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Anyone been to Restaurant Fibo?

Our dining group has reservations for this Friday evening at this newish molecular gastronomy type restaurant. Has anyone been there and what is your opinion. Also, the bulk of their menu is listed under the heading 1000 cm. What does this even mean?

Fun Birthday Dinner

$30 max. at Les Infidèles - not very likely. Check out their menu at their website

The Friday Night Dinner Group went to Mirchi Restaurant

Our group went to an Indian restaurant , Mirchi, in Old Montreal on Youville St. last night and we all really enjoyed it. I am not close to being an expert on Indian food, and I know about the many posts here about the excellent Indian restaurants in Parc X. That being said, the food at Mirchi, to my limited experience with Indian food, was delicious.
The Naan was the best I have ever had and this was echoed by everyone that had it. The group (10 people) had everything from assorted traditional appetizers, wonderful soups and terrific mains ranging from Tandori chicken, chicken biryani to different curries.
The only miss was a rice pudding dessert.
The service was excellent and the kitchen sent out dishes of a wonderful vegetable curry (on the house) to spoon onto our mains.
All in all, highly recommended.

Leonidas chocolates at Costco!!!!!!!!!

Don't know about the distributor, but the price doesn't appear to be an error. Friends in Toronto told me that they bought these chocolates at Costco for the same $16.99 a couple of weeks ago.

Leonidas chocolates at Costco!!!!!!!!!

I have only had 3 or 4 (or maybe 8) chocolates since I bought them, and it may be luck of the draw, but none of them had nuts. Mainly, mousse like or nougat type filling or solid chocolate, but no creme fillings so far.

Leonidas chocolates at Costco!!!!!!!!!

I work 2 minutes from the Galerie du Chocolate and have bought their product on many occasions for business related activities. However, to my taste, compared to the Leonides I bought at Costco, they come up far short. Also, in terms of price, a 1 lb. box of Galerie du Chocolat at Costco (albeit beautifully gift wrapped) is $14.99 while the 2-1/2 lb. box of Leonides (nicely boxed but no gift wrap) is $16.99, so there is no contest pricewise.
I do agree with you about these overpriced, so-called luxury chocolates - on the Leonidas website, a 2-1/2 lb. box was $90, so the Costco price is unbelieveable.

Leonidas chocolates at Costco!!!!!!!!!

I just returned from the Costco in Pointe St-Charles and, while wandering in the holiday chocolate aisle, I had a WTF moment. There in front of me was a full height shelf filled with 1.12 kg. boxes of assorted dark, milk and white Leonides chocolates at $16.99 (or approx. $15/kg.) I've never bought these premium bonbons, but friends told me that at a company store (like the one on Parc near Laurier), a 1 kg. box would probably run in the $60 - $70 range. How Costco has them at their price is unbelieveable. I checked the expiry date which was May 21, 2011. There are dozens and dozens of these boxes on the shelf and most people were just walking by. I ended up getting a box to share at work.
An amazing value.

Quick Eats Near Hotel Omni Mont-Royal

No poutine, but right across the street from the Omni in the Best Western is Zawadeh, an excellent Lebanese restaurant. Because of the large Lebanese population in Montreal, there are so many more excellent Lebanese places here in Montreal compared to Toronto, so you might really enjoy this restaurant.

Empire Grill in Ottawa - the absolute worst meal ever....

Sorry for the grammar in the last comment - I intended to write that "this was the worst ever " not "they was the worst ever".

Empire Grill in Ottawa - the absolute worst meal ever....

I was visiting friends in Ottawa this past weekend with another mutual friend, both of us from Montreal. Our friends had made a reservation at Empire Grill where they had been for brunch but never for dinner. They both had really enjoyed their brunch and several of their friends had given a "Thumbs Up" to their dinner chioice.
Well, what a crappy meal.
We arrived at 7:30, were immediately seated and within 10 minutes, ordered our meals which consisted of salads for 3 of us and hamburgers for all of us. The salads arrived relatively promptly and, to the credit of this restaurant, were very good. We then waited and waited, with the server, who kept apologizing for the delay, explaining that the kitchen was overwhelmed by the size of the crowd???? It was was Saturday night at a very popular restaurant and the kitchen was overwhelmed???
Well. at 8:55, the hamburgers arrived, and boy oh boy, McDonalds would have been better. In our opinions, the line cooks must have left these burgers on the grill at least 15 - 20 minutes beyond their "done" stage. They were so dry that when I attempted to cut through the burger with a fork and hefty steak knife, I had to do a sawing motion and the bun was so dried out that it resembled drywall.
The server was very apologetic and the manager came over and told us that there would something done to compensate for this disaster.
We were comped for the burgers, but there is no way that these meals should have left the kitchen in the first place.
Our Ottawa hosts (who were completely embarressed) vowed to never patronize this restaurant again.
I'm not trying to put down Ottawa restaurants because I'm from Montreal (I've had bad dinners in Montreal) but they was the worst ever.

Empire Grill
47 Clarence St, Ottawa, ON K1N 9K1, CA

Christmas party for 25

I have no idea if it is if is or not Halal. Gibe them a call.

Christmas party for 25

Hi Simon.
I recommend Restaurant Sawadeh, a Lebanese restaurant at the Best Western Hotel at the corner of Sherbrooke and Peel. I am a member of a dining group that meets every Friday, and we have had dinner there twice during this past year. They suggested a menu for $20/person and what a feast they provided for that reasonable price. Platters of hors d'ouevres (all vegetarian) followed by platters of grilled meats and vegetables. Everything was delicious, and there was so much food, that some of us took home "doogie bags". Highly recommended.

Wedding venue - Elm Ridge Country Club - Reviews??

I have been at 3 Bar Mitzvah celebrations at Elmridge during the past 3 years, but I'll comment on the most recent one held in May this year. There was a cocktail hour from 7:00 - 8:00 p.m. with an open bar and both passed hors d'oeuvres and stations dispensing smoked meat "sliders " and smoked salmon. Everything was delicious. Dinner was a buffet (not sure if this is what you have in mind). There were two long tables set up at each side of the room. One side had non meat offerings including various salads, sides of poached salmon and several pasta selections and grilled veggies. The other side was meat oriented with filet mignon sliced to order and racks of lamb also cut to order together with hot vegetables of various types (potatoes, green beans, etc.). I obviously couldn't manage to try all of the offerings, but everything I tried was terrific. I even commented to friends how impressed I was with the food, considering we were at a golf club.
Dessert was also a buffet served in an adjoining room and was excellent, with a table of cakes, pastries and fresh fruit and, adjacent, an ice cream sundae station. (Probably more for the kids although a lot of the kids looked like very mature adults.)
Quite a few years ago, I attended a wedding there which was a sit down dinner rather than a buffet and I remember it as being equally good.
All in all, based on my recent experience, I don't think you'll be disappointed.

All this being said, naturelle, had suggested Hillsdale, and although my experience there has only been a Friday evening dinner with member friends (excellent food), the dining room and the clubhouse generally, is more elegant than Elmridge.
Whatever your final choice. Mazel Tov and best wishes on your upcoming nuptials.

Looking for Costa D'oro olive oil

Costa D'Oro Il Grezzo EVVO is readily available at Costco. Bought a liter bottle for $7.99 last Saturday.

Octopus main course

Just ask for a main course size serving. I've done it at a couple of restaurants and they have willingly obliged with a larger than appetizer size serving at less than double the appetizer price. Elounda, located at Marcel Laurin and Cote Vertu in VSL, if I remember correctly, offers a main course octopus which is a huge serving size and absolutely delicious.

1818 Blvd Cote Vertu, Montreal, QC H2Y, CA

First time in Chicago Labor Day weekend and looking for 1 dinner and 2 lunch recommendations

Thank you nsxtasy for all the links. Definitely Catch 35 for dinner Friday as one of the few things Montreal lacks, restaurant-wise, are good fish places. The "Lunching in the Loop" link will certainly provide me with numerous choices for the 2 lunches as will the breakfast link.

Catch 35
35 W. Wacker Dr., Chicago, IL 60601

Aug 31, 2010
davyboy in Chicago Area

First time in Chicago Labor Day weekend and looking for 1 dinner and 2 lunch recommendations

Sorry, my bad, as the first line reads as if the wedding is Friday, but, as indicated further on in my post, the wedding is Sunday, Sept. 5.

Aug 30, 2010
davyboy in Chicago Area

First time in Chicago Labor Day weekend and looking for 1 dinner and 2 lunch recommendations

I'm coming to Chicago from Montreal to attend a wedding this Friday, Sept. 3 and returning home on Monday, Sept. 6. I'm staying at The Wit Doubletree (the location of the wedding) and I'm invited to the rehearsal dinner on Saturday evening, the wedding itself on Sunday evening and a wedding brunch on Monday morning, so looking for suggestions for Friday evening dinner and lunches on Saturday and Sunday.

I have a ticket for Billy Elliott on Friday evening at the Ford Oriental Theatre at 8:00 p. m., which is apparently very close to the hotel, so I'm looking for a great restaurant (love all types of food, but being from Montreal, no French) within easy walking distance of the hotel and theatre for dinner at 6:00ish. As I'll be alone, eating at the bar would work and I'm looking to spend $50 - $60 including a glass of wine.
Also looking for lunch recommendations in the Loop/Miracle Mile area for Saturday and Sunday. I also prefer not to have breakfast at hotels, so any great breakfast suggestions (not brunch) near the hotel would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance for your recommendations.

Oriental Theatre
24 W Randolph St, Chicago, IL

Aug 30, 2010
davyboy in Chicago Area

Where's the best burger in Montreal

For my money, I still really like Mister Steer. I don't go often, but 2 Sundays ago, I had a craving (doesn't happen often) for a Mr. Steerburger and walked down around 1:00 p.m. The restaurant was quite empty which is usually not a good sign, but went in and ordered the double Steerburger with a baked potato, as, feeling guilty about having two burgers, I passed on the Suzie-Qs. I ordered the burgers medium rare and that's exactly how they were served. Absolutely delectable. I knew from going there for many years (starting with their original location across from The Bay 30+ years ago) that they used kosher meat which allowed them to serve their burgers at the desired degree of doneness. I had asked the owner during a previous visit if that was still the case and he confirmed it and actually showed me the meat invoice from a kosher butcher. Great value for a delicious burger(s). And, BTY, they still serve that iceberg with shredded carrot salad with the orange "French" dressing, but have oil and vinegar as well.
For my money, it beats M Burger any day for way less of my hard earned money.

Mister Steer Restaurant
1198 Rue Sainte-Catherine W, Montreal, QC H3B1K1, CA

Fino restaurant and gourmet shop

Hi Naturelle:
My reply may be too late, but I ate there twice during the late winter and had the short rib both times - it was superb. However, with the heat of summer, it may be a little too heavy a choice. I've had fish on a couple of occasions and the fish was wonderfully prepared (salmon and, I think, a bass filet). Most apps are very generous in size and easily shared.
The delicious apple crisp with the huge scoop of ice cream was freshly prepared and hot and, again, so large, that it easily can be shared. Enjoy.

Le Boucan

I'm not overly familiar with styles of BBQ sauces but this one had a very pleasant smokey, slightly spicy flavour. It was on both the chiicken and the ribs (which, according to the people that had them, were very tasty). I didn't see the smoker so can't comment on the size. There was a taster platter on the menu, intended for 2 people. I saw one go by and it had the chicken, ribs and possibly the pork. I'm sure it will include the brisket when it finally appears on the menu.

Le Boucan

Well, BLM, I think the place has potential and they appear to be dedicated to doing it right. When I came in, I chatted with the manager (owner) and told him that I was looking forward to the brisket. He informed me that it was not yet on the menu because they had tested it on their smoker outdoors and it was perfect but after installing the smoker in the kitchen, it wasn't the same and they are going to wait until it is perfect before putting it on the menu. He told me that they are smoking the pork shoulder, used for the pulled pork,for 14 hours on low heat, but not one of the 14 people in our group ordered it, so I can't comment. Most had the chicken and everyone who had it liked it, especially the BBQ sauce. I tasted it and it was good. I had the "5 napkin" hamburger ordered medium rare but it came out medium well, but was tasty. The starters were excellent from a smoked tomato soup (wonderful) to a mac and cheese. I had a bacon brownie for dessert and it was delicious (cakey type brownie with bacon bits in the cake with vanilla ice cream - the combination of the sweet chocolate with the salty bacon was great). Service was slow but they have only been open for a week or so and they were packed. We ate on their lovely outdoor terrace in the back which was wonderful on this warm evening.
Overall, I'd wait a few weeks to give them time to get their act together, but, overall, I think they' may have a winner.

Le Boucan

Our Friday Night Dining group is going tomorrow. I'll post comments on Saturday.

Anyone been to and have opinions of Le Muscadin on Notre Dame West corner of McGill?

Obviously, didn't spellcheck, I meant PRIMO and not Prino.

Anyone been to and have opinions of Le Muscadin on Notre Dame West corner of McGill?

A mutual friend and I are planning to take out our friend and his wife to this restaurant, for his 65th. birthday, which was suggested by my friend. My choice would have been Prino Secondo in Little Italy. Are these two restaurants comparable?

Le Muscadin
639 Rue Notre-Dame W, Montreal, QC H3C1H8, CA

Passing of Mila Oh (aka moh)

I'll use a Yiddish word to express my feelings - farklempt, meaning choked up with sorrow. I had the pleasure of meeting Moh on 2 occasions, the first the same as Porker mentioned, at the original Qing Hua in April 2009 and then again at The Sparrow for a late brunch organized by Bigfellow on Labour Day last year. On both occasions her smile, intelligence and overall friendliness captivated everyone (and she knew all of our Chowhound handles). Her posts always were both funny and informative and were right spot on. My heart goes out to her husband Ken and all her family and friends. We all must support ongoing efforts to find a cure for this devastating disease which is claiming too many of our best, youngest and brightest. Support the Run for the Cure in Moh's name.
Rest in peace, Moh.

May 29, 2010
davyboy in Site Talk

Matane shrimp season?

I bought 2 lobsters at the Metro Plus corner Notre Dame and Mountain last Saturday. I asked the young lady tending the lobster tank to pick me out the 2 largest. They came in at 1-1/2lbs. each and I was charged the $4.89/lb. rate.
3 lbs. of what were lucious lobster for $14.47 - Priceless.

supermarket open late?

Not in the OP's area, but the Provigo at St. Catherine and Fort is open until 2:00 a.m.

Best Smoked Salmon in Montreal - where to buy

My go-to place for what I think is just about the tastiest smoked salmon is New Victoria Fish on Victoria Avenue just south of Van Horne in the Cote Des Neiges district. It is sliced to order and the person slicing (owner?) will give you a nice slice to taste. This salmon is silky melt-in-your-mouth delicious, and for the quality is reasonably priced at $39.80/kg. Although it's obviously not in your area, it's quite accessible by bus or metro if you don't have a car. Take any Park Avenue bus north to Van Horne, then transfer to the 161 westbound and get off at Victoria. Alternatively, New Victoria is just across the street from the Van Horne exit at the Plamondon stop on the direction Cote Vertu metro line. Hope this helps.

Montreal birthday dinner... for a vegetarian!?

I did a write-up back in early July, but I don't know how to link it into this reply. If you search Le Bourlingeur, you'll see my review.