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Columbian Restaurant in Ybor City Tampa

I love the Columbia. i don't get to down to Tampa much anymore, but every time I do, I go to the Columbia. Try their gespatcho bloody marry for openers. I seem to always go back to the 1905 salad, Boliche (braised eye of round stuffed with chorizo served with a hearty gravy made of the braising liquid and vegtables, black beans and rice and fried plantains), and a couple pitchers of the imported sangria. for dessert, try the bread pudding, and cafe con leche. you can't smoke indoors anymore, but in times past we would always go next door and pick up some cigars rolled on site to enjoy in their beatiful bar while we recoverd from the meal.

Apr 08, 2008
ross76 in Florida

Need to eat well in Starkville, MS

Try The Veranda. Hands down the best place in Starkville. Anthony's in West Point is good as well. For pizza hit Dave's Dark Hose Tavern.

Mar 26, 2008
ross76 in General South Archive