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Hog Island Oyster Farm **OR** Tomales Bay Oyster Co?

Just went to TBOC for the first time a couple weeks ago and then we stopped by HI on our way home as a comparison. My impression was that TBOC is good if you bring your own stuff (wine, cheese, bread, cooking supplies, shucking supplies, etc) and HI is good if you don't bring your own stuff since everything you would want is available for sale. HI seemed like there was less seating, but they do have valet parking.

May 23, 2012
hummy in San Francisco Bay Area

Jury Duty in Hayward - Where to eat lunch?

There's a Lee's Sandwiches down the street (about a half mile from the courthouse) that I stop off at frequently on my way home from work. They have a pretty good selection of Vietnamese and American sandwiches, Vietnamese rolls, and things. Nothing fancy, but I've liked pretty much everything I've tried there. It's slightly more expensive than typical Vietnamese places, but they take credit cards.

24788 Amador Street Ste A@ Jackson St.
Hayward, CA 94545
Phone: (510) 783-6888
Fax: (408) 263-2688

Mar 11, 2012
hummy in San Francisco Bay Area

Grocery Outlet FEB 2011

I went to the Hayward one yesterday. They had a lot of Ben & Jerry's ice cream for $1.99. I also got some cream top Brown Cow yogurt raspberry and chocolate flavor for $.50 each. I spent close to $30 and got a $3 off coupon on my receipt good until 2/15.

Feb 08, 2011
hummy in San Francisco Bay Area

Cooking crab

Thanks! I think I'm going to try harryharry's recipe tonight and then this one over the weekend -- I think I have everything but the black beans. So I will have to pick some up when I go back to Chinatown to get another crab.

Nov 19, 2010
hummy in Home Cooking

Dungeness Crab Prices '10

I went there this morning and they had two full tanks. The one I got was 2.75 lbs and lively.

Nov 19, 2010
hummy in San Francisco Bay Area

Cooking crab

I've never cooked a crab before -- someone else does it or I just buy it cooked at the store. Since the season just began I decided to buy one and try cooking it myself. However, all the recipes I've found so far refer to live crab or frozen crab, neither of which I have. I just bought it fresh from the tank but had the guy cut it up. I was thinking about just having it plain with garlic butter, but how should I cook it? Steam it? Boil it? And for how long? Prior to it being chopped up, it was 2.75 lbs. It's less now because it doesn't have the big shell. And when it's cooked, how can I tell it's done?

Nov 19, 2010
hummy in Home Cooking

Charleston Chew Candy Bar

You can find them at Old Navy, too.

Nov 16, 2010
hummy in San Francisco Bay Area

Flavor Brigade: Philly Italian Water Ices and Frozen Custard in Oakland

The ice cream is good -- they make it from Straus products. I tried their coffee flavor and really enjoyed it. My husband had their root beer float. Both were about $2.50 a piece. I need to go back and try their custard. Thanks for the reminder.

Jul 27, 2010
hummy in San Francisco Bay Area

Grocery Outlet April 2010

It's a total treasure hunt -- I never know what to expect when I go. I'm usually pretty vigilant about checking expiration dates, but I forgot to check the date on the Tonnino yellowfin tuna in olive oil that the OP posted. Those expired in January. But I ate the couple cans I bought and they were fine. (This was at the Oakland store.)

The Ben & Jerry Flipped out desserts are pretty good. I went with the peanut butter one, but the cashier said that the brownie one is to die for. Two cups were about $1.50.

Just thought I'd mention that there seems to be a promotion going on right now where some people are getting $3 coupons on their receipts that are to be used later this month. Perhaps you have to spend a minimum of $25? I've shopped twice at the Oakland store this week and got one the other day but not today. I spent about $30 earlier this week and under $10 today. One person in front of me got one today and the other one didn't, but I wasn't paying attention to how much they spent.

Apr 06, 2010
hummy in San Francisco Bay Area

Mandela Foods, W Oakland Opening June 6

I went there this morning to check it out. I think it markets to a different crowd than the 99cent store, but I appreciate what it's trying to accomplish. I wish we had something like it in my neighborhood.

I thought the prices were very fair, particularly for the bulk items. Oatmeal was $.99/lb, quinoa was $3.09/lb, nuts were under $7/lb. That's less that what I normally pay at Farmer Joe's. I didn't buy any produce, but as I recall, organic tomatoes were $1.49/lb and organic avocados were $1.25. We got some Brown Cow cream top yogurt for $.99 each and Clover half and half for $1.09. They also had some meats such as Mary's chicken. I hope it does well. I plan to return next week to buy more bulk items, dairy, and maybe some meat and try some new cheeses.

Jun 07, 2009
hummy in San Francisco Bay Area

In search of the elusive Cinnamon Roll!

Ikea is the first place that comes to mind. I've never had them, but they sure smelled good yesterday as I waited in line to check out.

If you ever go to Pismo Beach, you must stop at Old West Cinnamon Rolls.

Dec 23, 2008
hummy in San Francisco Bay Area

Grocery Outlet, October '08

I had the goat milk cheese awhile ago -- it's exactly what it sounds like -- goat cheese flavor with cheddar-like texture. I like goat cheese and I like cheddar, but not together. But try it, you may like it.

Oct 15, 2008
hummy in San Francisco Bay Area

Old Oakland - Cock-A-Doodle Cafe at night - Ceviche , Sopes de Tinga and Tamarind mojito?

I went last night with my husband, and we really enjoyed it. It wasn't that crowded when we got there around 7:30 so we were able to get a table out back. We shared four dishes which ended up being a lot of food -- the servings were pretty generous given the "small plates meant to be shared" sizes we were expecting. All of the dishes were in the $8 to $14 range.

The dishes we enjoyed the most were the pupusas and the torta cubana. I'd definitely go back for those two. The shrimp ceviche was also very good. The other dish, the ropa vieja, which was something like stewed beef (flank steak??) with rice served with a pickled beet and cabbage salad, was disappointing.

I tried the tamarind mojito which I enjoyed. People at the other tables seemed to be enjoying the sangria.

We were stuffed so we skipped dessert, but the options were flan or fried plantains with coconut ice cream. Our waitress said that they are still working on the desert menu.

All in all, we really enjoyed our dinner at Cock-A-Doodle and plan to be back before the summer's over.

Jul 27, 2008
hummy in San Francisco Bay Area

Grocery Outlet June 2008

I went to the Oakland store this afternoon and they had a lot of these. I do not recall the price.

Jun 28, 2008
hummy in San Francisco Bay Area

Grocery Outlet May 2008

FYI -- the Santa Cruz organic apple raspberry sauce is super sour (or maybe it's just the batch that I bought). Anyway, I have a bunch here in my drawer that are too sour for me to eat.

May 05, 2008
hummy in San Francisco Bay Area

Bay Area grocery shopping rant - is something missing?

I like stopping off at Piazza's for little things like bulk foods, meats, and prepared foods, but I refuse to pay $6 a pound for tomatoes. These days I find that I do most of my shopping at Farmer Joe's in Oakland. The new one on Fruitvale has a good selection of produce and meats and specialty items without (IMHO) being pretentious. If I only have time to go to one market, I just go there. I can get pretty much everything on my list.

Feb 26, 2008
hummy in San Francisco Bay Area

January 2008 - Grocery Outlet

Went by the Hayward GO today and all wine was 20% off. They also had Lindt Madagascar Dark bars and lemon tart milk chocolate bars as for $.99.

Jan 31, 2008
hummy in San Francisco Bay Area

english beer on tap in bay?

Luka's in Oakland has it on tap.

Feb 04, 2007
hummy in San Francisco Bay Area

West Oakland - Revolution Cafe and Brewing Co – Stop for the 50 cent cup of coffee with house-roasted beans

That is great news! I've been trying to ration what I thought was my last pound of their Revolution blend beans.

Feb 02, 2007
hummy in San Francisco Bay Area

Breakfast / brunch in the Berkeley / Oakland area

We love the chile rellenos that Cock-a-Doodle serves on the weekends, and the pumpkin pancakes they had recently were yummy, too.

Jan 22, 2007
hummy in San Francisco Bay Area

Any recs in Pittsburg?

I'm going to be working at Los Medanos and am in need of some good/decent eats. So far all I have seen around there is chain fast food which I am trying to avoid. Anything chow worthy within say, a 5-10 minute drive? Thanks.

Jan 11, 2007
hummy in San Francisco Bay Area

Banana Bread Odyssey...

This is my favorite -- it's even better when you swap out half the flour with almond meal.

Dec 31, 2006
hummy in Home Cooking

Cajun place in Oakland by tunnel?

Creepy, that's how I'd describe our waitress. The one thing I enjoyed was the cookie that came at the end of the meal, the rest, I can't really remember. I'd say go for the experience and to see what the place is like inside. You just have to do it one time to satisfy your curiousity -- it's like nothing you've ever seen before. I grew up in Oakland and passed by it many times, but never went until last year. WHen I went, I recall that they had a Sunday bruch that was pretty reasonably priced (under $10??). But call ahead -- I think they only do like 3 seatings a night.

Nov 20, 2006
hummy in San Francisco Bay Area

What's a good place to eat near Jack London Square?

My favorite restaurant in that area is Soizic Bistro over on 3rd at Broadway. There's also the Fat Lady on Washington. Has anyone tried Silk Road?

Oct 29, 2006
hummy in San Francisco Bay Area

Wank's Off Da Hook BBQ Sauce is Off Da Hook

Here's the main ingredient list from the hot and spicy version which has some heat but isn't overwhelming.

tomato sauce, natural brown sugar, molasses, vinegar, honey, garlic salt

Sep 03, 2006
hummy in San Francisco Bay Area

Wank's Off Da Hook BBQ Sauce is Off Da Hook

At the Art & Soul Fest in Oakland today, there was a new section devoted to locally grown and produced foods. Among the vendors was Wank's Off Da Hook BBQ Sauce. Wow, that's good stuff -- not too sweet and not too sour, with just the right amount of heat, and a bargain at $3 a bottle. Just finished having the sloppy joe's I made with it tonight. Glad to know there are a few places in the area where I can pick up some more.

Also at the Festival were Serendipity Chocolates -- I liked their "intensity" truffle, Numi Teas, Your Black Muslim Bakery, and three wineries including Enat Winery that makes Tej, an Ethiopian Honey Wine, which we bought a bottle of as well.

Sep 03, 2006
hummy in San Francisco Bay Area

Supermarket Delis - What do you get?

Central Market and Goode Co. BBQ -- the two things I miss about Texas. Any of their ready made stuff was great. I especially loved their black pepper & prosciutto bread. I haven't seen it anywhere else. Now that I'm back in the SF Bay Area, the made to order sandwiches from Safeway aren't too bad.

Aug 27, 2006
hummy in General Topics

Farmer's markets around Pismo?

Thanks for the information and recommendations. Unfortunately our plans changed so we weren't able to hit any of the farmer's markets this time around. However, we did make it over to Avila Valley Barn. I was afraid it was going to be too touristy when I drove in, but it was great. The produce was fantastic and the prices were good as well. I finally got to try the Blenheim apricots that I'd read about on the SF board. They were really sweet and yummy. We also had some of their ice pistachio almond and dark chocolate ice cream and sat at one of the picnic benches. Next time I'll have to try some of their baked goods. A

After that we drove around the area wine tasting. I particularly liked the apple chardonnay and merlot from Kelsey See Canyon. We will definitely be visiting the area more often. Thanks!

Aug 13, 2006
hummy in California

lean hamburger,,, need tasty burger recipes

Not a beef burger, but a turkey burger from Rachel Ray. Here's my favorite recipe, both with and without the cranberry sauce.

Aug 08, 2006
hummy in Home Cooking

Farmer's markets around Pismo?

I'm headed to Pismo for a few days and want to take advantage of being able to grill. Are there any farmer's markets in the Pismo area? I can't seem to find any recent information online. Thanks.

Aug 07, 2006
hummy in California