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Best restaurant for pre-theatre dinner in Wilmington?

Where did you end up going? I wish I had seen this earlier. I would have suggested avoiding Deep Blue. The old chef left and opened Orillas just down market street. So any positive review would have moved down the street. They do a great job, fabulous tapas, cozy little place.

For future options, I very highly recommend Domain Hudson. It's definitely one of our favorites in town. Toscana is also a good option. If you're looking for special occasion ideas, Moro is great. Although with their new Thursday night offerings of more affordable small places, it's more attainable on a normal night. Also, The Exchange on Market is a surprising sleek option for Wilmington.

I would like to know where you ended up and what your thoughts are. Thanks

Feb 23, 2009
meredity in Mid-Atlantic

Seeking steak in Wilmington, DE

You didn't mention what level of restaurant you're looking for, but have you tried Harry's Savoy or Domain Hudson. Both have incredible food. Definitely not your typical steak, baked potato, and veggie side kinds of places. But great meat selections.

Jan 09, 2009
meredity in Mid-Atlantic

Night of the Cookers - Baltimore

That was the original hope. But didn't work out:

I'm curious to try the place.

Peruvian in Wilmington - try it

Their website doesn't seem to be working. Are they still open? I've never even seen the place, but I'd be willing to try based on the comments. Do they have a liquor license?

Aug 12, 2008
meredity in Mid-Atlantic

Update on former Taste location in Belvedere Square

Here's another positive review I came across. Can't wait to try it.

Pazo or Tapas Teatro?

We went to Mezze last night for RW and had a great experience. Their RW menu is done slightly different, in that you don't choose an item from each course. They have a set menu that you get a single portion of each. It was a great sampling of some of the best things on their menu. They bring it out in 4 "courses". The main course has a few different meats all on the same plate. I would just recommend that you have them put the crabcakes and the baby lamb chops each on their own plate. You get one of each per person. So the one allergic to shellfish gets two chops. The one that doesn't eat red meat gets two crabcakes.

While I have been to Pazo, it's been quite a while. I remember that we enjoyed the food, but it wasn't as good as what we had last night at Mezze. I agree with the other recommendations on this one.

Eastern Shore help! Nice Dinner (maybe B&B, Spa too?)

Thanks for the update on your trip. Sorry that I never saw your previous question about Tidewater. I'm sorry to hear that Local wasn't good for you. We had an amazing meal there. I wonder if after renovating the restaurant they decided to renovate the kitchen, and things just weren't working normally. I am glad that you enjoyed Scossa. I agree that it's a cozy little romantic spot. I don't remember passing Thai Ki while we were there. Next time we're down that way I'll look for it.

I know this isn't necessarily the correct board, but I have to ask about Rehoboth. We both there on a regular basis. And I've certainly developed some of my favorites there as well. Where did you end up while there, and what were your opinions?

Update on former Taste location in Belvedere Square

Has anyone heard anything more about what's going on with this? I'd love to know when something is going in over there. We go to Belvedere square on many Friday nights for the music. I miss just being able to walk over for a bite and more music after. I've looked on The Baltimore Sun website, but can't seem to find anything.

What is new for 2008 in Rehoboth And Bethany?

We were down in Rehoboth last weekend and got a chance to try a couple new places. On Saturday night for dinner we went to Porcini House. On Sunday for lunch we went to Blue. I was so dissapointed that we missed Stingray, it was opening the day after we left.

Porcini house was good. It was the two of us and two teenagers, with adventurous appetites. They split a plate of 3 cheese, all of which were great. I had the tuna tartare appetizer. It was very tasty, but cut into such tiny pieces it almost seemed like ground tuna. Three of us tried a risotto, the 14 year had the Kobe hotdog. He wasn't overly impressed. The flavor wasn't so terrible unique from just a really good all beef hotdog. I loved the porcini risotto with goat cheese. The twelve year old loved her risotto with tomatoes, basil, and chicken. My BF was so thrilled with his crab risotto. Not much crab, not a whole lot of flavor or creaminess. I would love to go back and try the flatbreads.

We weren't quite as impressed with Blue. We went for lunch so it wasn't as exciting. Not a ton of choices on the menu and they were pretty basic. Could also be that the kids were in a bad mood and hot.

I also wanted to mention our happy hour at Pig and Fish on Friday night. That is quickly becoming one of our favorite casual places. The atmosphere is nice. The two wives, they both own it with their husbands, are always so friendly. We've only had apps, but they've always been good. Particularly their tuna roll.

Hope everyone gets down there soon.

Jul 03, 2008
meredity in Mid-Atlantic

What is new for 2008 in Rehoboth And Bethany?

Just wanted to make note that Stingray took the spot of 59 Lake. No chance of trying that one. Stingray should be open really soon. I'm a huge fan of Mikimoto's, so I'm waiting patiently also.

Jun 26, 2008
meredity in Mid-Atlantic

Eastern Shore help! Nice Dinner (maybe B&B, Spa too?)

We just stayed at Tidewater a couple of weeks ago. We stayed there also because they don't have the two night minimum that a lot of other places seem to require. It was a very quaint hotel. The room was small, but very classic.

We had dinner in the hotel's restaurant, Local. It was wonderful. Unfortunately, they're renovating some of the restaurant, so we had to sit fairly near the bar. That made it a little noisy, but at least we could keep up with the hockey game that way. Everything was wonderful.

The next morning, we just walked up to the coffee shop for breakfast since we were heading to St. Michael's. So I don't have a recommendation for you. Not sure if they're open early, but we have had lunch at Scossa on the main drag in Easton. It was very good as well. We had a great seat outside with a wonderful view of the most wicked storm I've seen in a long time.

Have a great time.

59 Lake in Rehoboth still there?

Nope, they're gone. This place is opening soon. It's owned by Mikimoto's/Washington Street Ale House owner. I'm guessing you liked the club atmosphere of 59 Lake. This is sure to be very different, more food focused. I'm looking forward to their opening.

59 Lake Ave, Rehoboth Beach, DE

Coming summer 2008!
See you at the beach this summer...

May 20, 2008
meredity in Mid-Atlantic

New resturant in Wilmington - Ameritage Bistro

I'm pretty sure this place doesn't do breakfast. They're not really a breakfast sort of restaurant. They're not even open to brunch on Sundays.

May 07, 2008
meredity in Mid-Atlantic

Favorite Rehoboth Restaurants

We also overheard them talking about the expansion they have planned for their space. Evidently they are taking over the fish market next door. They're hoping to make that area into more of a lounge/tapas/bar type of atmosphere. We'll definitely end up there after the renovations.

In a couple of weeks a new place will take over the space at 59 Lake. The new "Stingrays" is owned by the owners of Mikimoto's and Washington Street Ale house in Wilmington. Keep an eye out for that this summer also.

Obviously, we are way past the night of your "girls night out", so where did you end up?

Apr 28, 2008
meredity in Mid-Atlantic

New to DE

Of all the posts on this thread, this is definitely the most comprehensive, so I'll add on to it. I'm not agreeing or disagreeing with any of the comments, I just want to mention a few updates since this was written.

821 is trying to change their image to a more approachable place that still has incredible food, but doesn't strictly feel like a special occasion place. Haven't tried the new menu yet and I can't wait to.

The Exchange on Market opened I think about a year ago. It's a very attractive upscale feeling place. The menu alway seemed limited. But since the owners closed their other restaurant, I think they've spent more time building a better offering here. The food is good, and it's even a nice spot to stop in for a nice drink and just light fare at the bar.

Ameritage Bistro on the corner of 9th and Orange also just opened. Nice place. I enjoyed the one and only meal I've tried there.

Domaine Hudson is not to be missed. The sushi at Mikimoto's is wonderful. And if you're up for a drive, The Farmhouse out in the Avondale area is truly wonderful.

We're a small city that doens't have a ton to offer, but it's getting better. I hope you're enjoying your life here.

Apr 10, 2008
meredity in Mid-Atlantic

Favorite Rehoboth Restaurants

Just an FYI. We were in Rehoboth this past weekend. Planet X has opened yet. Most of the seasonal places looked as though they were getting close. So I would suggest another week or so.

We stopped into Pig and Fish on Saturday evening and were pleasantly surprised. The food was very good, we only had appetizers and grazed through the evening, but the rest of the menu looked great. A little more on the casual side, but still a fun place.

And yes, Espuma has changed hands. I haven't been there in a long time. Those guys opened a place called Nage out on Route 1. I've never been, but we were sitting within earshot of the chef and his girlfriend/wife at brunch on Sunday. Just listening to his philosphy on food and atmosphere makes we want to get there very soon.

Apr 07, 2008
meredity in Mid-Atlantic

New resturant in Wilmington - Ameritage Bistro

Thanks for the info. I did actually stop in there last night on my way home from work. I just wanted to check the place out and possibly pick up something from the market. Stephiehun should have mentioned this at the beginning of the thread: They carry DiBruno brothers cheeses. I was so excited to find something like that in the city.

We'll definitely be heading there for dinner soon. And of course, I'll probably be stopping by the market weekly for decent cheeses, meats, and incredible peppers stuffed with blue or feta.

Thanks again for the info.

Apr 04, 2008
meredity in Mid-Atlantic

New resturant in Wilmington - Ameritage Bistro

This may sound like a strange question, but do they have a TV near the bar area. We really like to sit and eat at the bar, but we also enjoy really good food and dining at nice places. For instance, we'll in the bar area at The Exchange, Deep Blue, or even Domaine Hudson on occasion. Considering it's NCAA basketball, we'd like to see it on in the background while having a nice meal.

Mar 27, 2008
meredity in Mid-Atlantic