboretum area for a few days, anything to recommend near by that's not a big chain. Particulary interested in Texas BBQ.

Oct 17, 2007
pkaizer in Austin

Good BBQ in Austin

Going to Austin for a few days. Any recommendations for good BBQ???

Oct 16, 2007
pkaizer in Austin

Manhattan vegetarian restaurants

Going to Manhattan for a few days. What are some must visit vegetarian places.

Mar 11, 2007
pkaizer in Manhattan

So long, B-More 'hounds, and help with a farewell tour

Without a doubt the Ambassador Dining Room (not typical Baltimore, but the best Indian Food I have had outside of India)
It's not on your list but if you have not been to Samos it's a must as well. Great greek food. Brasserie Tatin is worth a vist as well just go early.

Got ribs?

Big Bad Wolf's is good but my favorite is Mr. Chelsea's Barbecue in a little strip center on Reisterstown Road in Owings Mills. They have great sides (no onion loaf though). Also Ray Lewis' in Canton is OK.