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What's your favorite apple?

I don't have vast experience, but from what I've tried I'd take Honeycrisp first and Fuji second.

Green machaca and red machaca?

These are items on the menu at Carolina's. Does it just mean their green or red chile with machaca as the meat, or what?

(Also wondering what the plain green chile contains, given that beef green chile and chicken green chile are on the menu separately.)

Mar 14, 2011
Bill on Capitol Hill in Phoenix

Old Ebbit Grill - Washington

I like Old Ebbitt more than most people here. Great raw bar, great burgers, great local atmosphere, and I've even had great liver and onions there.

NY Hound first trip to D.C.

Make Rasika your any-price dinner. Ethiopian, as in Dukem or Etete, would be a great low-priced choice with local flavor.

1942 9th St NW, Washington, DC 20001

Rasika Restaurant
633 D Street, NW, Washington, DC 20004

Tacos el Costalilla

This is an amazing find. I've only been there once, but I think it may be better than even Orale in its heyday. Carnaza was very good, but al pastor was just plain great. I can't wait to try the rest of the menu. The self-serve condiment bar is a nice touch, too. (And there's Coke Zero! Small favors!)

The Top Four Worst Coffeehouse Faux Pas

Blue Bottle refuses to provide artificial sweeteners. Dissing diabetics, for me, would be a "faux pas."

Apr 29, 2010
Bill on Capitol Hill in Features

Anyone had the roasted steak at Craftsteak?

I'm skeptical but intrigued. What would be the advantage of roasting a steak?

Lapidus in the Capitol Skyline Hotel

I'm not finding any reviews of this restaurant, in Southwest not far from the ballpark. Has anyone been?

Need Sushi Rec for Tonight (NOVA)

That wasn't my experience, though I'm speaking from only three visits. I recall some nice white-toro sashimi.

Need Sushi Rec for Tonight (NOVA)

For what it's worth, I tried Momo and Yamazato back to back not long ago and was far, far happier with Yamazato.

Seventh Hill Pizza (or Dupont Circle place for parents + 23 year old kids)

Seventh Hill just opened a week or two ago. It's competent upscale pizza. Seating is very limited, especially as we get into no-outdoor-tables weather.

Best of DC - Walking distance from Union Station

Johnny's Half Shell (seafood with a New Orleans theme)
Bistro Bis (French)
Art and Soul (Southern)
The Monocle (steak)
Toscana Cafe (Italian)
White Tiger (Indian)
Taqueria Nacionale (tacos, limited seating, lunch only)

Montrealer needs a dinner in DC and lunch venue near National Agricultural Lib.

Rasika is amazing. If you're up for upscale Indian and willing to splurge, you won't be disappointed.


It's America's gyro. Think of it that way and you feel less guilty about loving it. (I know I do.)

Aug 30, 2009
Bill on Capitol Hill in Chains

Nasty bits?

Old Ebbitt Grill and its Clyde's siblings do a nice liver and onions.

The Chinese place in Odenton, Md., has a dish called Triple Treasures that is cold thin-sliced offal.

Present, the Vietnamese place near Falls Church, has a great papaya salad with liver jerky.

The best sweetbreads I've had were at 2941 in Falls Church -- but that was a few years, chefs and menus ago.

Potbelly Sandwich Works

Best of the sub chains that I've tried -- certainly leagues above Subway and Blimpie's -- but "amazing bread" it isn't. The shakes and malts are very good.

Jul 30, 2009
Bill on Capitol Hill in Chains

One Day Eating Tour of DC Metro

I love the Eastern Market and Old Ebbitt recs, and the other poster's Ethiopian idea for dinner (make it Etete or Dukem). But maybe I'd do the lickety-split lunch at Restaurant Eve. For drinks, perhaps the bar at the Mayflower (old school) or PS 7's (new school).

Clubby restaurants in DC?

If you're looking for dinner and not just drinks ... Capital Grille (even though it is a chain) or Old Ebbitt have the atmosphere. The Monocle is maybe closer in spirit. But I don't think there's a great all-around equivalent.

Hong Kong Palace Menu -- Pick Your Faves.....

Both the Dan Dan noodles and the Chengdu cold noodles are amazing -- the former is the pasta of my dreams, a silky narrow-gauge version of linguini, and the latter features just a hint of the numbing effect of Sichuan peppercorns.

The Chengdu kung pao chicken put me in the mind of sticky buns when I first tried it, which is a misleading picture to paint in that it would seem to suggest cloyingly sweet like sweet-and-sour or some General Tso's. Quite the opposite -- but somehow the way the ginger tinges the brown sauce creates a light and clean version of that carmelized aura.

(And actually, this place's General Tso's -- my wife's order -- is pretty darn good as well, almost like Korean fried chicken. I love the way Hong Kong Palace gave us the "real" menu rather than the American one; the waitress produced the American one when we asked about my wife's preferred item, but it was sweet and funny the way her face lighted up when I started ordering the "real" items.)

Speaking of fried chicken, it's a misnomer in the name of the fried chicken with spicy potato, which may be the best dish I've tried so far. I eat this and I don't think "Chinese food"; I think "burrito filling of the gods." That's the cumin talking, obviously, but boy is that some comfort food.

One disappointment: I love kidneys in steak-and-kidney pie or rognons de veau a la moutarde, but the stir-fried kidneys ("stir-friend" on the menu) at Hong Kong Palace are no better than OK. Drive to Odenton and get the cold "triple treasures" appetizer for your offal fix.

Chain items that are addictive as crack

The hot and sweet pickle chips at Famous Dave's.

Jul 17, 2009
Bill on Capitol Hill in Chains

Cornish Pasties in DC (or online)?

The beef burek at Restaurant Cosmopolitan, a Bosnian place on Route 1 south of Alexandria, struck me as surprisingly similar.

(Giant supermarkets used to carry Mr. Pastie, and I've missed that. I'll check next time I'm at Wegmans.)

Farragut North- Drinks, Not Dives

Town & Country bar at the Mayflower Hotel for drinks.

Jamaican beef patties around DC area?

At the risk of blasphemy, can anyone with more experience than I comment on how the 7-Eleven patties stack up? (They taste pretty darn good to me.)

Burritos in DC area

I second the comment that the area is much better for tacos than for burritos. I've grown to like Burrito Brothers fare, in a Chipotle sort of way, but it's just not the same as what I could find practically everywhere when I lived in Arizona.

Best Milkshakes in DC

The Potbelly sandwich chain actually does good shakes and malts.

Seared Scallops

I second Ray's the Steaks and Ray's the Classics. And here's a surprise entry: Matchbox, or at least the new one on Barracks Row. Really nice.

Tempt Asian annandale on Little River Turnpike

Nice to have a recent report. The place was the talk of the town a year or two ago, but the chef left suddenly and it seems that everyone stopped paying attention.

Any Ramen Bars around NOVA/DC?

Hai Ky Mi Gia in Eden Center, near Falls Church, has what I understand is Vietnam's answer to ramen.

Top 10 Chain/Fast Food Items

Oh, yes -- Fuddruckers. Tremendously underrated, especially now that medium-rare is an option again.

Apr 02, 2009
Bill on Capitol Hill in Chains

C. Palmers or Capital Grill

I like Capital Grille for the dry-aged porterhouse and the clubby, politician-heavy atmosphere. Charlie Palmer Steak is good, too, but it's more of a modern, not-just-a-steakhouse steakhouse.