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Lavender ice cream in NYC

Sundays & Cones has the best lavendar ice cream I've ever had.

East 10th street in the east Village, NYC

May 13, 2013
merisulcer in Manhattan

Visiting Sydney from New York City

Thank you for the lesson on coffee terminology. I've been enjoying my flat whites very much here! I checked out David Jones department store and went to the food court in search of the yogurt! It blew my mind. I am going to check out the good court of the Westfield Mall tomorrow. Have many more things to check out on my "to eat" list. I ate some serious miso ramen last night at Wagamama on Darling Harbor. I am not sure if that place is a chain but it put most of the NYC ramen houses to shame. I walked by Laksa House yesterday. I will try to hit that too!

Visiting Sydney from New York City

Thank you! I am so excited to try everything!!! I am not sure about that half croc/half roo pizza!

Visiting Sydney from New York City

VERY helpful. I was just going to ask about slang and food terms! Thanks

Visiting Sydney from New York City

Thank you thank you thank you all so very much. I have printed all of your amazing feedback and will be armed and ready when I get to sydney. My mouth is already watering. This new yorker is very very appreciative. Will let you know how it was when I return. Cheers!

Visiting Sydney from New York City

I am traveling to Sydney, Australia for work in November and staying for 3 weeks. I live in Manhattan and am an avid chowhound of all genres of food- more into the authentic than the fancy. Can anyone please recommend some serious eats in neighborhoods around the city? Many thanks.

Good Eats in Sonoma?

Hello fellow chowhounders! I'm heading off to Sonoma Valley, CA for a friend's wedding next week. I know she is organizing a wine picnic and some other sightseeing trips, but there will be loads of down time for me to explore. Any suggestions for good eats, cheap eats, or just good places to check out? I'd even be thrilled for a great coffee place/ cafe for breakfast, too.


best dishes with BACON in manhattan?

Crif Dogs for sure, but even better: The Bistro burger at The Corner Bistro not only has the best burger in Manhattan, but the bacon is cooked to perfection every time. The Cavatelli pasta ( fresh ricotta cheese, bacon, arugula, pepperoncino) at Giorgione is also pretty amazing. The pasta has a bit of a smokey flavor to it, but it's light and not overpowering at all.

Corner Bistro
331 W 4th St, New York, NY 10014

508 Greenwich Street, New York, NY 10013

Oct 25, 2008
merisulcer in Manhattan