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Caplanskys on College St - impressions?

Just went there twice last week (my theatre company was running a show in the area), and I have to say it was blissful. The first time I had the smoked meat hash -- food like Mother would have made if she were a better cook! The smoked meat, potatoes and onions worked well together, it came with perfectly-fried eggs, admittedly the rye toast was underdone (and soaked with butter) but wasn't terrible. Second time I had the chopped steak -- the steak was good and done to a T, the grilled veggies were a lovely touch, and the mashed potatoes were the best I've had in the city. I'll be back many, many times.

Grapefruit Mentos?

I can generally find any sort of asian variations of candy at one of the shops in the Pacific Mall -- there are several places there with a good selection.

vegetarian chinese restaurant suggestions

I swear by Bo De Duyen ( -- though I haven't been there since they moved off Spadina to Dundas, I'm sure the food is still as good. And everything is veg (and mostly vegan) friendly, but some of the stuff you'd swear you were eating meat!

veg poutine in toronto

Just had Smoke's Poutinerie's veggie poutine -- and I have to agree about the gravy. It's absolutely useless as a part of the combination; I wish I'd told them to leave it off, and I'd just made my own mushroom (or miso ...) gravy at home. I do want to go back and try the nacho, though -- the fries and cheese were good, so with tomato sauce instead of the gravy, it could be an interesting meal.

Best place for Christmas Cookies in TO?

A little question here -- I wanted to get a good variety of Christmas cookies for a party, and I'd much rather they actually taste like home made (but of course, I'm not willing to be the one to home make 'em). ;) Any advice on the best bakeries to check in the city?

veg poutine in toronto

The last time I tried Lick's poutine, they used shredded cheese -- so I can't recommend them.

Lunches near Dupont & Lansdowne

Vesuvio's is my favourite pizza in the GTA, bar none. And the rest of their menu is top-notch as well.