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Peter Reinhart Recipe Breads Available or Sale In NYC

Hi, I am a big fan of PR's recipes, and would like to know if any NYC bakeries use his methods or recipes.

Jul 11, 2015
inwooddan in Manhattan

Pollo & gallina?

This sounds like a Gallina Vieja, an Old Hen. This is the chicken that is used in the Caribbean for homey soup stock, though not gelatinous stock. The older the bird, the darker the dark meat, and the harder the bones, hence the stock not being thick. The only way to break down this bird without violence is to cook it in a pressure cooker -- for 45 minutes after you turn down the heat. Add your standard other things - carrot, onion, garlic, bay leaf, etc. AND CHICKEN FEET FOR THICKENING AND FOR THAT GORGEOUS WIERD TASTE, or ginger, garlic, scallion for Chinese broth. Happy cooking. The cooked skin has a wonderful elastic mouthfeel I just had this soup for lunch with Thai seasonings, Chinese broccoli and noodles. Fab.

Feb 15, 2011
inwooddan in General Topics

Recipe for Baluchi's Goan Shrimp Curry? [moved from Manhattan board]

Or at least, just the sauce (cheaper).

Jan 19, 2009
inwooddan in Home Cooking

Recipe for Baluchi's Goan Shrimp Curry? [moved from Manhattan board]

Why not buy gallons full, freeze them and bring them with you?

Jan 19, 2009
inwooddan in Home Cooking

How long before I throw out the SHRIMP?


Smell them.

Jan 19, 2009
inwooddan in Home Cooking


Typo or Error: Peking Duck (Forest Hills) 107-12 70th AVENUE, (NOT Road.) Good standard Chinese restaurant that has always been consistent throughout the years.

Apr 10, 2008
inwooddan in Outer Boroughs

Curried Turkey Salad

Looks good.

Mar 26, 2008
inwooddan in Recipes

Second best slice of pizza in Brooklyn:Joes of Bleecker St.

Hi, pizza lovers. See my post tonight called Pizza Sublimity Ascendant in Bushwick.

Mar 25, 2008
inwooddan in Outer Boroughs

Oaxacan Tamales in Woodside

You can get wonderful tamales at a Mexican bakery in Broolyn on Cortelyou just east of Coney Island Avenue. What is so special about these is the masa - orange colored, loaded with achiote. $1/per. Weekends only.

Mar 25, 2008
inwooddan in Outer Boroughs

Pizza Sublimity is Ascendant in Bushwick

I took the Times article (Wed. 19 March, p. F8) "In Bushwick, The Pizza as Art" with me last Sunday to find out for myself. Wow!

At Roberta's (261 Moore Street, 718-417-1118) ) I ordered a regular pizza (11") with their home-made guanciale -- hog's jowl, that is. The runny egg that usually comes with this combo did not appeal. I had a small classic bottled Diet Coke for $2.00. This was superior pizza with a woody aroma. The Diet Coke was...Diet Coke.

Also, on the recommendation of Chris, the owner, I ordered a Lamb Breast ($9) to go. When I opened the container, a blast of moutonic essence reached my nostrils before you could sing "Mary Had a little....

Music: eclectic -- Rock of all ages, jazz, Beethoven or church music, probably.

Ambience: Brooklyn funk. As I approached this Palace of Pizza some 20-somethings
a la grunge were sitting in a clump on the sidewalk. Wierd, but colorful cute. There are long tables and some regularly shaped ones. Very down home, the kind of look that could incorporate sawdust on the floor.

Getting there: Drive or take the L train to Morgan (?). By car, about 14 minutes from the BQE entrance off the Williamsburg Bridge. Around the corner on Bogart there is a well-stocked health food store that deserves your business - nice Hispanic platters available.

Conclusion: If you love John's of Bleeker Street, Sal's, Pepe's, and the Modern in New Haven, Sal and Carmines on Broadway at 102nd, Joe's of Carmine Street, and V&T's on Amsterdam near Columbia University, hie thee hence to Chris Parachini's Roberta's. Bring your camera to take a shot of the really cool (hot!) oven. Don't dress up.

Bravi, Chris and the P team!

Mar 25, 2008
inwooddan in Outer Boroughs