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Farm Boy (Taunton Gardens, Whitby)

They opened last Thursday, and I visited today. Lots of interesting own label products on hand, along with national brands. Very confusing parking lot so watch out!

Penrose closed

Sea Witch on St. Clair West got great reviews last week (Amy Pataki & Chris Nuttall-Smith) so I'm anxious to go there. My last visit to Penrose was in the summer, before the closure was announced, and it was just ok so perhaps it was time to retire.

Where to buy skirt steak

Juan Meat Market - "El Gaucho"
40 Beverly Hills Dr., Unit 52 Toronto, Ontario M3L-1A1
Telephone: 416-248-2808

Rachel's Corned Beef Brisket

I braised two Rachel's brisket pieces yesterday in a Le Creuset. 325F for 3 hours, and they were perfect. Sorry to read of your experience.

New restaurant called Midtown, on Eglinton, soft opening Fri Nov 8th

That makes three restaurants in that space in the last year or so.

Belgian fry booth opening on Gerrard and Parliament

I was stopped at that intersection this morning, and the storefront with the metal grate gives no indication that a restaurant is about to open behind it.

Ontario Cider Map

Another one:
The Duxbury Cider Company, in Meaford

Utz Potato Chips at HomeSense

The Laird & Eglinton location is selling 12 pack (each 1 oz.) bags of these, both regular flavour and assorted, for $7.99. I've never tasted this brand, but I know it's very popular on the East Coast of the U.S.

Cronuts, anyone know if anyone makes them in Canada?

They are not all iced, and they are multilayered once you cut them. Maple Bakery is in a plaza on the west side of Keele, just north of Major MacKenzie.

Cronuts, anyone know if anyone makes them in Canada?

Here are two of Maple Bakery's cronuts

Cronuts, anyone know if anyone makes them in Canada?

The Cinnamon Sugar is the best seller, but I really enjoyed the Chocolate Iced & Vanilla Iced today they were worth every cent of $3.75. Great hot table at Maple Bakery too.

Ha Long Bay closing July 30

The curse of neighbourhoods like this are the rents. Ha Long Bay was a welcome addition to Eglinton West. Here's wishing Good luck to them opening up again somewhere more affordable.


$6.79 and i had the same issue as the other Chowhounder who said the salad had to be redistributed by him/her in order to fill the roll evenly.

Real Cider in Toronto?

Dobyblue, William is no longer 100% organic; but it is still gluten free. The LCBO instructed the producer to remove the gluten free statement, I suppose to distract attention from brands that aren't.

Real Cider in Toronto?

Gumbril, William Cider (LCBO #173039) does NOT have added sugar!

Ceylon Cinnamon: where in City of Toronto?

Hi Dean, Fiesta Farms on Christie has the Ceylon aka "true cinnamon"quills.

Where to eat pork with abundant CRACKLING?


Lantic Raw Sugar Cubes

Cedar brand raw sugar cubes are available at Food Basics in the East York Town Centre, mere minutes from Bayview & Eglinton.

Need Recipe for Nordic Ware Yule Log Pan

I bought one of these specialty pans at Super Centre, then discovered to my dismay that a recipe isn't included anywhere on the packaging. An internet search (including Nordic Ware's website) yielded nothing. Help!

Dec 02, 2012
taterbrandy in Home Cooking

LCBO Food & Drink Magazine - Holiday Edition 2012

Your tax dollars are not supporting F & D.

New Rowefarms store at Yonge and Castlefield

It's been open for a couple of weeks, but thank you for the heads up re: specials.

Anyone Tried the New Ghost Pepper Burritos at Mucho Burrito?

I had ghost pepper burrito (wimpy version) with carnitas at the Leaside Village location yesterday, when burritos were 1/2 off as an opening special. As other posters found, the fig marmalade really lessens the heat. I was apprehensive ordering one of the ghost pepper offerings, but it was not too hot by any means.

Ham Hocks - where did they go?

Fortino's (Lawrence & Allen) for sure, as I walked by the deli section fridge containing them the other evening.

Garlic scapes - too early?

I bought a bag at the East York Farmers' Market this a.m.

Where's the best fried chicken in the GTA ?

We had Popeye's anniversary special 8 piece box last week, and it was dreadful. Don't other places reserve the chicken backs for other purposes (e.g. making stock)?

ISO: Newfoundland Savoury

The Sobeys at Mayfield & Hurontario has a lot of Newfoundland products (and I reckon the other Brampton area Sobeys do as well).

ISO Raos sauce

Galati Brothers on Leslie St., north of Finch Avenue.

In search of Lyle's Golden Syrup

I found it yesterday at Pusateri's Bayview Village (250ml jar for $3.99). Otherwise, it is o/s or delisted everywhere I've looked.

In search of Lyle's Golden Syrup

It's apparently gone from Loblaws, Metro, and Sobeys. Supercentre Don Mills had a shelf tag this aft., but no stock. I will try good ol' Highland Farms (and yes, I know we've had the jars rather than tins here). Thanks for the suggestions.

In search of Lyle's Golden Syrup

Can anyone provide a grocery store source in the GTA?