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Concord Grape Martini

According to Jimmy Buffett this is called a "Purple Passion."

It is good though

Jul 02, 2008
gtgibb in Recipes

Spaghetti al tonno piccanti (Spaghetti in spicy tuna sauce)

Great easy lunch, a few capers, if you have them are a nice addition.

May 13, 2008
gtgibb in Recipes

Smokin' Cheese & Mac Bake

Great with mustard powder in the spice mix. Or I suppose regular mustard if that is all you have.

Apr 29, 2008
gtgibb in Recipes

Zoomin' Through Zurich

For cheaper Swiss food you can also try the Crazy Cow, menus are in Swiss-German, but I think they have English available. Leonhardstr. 1. Haldenegg Tram stop 6/7/10/15,

Thai in the old town? The Blue Monkey is nice but a bit loud for my tastes. They make up for it by having actual spicy food which can be hard to find here. it is right next to the the Rathaus tram stop on the 4 and 15 lines.

Another interesting place to try is the Belvoir Park just off the 7 tram stop Brunaustrasse 3 or 4 stops from Stockerstrasse. It is a place where apprentice restaurant workers train to manage and work in top end restaurants. They do things like decant your wine over a candle, the service and food are exceptional leave time though, and you might have to make a reservation.

If you want a more local experience there are restaurants/cafeterias on the top floors of most of the big department stores (Migros, Manor, Globus, and Jelmoli, ascending cost.)

I am a big fan of the Sternen Grill in Bellvue at the top of the lake. I have never eaten in the restaurant, but the Bratwurst/Mustard/Brötli at the stand up/takeaway area are the best in the city. the Cervela are pretty good too. You should try a Cervela as there are new rules starting this summer that will change the casings and all the Swiss think they will be ruined, I can't taste the difference though.

Stockerstrasse is sort of an office area so definitely get a 24 hour tram ticket, it should cost CHF7.80. You will be near the 6 7 and, I think, 8 trams and right between Paradeplatz and Enge which connect to just about every other tram line

Ok, I'll stop now one of these day I will do more about Zürich.

Have fun.

oh and has extensive listings for everthing.

Mar 26, 2008
gtgibb in International Archive

48 hours in... Zurich, Switzerland

All good tips. I would add that your should make sure to have a Bratwurst or Cervela (another kind of sausage shorter, thicker, firmer and red) at the Sternen Grill in Bellvue. The sausages a fine, but the Brötli (little breads included in the chf 6.50) and mustard are the best in Zürich.

I think I might have to go have one now.

Mar 26, 2008
gtgibb in International Archive