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Le Gaigne Oct 29, 2010

I ate at La Gagne in mid-October and was very disappointed for the price and chef reputation. Can't remember what we had, but felt the service was very cool, and the food mediocre. The presentation of food looked fine, and the intent was clearly to set out food that was not your ordinary French bistro fare, but we all felt that the meal was drab in flavor and execution, except for some beets we had in the first course. Would definitely not recommend or return. Much better experience at Le Temps au Temps and La Table d'Eugene, both of which I found through this board.

Nov 01, 2010
littlegaper in France

need recommendations for a group of students living in Paris--Moroccan.raclette/other??

Am visiting my daughter in Paris. She is studying at the Sorbonne for a semester. Wants to take some of her friends out to dinner--group would total 6 or 7. Do not want to break the bank. Thinking maybe we should try Morrocan,raclette, or fondue to keep the costs minimal, no more than 20 euro per person.Am willing to try anything, but also need to have some vegetarian (eats white fish) options. Pizza sounds like a good option, but in Paris?
Thanks to the recs here, had a good first dinner at Le Temps on Paul Bert. Am striking out for Bastille and Aligre markets tomorrow.

Am grateful for any suggestions.

Oct 16, 2010
littlegaper in France

need additional info re La Malbaie

Am headed to La Malbaie next week. Can't decide between Vices Versa, Auberge des Peupliers, or Trois Canards. Peupliers has a better looking online menu than Trois Canards, but can't find much out about either.

Also, looking for a grocery store in La Malbaie area.

I would appreciate any thoughts. Merci.

Eating in Baie St Paul

Thanks for the recs, profjmm.

Am headed to La Malbaie next week. CAn't decide between Vices Versa, Auberge des Peupliers, or Trois Canards. peupliers has a better looking online menu than Trois Canards, but can't find much out about either.

Any thoughts?

Restaurant for group of 8 Fordham students

Am visiting our Fordham senior this weekend and want to take her and around 8 friends out to dinner. We have been to Arthur Avenue several times, but are thinking of doing something different. We like Apizz and Cacio de Pepe. We already have reservations at Prune, Balthazar, and Lupa for the 3 of us this weekend. Any ideas in midtown, LES, or closer to Fordham where we could take the Fordham group? Does not need to be Italian. Willing to be adventurous.

Apr 07, 2008
littlegaper in Manhattan

Grateful for the advice and recommendations

I spent good chunks of time on this board while planning for a 5 day visit to San Francisco. After much learning, I made open table reservations and ate at the following: Aziza, Bar Crudo, Piperade, and Zuni. Had Happy Hour at Hog Island. Also lunched at Swan and Tadich with breakfast/lunch at the Saturday Ferry and Sunday Marin County Market, the latter as a prelude to a long day in and about Muir Woods. Happened upon Marnee Thai while in the Golden Gate Park area. Came home with chocolate from the Marin market, chocolate bars from Fog City News, jerky from the Fatted Calf, 3 different types of cheese from Cowgirl Creamery, a case of artichokes, a lb of brussel sprouts, and dried beans from Iacopi Farms at the Tuesday Ferry market, and 6 very cheap kiwi.

Did not get to Burma Star, PPQ, lunch at Chez Panisse, Tartine, or Bi-Rite. Maybe next time.

Was looking for uniquely San Francisco restaurants, and enjoyed each and every dining experience. The drinks, spreads, lamb at Aziza were mighty fine, as were the gnocchi,roasted chicken, and desserts at Zuni, peppers, calamari, and sea bass at Piperade, sand dabs at Tadich, and chowder at Bar Crudo. Of course, the seafood everywhere was a great bonus--so much fresher and more plentiful than anything we have in the Midwest.

Was surprised at the sparse number of California wines available on all menus.

I appreciate the discussions and comments here. I'm sure that the locals get sick of answering the query of what restaurant should I go to, but the answers are very helpful to visitors trying to separate the wheat from the chaff. Thanks for the input and making our vacation a fantastic dining and visiting experience.