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Malabari Food Festival at Maroli

Well Anjappar and Maroli are like
Mexican and Greek food ,
One is Malabari and other is Tamil - Both has their own identity .
But could have few spices in identitical usage as they are neibouring states .
my self being a tamil I love Karaikudi for tamil food than Anjappar .
Hopefully we get to try lot more malabari dishes at the festival .

Malabari Food Festival at Maroli

It was a excellent selection of varities from Malabar during last years Food festival .
Well it is the review of maroli on Toronto star that reminded of the food festival .

Best frozen cheesecake

there is new cheese cake on stick ,Just amazing ,
bliss on a stick

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Best pulled pork

Hi, can anyone tell me where I can get authentic pulled pork ?
I saw some one reffered phils place 838 on college street ,Lousy one . kinda sauce coated

sliced pork not worth for 7 bucks with fries.

mississauga....quick and tasty

I live in stclair and ossington Is ther any nice homely mexican food .I am not into high end either .Some authentic food with a homely touch and real mexican .not ketchup based mexican !!!!!!!!!!!!